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You Are Perfect

You are perfect. You are a magnificent soul briefly living out a human experience. If you love yourself unconditionally, you will see this. Your spiritual perfection will become blatantly obvious.

You don’t need to be fixed. There is never anything “wrong” with you because you are simply here to grow. Your human struggles will never define your gorgeous spirit. They are allowing you to expand with love.

We are here as humans to help each other grow, not to fix each other. We are here to hold each others’ hands through challenges instead of judging them. When we judge, we undermine the reasons we came here. When we try to fix another’s problems, we defeat their life goals.

Trying to fix people comes from a place of judgment. It imposes our own beliefs onto this fellow human. And this judgment reflects the growth we want for ourselves. Even healers attract their own issues in their patients. Every teacher is a student, and every student is a teacher. We attract what our souls want to learn.

Every problem that you attract in your life is something inside of you that is asking for more love. So the next time you find yourself wanting to fix a friend’s problems, look at your own issues first. See that if you grow through your own pain, theirs won’t bother you at all. You will be able to stand by your friend instead of keeping them from pivotal growth. And you will be amazed by their courage.

We have been taught to fix each other because we’ve been taught that we need to be fixed. We have been told to believe that we will never be enough, and so we live disempowered. But you are perfect inside, magnificent friend, and you don’t ever need to be fixed. You are powerful and courageous, and you have come here to grow with love. You have come here to bring your spiritual perfection to this human experience and transform our sacred earth.

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One of the most fulfilling aspects of writing a blog is meeting fellow writers and readers, and sharing ideas. This is what Share the Spiritual is all about. To each of you I’ve been privileged to connect with, thank you from my heart! In the future, I hope to collaborate on a post with Spencer from England at Share the Love. His poetry is refined and sublime, yet utterly revolutionary with love. For today, I’d like to share the work of another blogger the world needs to hear. Alice is an exceptional writer who is helping humanity to awaken. Enjoy her empowering, bold message!


Stop Blaming God by Alice of Awakening Starts Now

Thank God for _____; I guess what I prayed for isn’t part of God’s plan for me; This must be a test from God; Things aren’t working out so well… what’s God trying to say to me?

Blah blah blah. It doesn’t matter.

Whether you praise God or get angry at God, you’re still blaming God. Whether for positive or negative reasons, blaming is the act of assigning responsibility to something/someone outside of yourself. It’s an excuse. You give up all your integrity and power away every moment you blame another for anything, without exception, and that includes an external deity that’s separate from who you are.

One of the first signs of awakening humans is a new perspective on what God is, and their relationship to It. At some point, whether suddenly or gradually, you realize that God is not an invisible old fickle man in the sky who only doles out favors for you in return for your devotion. Instead, you come to know God as the ever-compassionate All That Is that is also all of who you are. The final realization is: Wow, I Am God also!

Whatever you are, God is. Whatever God is, you are. It knows only as much as you know, and doesn’t know what’s best for you any more than you do. God makes no decision on your behalf – the Compassionate One cannot by essence inflict Its will upon you. When you pray, you make-believe that you’re speaking to God, but all along you’re talking to your Self, pretending to be a puny little helpless human when you’re a God Self in your own right.

Your prayers are always answered. Why? Because as a Creator Being, you’re the one that allows the answering and not-answering of your prayers. There is no other God that says yes, no, or not now for you. That’s always been you. To say that God has blessed you with this or God is punishing you for that is to do yourself an enormous disservice to your God Self, and only slows your progress to permanent Freedom, which can only be had through taking full responsibility for all of your creations.

You were created from All That Is, and as such, have been given full Creator rights. God gave you full creatorship to answer all the prayers you ever uttered, and by the choice of your free will, you decided for yourself whether or not you wanted to grant them. If a prayer was answered, it was because you believed yourself worthy of it. If not, there was something in you that didn’t truly want it, or felt that you deserved it. At no point was there ever an outside force that judged whether or not you will have your prayers fulfilled. For the awakening human, there will come a time when he/she will let go of praying altogether, as I have, preferring to sit with Self instead and speak your wishes directly to It.

You, dear God, need to stop this childish game of blaming an external God – can’t you see that, in this circular relationship, you only end up blaming yourself? As long as you give up your responsibility, you will always remain helpless and hopeless – two things that will instantly dissolve once you choose to reclaim your Creatorship.

