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Back in November, my Spirit Guide gave me some invaluable information about the spiritual evolution that we are all going through. She told me that things in our world are not going to get better right away and that final Ascension won’t happen as soon as we have hoped. She did tell me that Ascension would become common knowledge by 2015, and although I was excited to hear this, I felt disappointed by the rest. You see, I’d been expecting the craziness that we’ve been living in to end any day.

But then I began to see this as escape, and I know that escape is not spiritual evolution. We can’t expect someone else to solve our problems for us; we must solve them for ourselves. In solving them, we find empowerment. We spiritually evolve.

The process is the purpose. As humans we are being given the chance to help create the peaceful world we long for, and by doing so, embody our highest dreams. In fact, we are already doing this, and I’ve felt it with all of my being.

We are creating a new humanity at this moment. Thanks to the tireless work of many, we are ascending with our beautiful Earth as safely and collectively as possible. We might not realize this because we don’t see the sky falling, but Ascension doesn’t happen externally. It has always been an internal shift.

You see, sooner or later in life, we realize that all roads lead within. Eventually we find that we are creation itself, gazing out upon the dream we have created. Everything is always and only inside, and everything else is just a reflection.

I feel this internal shift towards Higher Consciousness, and it is magical beyond words. I sense the heightened energies I’m being given so that I can manifest my greatest dreams. I see that I get to actualize everything I could ever hope for in the years ahead. And I know that in this lifetime I will embody my Higher Self.

What a thrilling time to be human and to pioneer this Golden Age! We have been given so much to make it happen, and we must each play our part in the play. When we do, we will be awe-struck by the gorgeous world we’ve helped to create. We will be utterly and completely amazed by how powerful we really are.

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You Are Invited!

I keep thinking about that sadly beautiful movie, Babette’s Feast, and how it coaxes gratitude out of the disappointments of life. The film centers around a dinner created by an extraordinary chef, Babette, who has experienced tragic loss in her past.

Babette was taken in years ago by two gentle sisters who live an austere existence. The sisters tend to a devoutly religious community and have remained in this small parish all their lives. Long ago, they gave up their personal dreams for its beliefs. Now old and gray, they are gathering for a special dinner. And Babette has secretly spent her life’s fortune to create it.

The dinner begins, but because of their strict religion, the sisters and their friends try to deny the pleasures of the feast. They are determined to speak only scripture and to eat in silence otherwise. Yet as the lavish meal progresses, the guests go through a kind of transformation. Despite their fears of the bountiful meal, they begin to feel joy stir within their hearts. Despite the sadness of their personal hopes that never came to pass, they begin to feel gratitude for each other and for this occasion to be honored – honored as we all deserve. And somehow this honoring brings out truth and spirit, and the old friends realize just how much they love. Their love transcends their human plight, and before our eyes they experience a shift in consciousness.

That a feast can bring something more spiritual than abstinence is profound. I think this movie tells a fitting story for where we are right now. We are all being invited to sit at that beautiful dinner table and recognize the tremendous love we feel for each other here. And, at the same time, we are being shown just how much we have been denied.

Humanity is seeing that the abundance of love has been squandered and measured, and downright stolen, when it was always our birthright. We are ready to say goodbye to a world where our dreams had to be put aside, and, like Babette, where the artist had to endure life-shattering tragedy only to sacrifice for her art.

We will rise above the unbearable violence and injustice here and know blissful peace. It may take time to get there, but the outcome is certain, and the way to get there is love.

Let us feel gratitude for the love each soul has shared with us and taught in this heart-wrenching world. We are so brave with love to be here in the first place, and so lucky to watch our spiritual evolution unfold.

A spiritual feast is being laid before us – higher consciousness, and it is more glorious than we could ever hope! Let us receive this honor together instead of fearing as we’ve been taught. What a precious gift to be part of this momentous time for humanity – this resurrection and heart-opening growth. Celebrate with me, dear friend, and welcome awareness to our earth.

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As you know, I was born a philosopher. I can’t help but ponder the meaning of everything. Like so many of you, an urgency calls me to put my deepest feelings about spirituality out there during these evolving times, and you have embraced that vulnerability with the utmost kindness and support. I want to say thank you to each beautiful you for this, but mostly for Sharing the Spiritual in your own life in your profound and essential way. I want you to know that you have made all the difference for humanity by being here with your light.

