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Personal transformation creates collective transformation. In my own life, I am being reminded of this again and again.

I am experiencing personal breakthroughs of love – breakthroughs that require working through buried pain, but oh the growth that this affords! These breakthroughs are mind-blowing and life-altering, and they are all about unconditional love. Such transformation, soul by soul, is exactly how our world will change.

Much like the Samuel Beckett play “Waiting for Godot,” I have often found myself waiting for “2012.” I have been on the edge of my seat, anticipating that change will arrive any day and imagining that we will all be saved. But waiting is not living, positive change is already here, and we are the only ones who can save ourselves. By this I mean that we must do the emotional work to move forward on our individual spiritual paths. When we do, we help to raise consciousness.

We are each being called to work on spiritual growth that leads to our life’s purpose. This is how we co-create a golden earth.

Doing your part starts from within. The awakening times that you are living in are offering resolutions of karma, and each of us has chosen to be here in part for this reason. We are being asked to integrate our deepest life lessons that began long ago, so don’t be surprised when unfinished business comes knocking at your door. This is the stuff that causes emotional pain and screams at you to address it. And this is why life has been so hard these last few years.

The way to handle this pain is not to react, but rather to face it. Let your emotions wash over you, and then let them go. When you dedicate yourself to working on your issues by facing them completely, you will break through with love incarnate. You will learn the bigger lessons that your soul came here to learn.

These lessons are almost always about giving yourself more love. They are about breaking through past patterns so that you finally believe in yourself. This helps not only you, but all of humanity.

Right now, we are graduating from a school that has taught through suffering. And once we graduate, we will learn through more positive means. Don’t lose sight of how ecstatic it feels when we accomplish each step towards this graduation. Personal transformation is astounding! And never ceases to surprise with magic that opens the heart wide.

I have noticed that this process requires forgiveness. It requires shifting self-judgment into self-love. See, we cannot live with love until we forgive ourselves and all who have ever hurt us. We must recognize that we are not any of the things that happen to us. We have simply created these things for our growth.

Once we grow as we wanted to, we can let them go. You see, everything is a step leading us past limitation towards love.

I am starting to believe that collective forgiveness will allow us to fully evolve. This includes forgiving those who have controlled us in dark and abominable ways. When we do not forgive, we remain in a lower vibration. But when we have compassionate awareness, we lift up the entire world.

We are living in times of great healing, so seize these unprecedented opportunities when they appear to you. Make haste and Godspeed, and let love be your catalyst. Let it electrify your path and open your heart ever wider. Let it remind you just how powerful you are, for this is your true you.

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