Be God. Be responsible. Answer your own prayers. Choose what you want, and let You, God, give you exactly what you want. If there ever was a plan from Source, that was the only plan It had for you – to allow you to create and enjoy without limitation, so that It may enjoy Its creations through you.

So dear Creator, let’s end the blame game today – and start creating the way to your Freedom!


Alice is the author of five blogs, including Awakening Starts Now. For years, Alice devoted herself to actively ‘seek’ via various spiritual/religious studies and practices. Then one day, she woke up to an inner message that said,  “All the answers are within. Seek no more.” That same day, Alice dropped all her ‘spiritual’ methods and affiliations and began the inner look of her Self. She stopped ‘seeking’ and began to ‘find’ her own truth.

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Today, I’d like to talk about the emotional suffering that so many of us have been grappling with of late. Right now, the human experience is asking each of us to grow through our deepest personal issues because we are spiritually evolving. As such, we are feeling long buried pain so that we can shift our beliefs. Our emotions allow us to see the limiting beliefs that we’ve been holding so that we can begin to heal them. When we do, we experience profound spiritual growth.

In my own life, this transformation has not come easily. Despite my supportive loved ones, some self-inflicted misery has left me feeling utterly alone, with no one to help me but myself. But that is the point, because only I can help myself. Only I can provide the love that my soul yearns for by accepting myself completely.

Acceptance is what allows us to grow, and to grow is why we’re here. When I give myself the love that I’ve been missing, I end my suffering. I transform myself at the core.

Emotional suffering means acting separately from love. It withholds love from ourselves by believing in its lack.

So often, we try to find this love outside of ourselves rather than recognizing the divine within. Our suffering worsens when we try to resolve things by justifying, explaining, or defending ourselves instead of opening our hearts to heal.

But who can blame us? Suffering has been taught to us as a means of control. It is caused by the hierarchy we’ve been raised to revere. We have been trained to value the injustice of superiority and to hold onto our egos so tightly, all to keep domination going. In fact, we fight to maintain separation instead of recognizing our eternal light.

Suffering is this resistance, and physical pain demonstrates it so well. Amidst my own physical pain in life, I have noticed that when I fear it and fight it, the worsens dramatically. When I hold onto the injustice of my pain, my body tightens with suffering. Yet, when I simply accept what is happening without attachment, the pain immediately begins to lessen. I can feel my energy become unblocked and begin to move more freely. Then, I simply have pain, but I no longer suffer. See, if we can feel what we feel without judging it, we experience it fully and then allow it to pass on by. By doing so, we dramatically heal.

As the title of this post implies, humor can help us to do this. It can lighten the seriousness of human suffering and replace it with an awareness that is cathartic. But of course, in the midst of deep emotional suffering, such lightheartedness can seem impossible. At some point as humans, we inevitably find ourselves saying, “God, please take away this pain because I can’t bear it any longer.” And this is the valley of the shadow before spiritual rebirth.

Fittingly enough, the cartoon exclamation “Sufferin’ Succotash” comes from “Suffering Savior,” and those words could not be more appropriate. The heart-wrenching story of the ultimate savior Jesus shows us how to overcome our suffering. And I believe this is exactly what we’re here to do.

We are each going through personal resurrections of our own right now, and in order to relieve our suffering, we must act with the love that we already are. We must stop forsaking ourselves and humanity with judgment and recognize our own divinity, thereby accepting our true selves at last.

It can be quite an adjustment to realize that we don’t have to suffer or feel guilty for being here, and that we don’t ever have to earn love. My greatest wish for each of us is to remember this and the sublime perfection we are. As I’ve done this on my own journey, I have found myself shedding tears of joy for monumental growth. I am grateful for this dramatic, human opportunity and the metamorphosis of my burgeoning soul.

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We are each here in this human life to glow with more light than we ever have before. This light is spiritual love, and every time that we choose it, our internal flame grows more luminous.

Notice, as you go about your day, that sometimes your firelight might seem to dim. You might suddenly feel discord while interacting with someone or feel inharmonious as the hours slip away. There is a basic yet invaluable practice that can help you when you feel this way, and it is to simply check in with yourself.