Right now as humans we can’t help but ask impatient questions. It’s so hard not to echo that sentiment expressed by restless children on long journeys towards exciting destinations – “Are we there yet?” When will humanity evolve towards unconditional love?

Well, as Elizabeth Locey reminds us, the great news is that we have chosen to do so. We are ascending with absolute certainty and more quickly than we ever hoped! This is time for profound celebration, and I find it incredibly heartening because, honestly, I can’t bear this antiquated land of duality much longer.

More than ever, I find it increasingly, glaringly obvious that things have been so inharmonious on this human plane for so long. What’s more, I miss the bliss of heaven because I have completely remembered it through and through. I am beyond ready to move away from this wretched ego society and get back to our divine oneness of love. And the sublime truth is that we are already there.

Ascension can seem far away amidst our volatile world, but this is just part of the process. It is a diverging of worlds – of choices – one old comprised of suffering and one new of unconditional love. The old paradigm is separation, survival, and selfishness. It is judgment, domination, and violence. The new paradigm remembers that we are one divinity. It is humanitarianism, empathy, and peace. It is awareness, acceptance, sheer joy, and spiritual bliss, and it transports us to our New Earth.

But we each get to choose which world we want because free will reigns in our universe. Deep down we all know that this is a sacred, spiritual, and intuitive choice, not a thinking one. It’s about being truly ready to resonate with pure love and remember that this is who we authentically are.

I’ve heard it said that, in the end, none of the suffering we have endured here matters, only the love that we’ve experienced. When I look back on the past, I recognize the invaluable (albeit painful) lessons of life, and I feel gratitude for the love they have brought. Every revelation of the heart resounds with beauty unparalleled and gratitude for this golden opportunity that we share. Let us thank all those who’ve helped us in both positive and negative relationships because they have given us what our souls wanted to experience. Let us treasure the time we have had to show each other in this challenging place how much we truly love.

This Thanksgiving, let us be thankful for the old human ways because they provided dramatic growth. We got to experience things in this tactile environment so solidly, so closely so that we might know them deeply – and even help to create them. Now, we are moving to a more enlightened world – an unprecedented paradise. And I feel nothing but gratitude for what has gotten us here.

Thank you, dear friend, for helping us to evolve by being here at this time. Hold on, we will ascend in a single heartbeat amidst the vastness of eternity. We will know exquisite harmony in one blink of the proverbial eye. Thank you for making this dream of dreams come true, brave soul. It’s always been up to you.

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I like to call the times that we are living in “The Deepening,” because for me it describes how it feels to spiritually evolve. Right now, humanity is growing in unprecedented ways that are becoming increasingly dramatic. Every day now, we are moving away from operating on the surface to living more deeply from our beings. We are shifting from shallow connections, gestures, and concerns to seeking deeper relationships, responsibilities, and purpose. Finally, our spiritual depths are coming to light, and we are realizing just how infinite we are.

At this very moment, as incredible as it might seem, we are in the process of transitioning from a third dimensional world into a multidimensional one. But this is not as crazy as it sounds. Because dimensions are levels of awareness that have been here all along, and in many ways what we’re going through is an ancient remembering. It is a remembrance of our real selves.

For eons, as humans, we haven’t been able to perceive much beyond the third dimension – that is, until now. For ages, we have been entrapped by limited consciousness, but finally we are waking up to more. And although we’ve become used to living with the illusion of separation, we are now ready to remember connectedness to all life. We remember the profound oneness we have always been.

But what’s even more incredible about this transition, is that the solid, tactile environment we are used to is combining with heightened spiritual awareness. And that means that we will live in the higher dimensions while maintaining physical form. We are being given an unprecedented blend of both worlds that is a masterpiece of creation! And what’s most exciting is that these higher dimensions reverberate with unconditional love.

We are bringing deep, immense bliss to the human experience. If you have ever felt spiritual love that overwhelms and permeates every cell of your being, then you have an idea of where we are headed. Right now, we are making ourselves ready to reside in these higher frequencies, but they cannot support a lack of love. And that is why we are purifying ourselves every day by rapidly growing through increasing personal issues. We are being asked to choose love so that we can live in our new world.

Of course, denial can easily be a part of this purification process. We have been conditioned to put off what hurts and to compete in heartless ego games. And honestly, I understand. These days, I find myself increasingly uncomfortable with others because it feels like all my stuff is on display. But if I brave it out, I finally address what has been keeping me from love.

