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I like to call the times that we are living in “The Deepening,” because for me it describes how it feels to spiritually evolve. Right now, humanity is growing in unprecedented ways that are becoming increasingly dramatic. Every day now, we are moving away from operating on the surface to living more deeply from our beings. We are shifting from shallow connections, gestures, and concerns to seeking deeper relationships, responsibilities, and purpose. Finally, our spiritual depths are coming to light, and we are realizing just how infinite we are.

At this very moment, as incredible as it might seem, we are in the process of transitioning from a third dimensional world into a multidimensional one. But this is not as crazy as it sounds. Because dimensions are levels of awareness that have been here all along, and in many ways what we’re going through is an ancient remembering. It is a remembrance of our real selves.

For eons, as humans, we haven’t been able to perceive much beyond the third dimension – that is, until now. For ages, we have been entrapped by limited consciousness, but finally we are waking up to more. And although we’ve become used to living with the illusion of separation, we are now ready to remember connectedness to all life. We remember the profound oneness we have always been.

But what’s even more incredible about this transition, is that the solid, tactile environment we are used to is combining with heightened spiritual awareness. And that means that we will live in the higher dimensions while maintaining physical form. We are being given an unprecedented blend of both worlds that is a masterpiece of creation! And what’s most exciting is that these higher dimensions reverberate with unconditional love.

We are bringing deep, immense bliss to the human experience. If you have ever felt spiritual love that overwhelms and permeates every cell of your being, then you have an idea of where we are headed. Right now, we are making ourselves ready to reside in these higher frequencies, but they cannot support a lack of love. And that is why we are purifying ourselves every day by rapidly growing through increasing personal issues. We are being asked to choose love so that we can live in our new world.

Of course, denial can easily be a part of this purification process. We have been conditioned to put off what hurts and to compete in heartless ego games. And honestly, I understand. These days, I find myself increasingly uncomfortable with others because it feels like all my stuff is on display. But if I brave it out, I finally address what has been keeping me from love.

And then I realize that all of my stubborn stuff that doesn’t feel good enough is being exposed so that I can grow. It’s as though the universe is saying, “Look, you still have this hidden in here. Shine light on it, give it love and let it go. Shed your cold conditioning and look at the immensity of love that has always been beneath. Come and warm yourself by its fire.”

The Deepening that we are going through is a natural process if we remove our ego conditioning. It is a natural experience like breathing, and it’s unfathomably deep, just like you. Right now, stop and feel how deep you are at this moment. Close your eyes, and sense the limitlessness of your being, and see that you are an integral part of creation. You will never be able to prove or truly explain this in familiar terms, because it’s beyond the scope of the third dimension. But to tap into your depths is to live from your limitless and loving being, not the limited and linear mind.

When you live from your being like this, you enable yourself to be grounded amidst our changing world. Remember, this change is growth, and it has a purpose of astounding proportions – to bring this human plane into the multi-dimensions. So welcome our growth and our staggering return to love. Welcome this long-awaited deepening unlike anything you will ever know.

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