Stop and ask yourself, “Does what I’m doing right now value myself and others? Does it and the situation I’m in respect and honor me, as well as those around me, in elevated ways?” Checking in like this allows us to pause from judging, reacting, or letting our egos take over the ship. It puts you in the present moment and re-prioritizes what really matters – honoring the sanctity of all life.

Checking in helps you to have awareness about the things that trigger your pain instead of blaming them with a blind eye. It enables you to hear yourself.

Everyone wishes to be heard, respected, and valued, and we each deserve this without asking for it. You deserve this at every moment of your life, and when you check in with yourself, you remember this, and you build the fire within.

You are never going to find this light outside of yourself, but rather you must fan the flames inside. You must give yourself love when you are in pain instead of reacting outwardly at others.

You can also strengthen your inner flame through meditation. Simply visualize your inner light building until it extends far beyond your body. When you fully feel this light, you feel the immensity of love. And when you radiate this light into the world, you inspire all of us to do the same.

The harmonious truth is that we are all one. There is no need to harbor the discord of separation. By tapping into your inner light, you access this intrinsic one-ness. And you remember your unique contribution to us.

We need your light and your love, in the uniquely beautiful ways that only you can give them. Remember to check in so that you become increasingly responsible with your energy and can contribute the immense talents you have to offer. Ask yourself, “What will matter one, five, ten years from now?” Only that you gave more love.

I know how hard it can be to do this, and I am challenging myself to love deeper in my life. Let us build this fire together and remember that it is the firelight of God incarnate. It is the blissful, contagious and all-embracing love of us, and to bask in its glow feels sublime.

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Life is a blind remembering. It is rediscovering how to see in a way that is more natural than human sight. Life is coming back to the sublime reality of who you are with senses long unused, and finally recognizing God within yourself.

For eons, we forgot this amidst the human experience. We made ourselves separate from everything and denied our own divinity. In many ways, this is a natural cycle – of slumber and wakefulness, but it has been atrociously distorted by egoic power. By forsaking God, we forgot our very selves, and the dream of life became a nightmare.

But now, it is time to wake up. And this is happening naturally. One by one, we are wiping the sleep from our tired human eyes and remembering the truth of existence. Despite those who wish for us to remain asleep and perpetuate greed, we are at last awakening to love. This love is overwhelming and astounding, and last night, it came through loud and clear.

I was on the beach at dusk, standing between two rainstorms. A surreal scene unfolded before my eyes. The ocean shone vivid turquoise beneath a bold periwinkle sky. Receding gray clouds gave way to white, with a soft suggestion of pink. The setting sun emerged, and it was enormous! – a giant golden ball surrounded by fog, pierced by Venus in transit.

I felt like I was on a movie set – surely this could not be real, but it was! The immensity of those spellbinding colors appearing from the darkness startled me with their magic, and brought waves of unfathomable love. I was being shown a vivid glimpse of the higher dimensions that humanity is ready for, and I realized that in order to do this, I must embrace my own divinity. I must create a higher dream myself.

We are finally waking from the human nightmare to claim the dream of the soul, and like Venus, the feminine is leading the way. She is reminding us of our inherent love that nurtures and takes care of each other with compassion, instead of competing towards disastrous ends.

If you don’t already know it, beautiful soul, everything that you have sought your entire life is already within you. It is here waiting for you to find again, and it will blow you away with immeasurable joy. You are never, ever separate from God, and when you recognize your own divinity, you honor all life. You heal and you shine, and bring your unique joy to all of us. You add to the bliss of creation.

So surrender to yourself, sacred soul. Embrace the divinity you have always been. It is here already, simply waiting for you to own.

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How quickly we try to name that which is unnamable. How swiftly we define deep beauty that was never meant to be contained. There is so much magic that we fail to notice because we have categorized it as commonplace. Even the human personality is confining to the soul.

Naming anything limits it. When we name something, we box it in and call it familiar. We don’t see all that is so spectacular and what is really there.

Humankind was given the ability to name everything, but so often we use this gift to own rather than to nurture. The reverence and responsibility that were supposed to go hand in hand with naming have been forgotten along the way. Even the naturalists who championed nature became a part of conquest. Their scientific names took over, forsaking the beauty and mystery of the natural world.