And then I realize that all of my stubborn stuff that doesn’t feel good enough is being exposed so that I can grow. It’s as though the universe is saying, “Look, you still have this hidden in here. Shine light on it, give it love and let it go. Shed your cold conditioning and look at the immensity of love that has always been beneath. Come and warm yourself by its fire.”

The Deepening that we are going through is a natural process if we remove our ego conditioning. It is a natural experience like breathing, and it’s unfathomably deep, just like you. Right now, stop and feel how deep you are at this moment. Close your eyes, and sense the limitlessness of your being, and see that you are an integral part of creation. You will never be able to prove or truly explain this in familiar terms, because it’s beyond the scope of the third dimension. But to tap into your depths is to live from your limitless and loving being, not the limited and linear mind.

When you live from your being like this, you enable yourself to be grounded amidst our changing world. Remember, this change is growth, and it has a purpose of astounding proportions – to bring this human plane into the multi-dimensions. So welcome our growth and our staggering return to love. Welcome this long-awaited deepening unlike anything you will ever know.

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Are you experiencing sudden moments of chaos in your life? Volatility seems to be all around us these days, and yet this is a sign of dramatic growth.

Right now, we are becoming highly evolved human beings, and so we are feeling intense purification. We are being offered unparalleled opportunities to skyrocket on the spiritual path.

And where is all of this growth leading us? Towards all-accepting, unconditional love.

You see, we are here to grow with love. We are not here to live what the ego might call a “perfect” life. And if we’re not growing with love, then we are missing out on what our souls yearn for within the human experience.

The ego resists and avoids such growth, but thankfully growth can no longer be ignored. Finally, the intensity that we are feeling is helping us to recognize how we want to change. Can you recognize this in yourself?

Every pain that you feel – something you don’t like – is asking you to grow. It is asking for more love. It wants you to open your heart from the layers you have built to protect it.

Your issues of growth will make themselves known, so work through them instead of resisting. It can be all too easy to blame others when your pain comes to light, but this comes from being taught that you’re not good enough. And then trying to prove it to yourself.

You must know that you are so spectacular! So leave this conditioning far behind. Recognize what is being shown and use these golden opportunities as they come. Your fear will show you how you have not believed in love. Ironically, it will lead you towards healing.

As important as it is to be aware of how you’ve been controlled and conditioned on this planet, still everything that you’re confronted with is a prime opportunity for growth. Every single thing. Can you feel the tremendous growth you’ve already achieved in this life? Don’t lose sight of this amidst these changing times.

Change can be volatile and polarizing, so ground yourself amidst chaotic situations. When you find yourself on the verge of crisis, let your emotions wash over you and feel what comes up, but do not react. Let it all pass through you and then leave, until it is completely gone.

Ground yourself in nature, and take everything in stride. Instill calm and grace. Greet erratic behavior in others with compassion for what we are all going through. Chaos can feel debilitating in the moment, but how quickly it is over, and so often not as bad as we thought.

Remember, personal transformation creates collective transformation, and old rules no longer apply. We are shifting from one dimension to another, and leaving limitation. We are finally acknowledging  the spiritual, where anything is possible. It’s too big to compare to the past, and rigid thinking simply does not fit. So let go of the rational mind and welcome your spiritual being.

It is time to marvel at the magic that is already yours. Your increasing intuition is mind-blowing and ready for you to revel in it. So revel in the all-accepting love that is building every day. This is the love we have been starved for on this human plane. It is the lighthouse of the soul, and it heals our world every time you grow deeper on your path. Know how brave you are to be here at this moment in history. Let us jump together and seize this gargantuan leap of faith.

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We come from a universe that is loving and blissful beyond words – a place that we are an essential part of. So why is it so difficult to remember this inherent love while human? Why do we experience pre-birth amnesia, and why is life so incredibly challenging?

It’s not because we’re not good enough. It is because we choose to grow in ways that boggle the mind.

We come here, courageously, to build deep compassion within ourselves. And we do this by going through incredible human challenges.

We might, for example, wish to learn how to love ourselves more fully, and therefore love everyone more deeply, and then be of greater service to the world. This might be taught to us by overcoming situations of rejection, because when love is denied externally, we learn to build love within ourselves. Or perhaps, we find that we must devote ourselves to care for another person, and by doing so, we learn the immensity of love. Perhaps we ourselves have a particular physical challenge that pushes us to the brink, and shows us the incredible courage that we contain. All the while, we are teaching everyone around us.

