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Have you noticed that anything freely spiritual is considered cuckoo by mainstream society? There is a conditioned belief that spirituality outside the strict boundaries of religion is questionable and downright suspect. So often, we’re made to seem unintelligent if we believe in our greater reality. We are naive if we believe that anything exists beyond the five senses.

Don’t you think it’s interesting that just the mention of extraterrestrial life and spirit guides is enough to make most people feel very uncomfortable? They so quickly begin to make fun of these ideas. But oh my fellow humans, there are dark reasons why.

Those who have controlled the money on our planet have wanted us to feel ridiculous so that they can be in charge. Awareness of the true expansive universe and our own spiritual power threatens them, and so they have made us feel like outcasts. You see, calling people crazy is a control tactic. Humans have been persecuted for revealing the truth for millennia. We have been dismissed as inferior rather than aware.

Division has been upheld in our religions by design so that we act separately and are therefore weaker. In this way, the truth remains suppressed. We have been encouraged to fight with one another so that we lose the big picture and stay ignorant of who’s really controlling us. It’s an intentional campaign that restricts us in the dark and keeps us defending that dark.

The truth is that we have been trained to be so incredibly limited, and to be fearful of being ostracized by deviating from those limits. Consequently, we have settled for so little in our lives.

Reality is actually limitless beyond the imagination, and once we remember this, we become free. So the next time that you hear someone say that a right brain idea is cuckoo, remember that they’ve been taught to respond in this way. We’ve all been raised to be submissive and to let others be in charge, and this is what is truly crazy.

But we have the power to act how we authentically feel, regardless of the conditioned opinions of others. We can champion the truth and add to our tidal wave of change – our transformation that is growing stronger every day, and knocking the corrupt off their stolen thrones.

I am tired of fiction and mystery. I am fed up with watching the truth become obscured. But we no longer have to hide our powerful selves or muffle our wise voices. It is time to say what’s what and to speak from our hearts. It is time to see what has always been right before our eyes.

This unveiling is a resurrection! And it is happening right now. Each of us can help, so let’s be brave, be loud, and not care what others think. Do not follow by doing what you’re told, but get in touch with your soul and act with your own guidance. Decide for yourself if you want to stay with old ways that will get progressively worse, or help to create a blissful new world. You can make a tremendous difference in our great awakening just by remembering who you are and how expansive reality is. You can move mountains with your unique gifts as we change this prison into a sublime paradise.

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