Our dear friend and author James Barrett recently gave me a copy of Adyashanti’s “Falling into Grace,” and I love what it says about naming the animals around us. Adyashanti writes, “as soon as we name {a bird}, we think we know what it is. We see “bird,” and we almost discount it.” He explains that we don’t see the magic of this magnificent being taking flight across the sky. In missing this magic, we cheat ourselves out of exquisite experiences all around. We think that we already know, but we haven’t even begun to look.

Naming anything creates separation. As Shakespeare’s Juliet declared: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Juliet was referring to the name of her family’s enemy, and so often in life, we give far too much credence to names of separation. Let us instead look at the bigger picture, and at each being who, whether they know it or not, already embodies spiritual love.

This is why it’s so incredibly difficult to name a baby. How can we define someone who has come directly from the heavens and become our very universe? You yourself are so spectacular, and so much more than how you’ve ever been defined.

Right now, think of yourself without a name. Close your eyes and sense how immense you really are, far beyond anything you’ve ever been taught. Feel how far you truly extend beyond your body. Indeed, you have no limits. You are not separate from anything or anyone, but are intrinsically connected to all. You are an essential part of us.

Open wide to the magic of you, and to the world all around us. Try to look at everyone and everything that you encounter during the day without names. Rediscover our world and ourselves, and see the divine mystery that lives in all things.

You see, humanity is moving away from the left brain that categorizes experience. We are growing towards simply being in the present moment where we remember that we are love. This love is so immense and integral to the soul, and just like you, it is far too infinite to have a name.

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As we begin this momentous year, I resolve to increase my spiritual responsibility. I resolve to incorporate more spiritual discipline into my life. I am giving daily practice equal priority to my spiritual curiosity by devoting more time to meditate, heal, and practice energy work, regularly rather than just sporadically.

I want to follow the beautiful example that so many of you have set. The theme of spiritual responsibility seems to be everywhere these days, and more and more of us are harnessing purpose. We are finding that spiritual responsibility brings tremendous joy.

You see, when we are “asleep” and think that we don’t matter much, life is easier but less meaningful. It is in some ways a vacation from working on our growth. But the beautiful truth is that we each matter, and embracing our true selves means stepping up to the plate. It means becoming responsible.

Our souls obviously want this for us, but our “teenage” minds resist. They are used to making excuses and leaving larger problems to others. But now, we are waking up to make bigger choices. We know better and cannot pretend to be ignorant.

Denial of spiritual power is the easy way out, but it only cheats us. It keeps us sleepy and ineffective. Teacher Paul Twitchell shares his perspective, “God works in this way. He takes away the little problems and gives you a bigger one, and if you refuse it then you are not able to progress on the path. He is building your responsibility to life, for someday … it will be your duty to run the entire universe.”

We are powerful, and our actions make an impact. The flap of our “wings” affects the whole world. So let us be more responsible with the energy that we generate. Let us become empowered rather than wounded. Our spirits long to lead us, if only we allow them to.

2012 is the year to set a new standard for living that champions grace, integrity and love. I finally get it – we have to build our new world. It is up to us to actually create it. Our problems are catalysts for breakthrough solutions – for personal triumphs of spirit, and for ancient innovations the likes of which our modern civilization has never seen. We are receiving unprecedented help from above that is showing us our power, and must do our part to heal ourselves and the world. I believe with all my heart that we can transcend humanity’s pain if only we heed the call and devote ourselves to spiritual responsibility.

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Each of us is extraordinary and unique. Each of us was made to be different from everyone else. We were born to shine our original talents upon the world.

You bring a radiant light all your own that is essential to our human experience. We need you, and now is the time.

I believe that we are sparks of God, created as divinely perfect, and yet we are born to ever evolve. We are of God, and are connected to each other as one, and yet we are meant to shine as individuals. And we do a pretty amazing job navigating through this most difficult school – this human journey that is a dramatic chance to shine brighter. In fact, you are so incredibly brave to be here.

We are here to mature in responsibility and to become caretakers of life. We are learning from our tremendous challenges, but these lives are not who we are. They are simply obstacles designed to help us grow higher, but they are not our identity. So let go of these identifications, for it is like taking a test and letting the test define you. When these brief, challenging lives of duality have been lived, the perspectives gained and the brave spirits we learn them with will be what remain. As will the radiant, one-of-a-kind and ever-growing soul of you.

