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Back in November, my Spirit Guide gave me some invaluable information about the spiritual evolution that we are all going through. She told me that things in our world are not going to get better right away and that final Ascension won’t happen as soon as we have hoped. She did tell me that Ascension would become common knowledge by 2015, and although I was excited to hear this, I felt disappointed by the rest. You see, I’d been expecting the craziness that we’ve been living in to end any day.

But then I began to see this as escape, and I know that escape is not spiritual evolution. We can’t expect someone else to solve our problems for us; we must solve them for ourselves. In solving them, we find empowerment. We spiritually evolve.

The process is the purpose. As humans we are being given the chance to help create the peaceful world we long for, and by doing so, embody our highest dreams. In fact, we are already doing this, and I’ve felt it with all of my being.

We are creating a new humanity at this moment. Thanks to the tireless work of many, we are ascending with our beautiful Earth as safely and collectively as possible. We might not realize this because we don’t see the sky falling, but Ascension doesn’t happen externally. It has always been an internal shift.

You see, sooner or later in life, we realize that all roads lead within. Eventually we find that we are creation itself, gazing out upon the dream we have created. Everything is always and only inside, and everything else is just a reflection.

I feel this internal shift towards Higher Consciousness, and it is magical beyond words. I sense the heightened energies I’m being given so that I can manifest my greatest dreams. I see that I get to actualize everything I could ever hope for in the years ahead. And I know that in this lifetime I will embody my Higher Self.

What a thrilling time to be human and to pioneer this Golden Age! We have been given so much to make it happen, and we must each play our part in the play. When we do, we will be awe-struck by the gorgeous world we’ve helped to create. We will be utterly and completely amazed by how powerful we really are.

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