By enduring human pain, we are taught essential aspects of love, and we inspire others along the way. We push ourselves to feel compassion instead of judgment, just as our souls hoped we might, and we shine when we overcome our struggles. We grow spiritually, beyond our wildest dreams.

Our souls know that we want dramatic growth, but our human selves do not. The pre-birth amnesia that we experience allows us to learn without preconceived thoughts that interfere. We are able to grow deeply and purely, without excuses or limitations.

Perhaps you’ve noticed in your own life that you are continually offered the unexpected. Nothing that you  experience appears the same way twice or how you think it’s going to look. But oh how it feels the same! These are tests that offer you emotional growth. They help to shift any limiting beliefs.

You see, true tests are always blind and taken rather seriously, and here you are given opportunities to deliberately act as though this is all there is. Eventually, you experience revelations that break through your buried beliefs. Ultimately, you soar with greater love and take this with you forever.

Our hearts wish for us to evolve in ways that the mind will never understand. Even as my own journey opens wide, I can feel certain mental blocks in place to keep me from sabotaging my lessons. I know that they are there for an essential reason – my own evolution, and I have learned to respect these boundaries.

Of course, we always have free will. We have the right to choose what we do, and we have intuitive guidance to help us along the way. In fact, you often take this guidance without your mind even knowing. You reconnect with your soul when you sleep.

Your guidance wants you to grow, but never to suffer. And thankfully, emphatically! suffering will soon be a thing of the past. As we evolve in consciousness, we will never have to learn this rough, fast way again.

Now humanity is ready to remember our inherent and astounding love. We have been asleep for eons, but finally we are waking up. We are evolving towards the love we really are. When you remember this love, you remember who you are. This is spiritual metamorphosis. It is the ultimate coming back to God.

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Personal transformation creates collective transformation. In my own life, I am being reminded of this again and again.

I am experiencing personal breakthroughs of love – breakthroughs that require working through buried pain, but oh the growth that this affords! These breakthroughs are mind-blowing and life-altering, and they are all about unconditional love. Such transformation, soul by soul, is exactly how our world will change.

Much like the Samuel Beckett play “Waiting for Godot,” I have often found myself waiting for “2012.” I have been on the edge of my seat, anticipating that change will arrive any day and imagining that we will all be saved. But waiting is not living, positive change is already here, and we are the only ones who can save ourselves. By this I mean that we must do the emotional work to move forward on our individual spiritual paths. When we do, we help to raise consciousness.

We are each being called to work on spiritual growth that leads to our life’s purpose. This is how we co-create a golden earth.

Doing your part starts from within. The awakening times that you are living in are offering resolutions of karma, and each of us has chosen to be here in part for this reason. We are being asked to integrate our deepest life lessons that began long ago, so don’t be surprised when unfinished business comes knocking at your door. This is the stuff that causes emotional pain and screams at you to address it. And this is why life has been so hard these last few years.

The way to handle this pain is not to react, but rather to face it. Let your emotions wash over you, and then let them go. When you dedicate yourself to working on your issues by facing them completely, you will break through with love incarnate. You will learn the bigger lessons that your soul came here to learn.

These lessons are almost always about giving yourself more love. They are about breaking through past patterns so that you finally believe in yourself. This helps not only you, but all of humanity.

Right now, we are graduating from a school that has taught through suffering. And once we graduate, we will learn through more positive means. Don’t lose sight of how ecstatic it feels when we accomplish each step towards this graduation. Personal transformation is astounding! And never ceases to surprise with magic that opens the heart wide.

I have noticed that this process requires forgiveness. It requires shifting self-judgment into self-love. See, we cannot live with love until we forgive ourselves and all who have ever hurt us. We must recognize that we are not any of the things that happen to us. We have simply created these things for our growth.

Once we grow as we wanted to, we can let them go. You see, everything is a step leading us past limitation towards love.

I am starting to believe that collective forgiveness will allow us to fully evolve. This includes forgiving those who have controlled us in dark and abominable ways. When we do not forgive, we remain in a lower vibration. But when we have compassionate awareness, we lift up the entire world.

We are living in times of great healing, so seize these unprecedented opportunities when they appear to you. Make haste and Godspeed, and let love be your catalyst. Let it electrify your path and open your heart ever wider. Let it remind you just how powerful you are, for this is your true you.

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