Oscar Wilde famously said, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” Let us not compare or imitate, or aspire to be anyone other than who we are at the core. Let us celebrate originality and lead ourselves strongly with our own intuitive power. Be true to yourself! Be true to the authentic and steadfast you that resonates from within. This true self is meant to be in charge of your life rather than the ego.

The ego wants you to win with rules that bind your spirit. It will try to convince you to emulate homogeneous ranks, but your true you wants to shine the spectacular light that is your birthright.

Author Mary Lane illuminates so beautifully that we often lessen our greatness in front of others. She says, “I have dimmed my fire all my life so I would be accepted.” She reminds me that I intrinsically belong here in my unique-ness, not in spite of it. She cheers me on, saying, “Allow your fire to burn brightly” and with no apologies! I am envisioning a glorious world where we each shine in this way.

At the end of this human journey, you will be the one who evaluates your life, so make it what you want it to be. Believe in yourself, and others will too! And embrace your invaluable worth. The universe has been trying to tell you how amazing you are your whole life. Know this as you steer steadily towards your dreams and what you came here to do.

Listen to what your heart truly desires so that you can follow your unique path and no one else’s – so that you can build an inspired reality all your own that creates each day with authenticity. This means focusing on how things feel from your soul instead of how they might look to others. It means purging anything you have taken on that isn’t you. So be pure in yourself and let your life sing out with integrity.

Love the sacred spark of God you are and watch your spirit soar! If you only knew just how much you are loved in God’s universe – it is beyond what one can fathom on this earthly journey. Let your heart illuminate our world with this love that transforms. Own your vital light and help our collective cause – our rising consciousness. Your shining soul is on this human road of metamorphosis, finding its way to flourish beneath the stars. Shine on bright soul! Shine on.

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I have learned to recognize my ego “voice” that pops up in my life. It is an immediate, almost involuntary message in my head that competes and compares, and sees people in terms of hierarchy. My ego believes in looking right most of all, and it is sneakily reassuring. Having awareness of this voice has been a revelation in my life.

The ego creates a self that feels completely separate from others. It forgets the unity that we come from. The ego takes individuality to a destructive level, igniting arguments and defensiveness. It suffers from a lack of compassion, and I shudder at what we often do for it – how we sweep people aside to feel momentarily superior. The key word is momentarily, because the ego lives in a tent that collapses. It needs to be propped up with most of our precious energy. It will never shelter us from the storms of life.

Spiritual teacher Christine Day writes: “the ego mind is incredibly limited; it is motivated to keep you in survival mode. When you are in survival mode, the full motivation connected to decision-making is through fear, lack and struggle, and these motivations are entirely connected into the illusion of third dimensional reality.” This cycle keeps one “constantly limited in your ability to create.” It doesn’t help that society’s controlling systems support the ego. But Day tells us that we can reconnect with our powerful hearts, and they can guide us out of the mire. Our hearts can help us build the lives we long for.

Longing is separation. It is feeling perpetually unsatisfied because we have forgotten our true selves. So often, we rely on the ego to make ourselves feel better, but it never will. You see, it can’t provide you with self-love.

You ego will always feel a need to prove that you are worthy, but you deserve to be loved just the way you are, and your soul knows this. Your ego will prompt you to run a grueling race, and as soon as you cross the finish line, it will ask you how you’re going to prove yourself tomorrow. It will never satisfy you.

Your ego loves to spin “stories” from the past that distract you and keep you working on its behalf. It wants you to be who you are not and to “win,” but there is nothing to win anyway. What you gain has no lasting value, just a fleeting fight to feel superior. I think this is where violence begins. I have noticed that my ego wants things that I don’t and is unaware of the choices my soul has made. I used to define my ego as my desire to be special, but now I see that we are all already special.

The task is to recognize the ego’s cry for love and then to act with love. When the ego feels weak, it lashes out to defend all that it identifies with. When a peer tells us about a personal accomplishment, the ego reacts with jealousy. It feels that another has something we don’t. In both of these situations, we simply need to be more loving to ourselves and to others.

I want to see a world where we cheer each other on through life’s deeper issues instead of competing at the surface; where we are aware of the ego’s thirst for personal gain that never fulfills and choose instead to reach spiritually higher.

Up until now, the ego has served its purpose. It has protected humanity through the survival mode of the past, but now it is time to take back control. We can thank the ego for helping us to function in the world, but now we get to be in charge.

Now, we are evolving beyond the ego. We are blossoming into authentic spiritual power. The truth is that we are so much more magnificent than we often think – than all we have built our lives around. Each of us is beautifully, divinely unique, and there is nothing to compare, ever.

I think most of us do this to see if we are “normal” – if we fit in and are on the “right” track, but when we compare anything, we make it less special than it is. And, if we simply follow the inner guidance of our soul and pay attention to how we feel, we will be steered perfectly through life. If we operate from our hearts and our souls, we will create our highest dreams.

You are a glowing universe unto yourself, limitless and eternal, and at the same time you are one with everything. Without the ego in charge, joy reveals itself to be right here at your fingertips. You find what you have been missing – unconditional love and presence. You remember who you really are, and you are free.

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Power II

Many of us ask, “If God is the most powerful, then why do bad things happen?” I believe that we are deeply and intrinsically connected to God while on earth, and are sacred expressions of God, but we are the ones directly living the details of life. I think it’s in our power to make this a great experience or a miserable one.

Of course, bad things do happen – awful and painful things, such as life-altering illnesses. But I feel that, with awareness and love, we have the power to grow through these experiences.

I have often blamed God for the hardship I see in the world, and for how tremendously challenging it is to be a human being. But looking at the big picture helps me to recognize my spiritual part in the play of life. I now realize I have a far greater role than I thought, and an inherent connection to God’s love. I remember that we are here to evolve and to bloom into our power that lets us thrive instead of suffer.

I believe that my obstacles are here to teach me. I have found that when I fully love others and myself, I create a joyful reality. I grow from the lessons I wanted to come here to learn.

Powerlessness is thinking that we don’t affect the world – that what we do doesn’t matter, but it turns out that it does. I think we have a lot of control, but we’ve simply been asleep at the wheel. Waking up to this realization can be dramatic. We might feel unprepared, much like a child instantly becoming an adult, but accepting the truth brings miraculous transformation.

Instead of taking control through the ego, or giving our power away to other people’s egos (often unknowingly) we can reclaim our magnificent spiritual power. We do create our lives at a deeper level, with our choices and beliefs, and we can do so consciously. We can grow rapidly and beautifully by flourishing rather than struggling, something so important in these changing times. It is our responsibility to work on our issues by adding more love, no matter how hard that might seem from our old perspective. We get to replace the survival mode of the mind with the endless dreams of our soul.

If you are searching for your power, how can you find it? All you have to do is ask. Power begins with the desire to own it. You are naturally powerful and already intuitive – you need only believe in yourself and trust your inner guidance.

Power reveals itself when we make our spiritual growth a priority – a joyous one that we feel drawn to as it magically unfolds. And, by removing the limiting illusions we have relied upon, such as authoritative rules, we can free the fears that take our power away. As James Barrett says, your energy is your power. So don’t give it to those who make you feel small. Live with compassion, but focus on what really matters to you that lifts everyone up. Know that just by being in your power, you illuminate all of us. Together in our power, we can transform humanity. We can live with love, which is the greatest power of all. I think striving to look upon the world with love every day, and being present, are the secrets to creating a beautiful life.

What else can you do? Love your human-ness as well as your spirit; love every part of yourself, and believe that you are worthy of every great dream you have, because you emphatically are! As an exercise, you can passionately state, “I accept and embrace my power. I am a co-creator of life. I am powerful.”

Be commanding of the positive things you want, instead of misguided ventures like trying to change people or proving yourself. You don’t have to prove a thing.

Power is your birthright. Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey writes, “Accept your power. You are great and mighty. True power comes not from the ego, but from the collective One of your spirit, your very being. True power is gentle power… Embrace the power of your spirit, of living intentionally as the co-creator of everything that you seek.” I am reminded of the biblical idea that the meek shall inherit the earth. I think this refers to our gentle power. And I believe it can change our world into a paradise.

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