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Personal transformation creates collective transformation. In my own life, I am being reminded of this again and again.

I am experiencing personal breakthroughs of love – breakthroughs that require working through buried pain, but oh the growth that this affords! These breakthroughs are mind-blowing and life-altering, and they are all about unconditional love. Such transformation, soul by soul, is exactly how our world will change.

Much like the Samuel Beckett play “Waiting for Godot,” I have often found myself waiting for “2012.” I have been on the edge of my seat, anticipating that change will arrive any day and imagining that we will all be saved. But waiting is not living, positive change is already here, and we are the only ones who can save ourselves. By this I mean that we must do the emotional work to move forward on our individual spiritual paths. When we do, we help to raise consciousness.

We are each being called to work on spiritual growth that leads to our life’s purpose. This is how we co-create a golden earth.

Doing your part starts from within. The awakening times that you are living in are offering resolutions of karma, and each of us has chosen to be here in part for this reason. We are being asked to integrate our deepest life lessons that began long ago, so don’t be surprised when unfinished business comes knocking at your door. This is the stuff that causes emotional pain and screams at you to address it. And this is why life has been so hard these last few years.

The way to handle this pain is not to react, but rather to face it. Let your emotions wash over you, and then let them go. When you dedicate yourself to working on your issues by facing them completely, you will break through with love incarnate. You will learn the bigger lessons that your soul came here to learn.

These lessons are almost always about giving yourself more love. They are about breaking through past patterns so that you finally believe in yourself. This helps not only you, but all of humanity.

Right now, we are graduating from a school that has taught through suffering. And once we graduate, we will learn through more positive means. Don’t lose sight of how ecstatic it feels when we accomplish each step towards this graduation. Personal transformation is astounding! And never ceases to surprise with magic that opens the heart wide.

I have noticed that this process requires forgiveness. It requires shifting self-judgment into self-love. See, we cannot live with love until we forgive ourselves and all who have ever hurt us. We must recognize that we are not any of the things that happen to us. We have simply created these things for our growth.

Once we grow as we wanted to, we can let them go. You see, everything is a step leading us past limitation towards love.

I am starting to believe that collective forgiveness will allow us to fully evolve. This includes forgiving those who have controlled us in dark and abominable ways. When we do not forgive, we remain in a lower vibration. But when we have compassionate awareness, we lift up the entire world.

We are living in times of great healing, so seize these unprecedented opportunities when they appear to you. Make haste and Godspeed, and let love be your catalyst. Let it electrify your path and open your heart ever wider. Let it remind you just how powerful you are, for this is your true you.

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The immensity of what is happening to us as humans is impossible to convey. The times that we are living in are more momentous than any era the universe has ever known, or ever will. For ages upon ages, we have been in Plato’s’ cave evaluating shadows on the wall, but all that is changing now. We are suddenly being set free and are finally walking out of the darkness. We are finally expanding our view.

Humans are experiencing an unprecedented spiritual awakening that is unparalleled in its scope. For you are living during the most transformational time that any civilization has ever known.

The wider world will not end in fire or ice, but rather it is being reborn. Everything is changing to a higher expression, including our very selves. Many have worked tirelessly to make our rapid evolution the most natural process it can be. And to me, these changes have felt intuitive and magical, albeit painful for sure.

Things will undoubtedly get more dramatic, but one does not have to be “new age” to know our new world. Each of us are naturally going through initiations in life, and these are clearing our shadow pain, so that we can embrace our new earth. We are all being offered this chance, and I am eternally hopeful that most of us will take it.

Seizing this opportunity requires that we choose love over fear. During these times, it is vital that we recognize fear for what it is and choose to embrace the beautiful and astounding new. Many of the changes that are happening in our world are not perceptible unless we awaken from learned programming. Ever expansive awareness is crucial.

But, what is happening to us is stupendous! We are growing every day as we move away from separation, frustration, and fear. We are remembering at the soul level that we are made from a love so incredible that it is impossible to describe, and this is our true reality.

I want to focus on what is so immensely exciting about our times and let this be a catalyst for positive action. The spiritual reasons behind what we are going through exhilarate me! And I continue to be blown away by signs throughout our world of rising consciousness. These signs herald a spectacular unveiling. They signal dramatic innovations that will solve our problems in miraculous ways.

My guidance shows me again and again that we are receiving so much help from above through our evolution, if only we knew how much. So many fellow humans are working hard to help us embrace our new world. Because humanity has suffered enough.

We have waited millennia to live in truth. Now, the puzzle pieces life are being put together. Our own mystery is being solved. Ancient treasure is being unearthed and the very sky is being opened. Get ready to be amazed! Get excited, and bring your unique talents to our table to put into action!

You chose to be here and now is the time. Let us do what we came here to for our collective enlightenment. Let us welcome this thrilling age. This is the most momentous time that you will ever know, and I am grateful to be going through it with you.

* See links for past posts about our rapid evolution.

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Change is on the way. We are in the midst of an evolutionary shift in consciousness, and it requires a break from the past. Because humanity is being given a golden opportunity to live a more loving and enlightened existence.

And so, we are healing our old ways. We are grappling with how materialism has affected us and how we have treated our planet. We are experiencing chaos with our climate, with disease, with the economy, and with violence, so that we can choose sustainability, liberation, an increasing concern for others, and personal realizations that really matter. We are receiving higher and higher consciousness as we grow to 7 billion people, and this means that we’re moving from a survival mode to compassion.

We are also realizing that we create what we think, and this is why it is so important to choose love over fear. You see, you have tremendous spiritual power to overcome what meets the eye.

My personal advice for these times is to focus on the spiritual. To me, this is what it’s all about. Follow your spiritual curiosity that brings a higher and lightened perspective amidst change. Focus on feelings of gratitude, love, and peace within, and practice this all the time, for you can take it with you anywhere you go. Fortify your own inner sense of peace amidst any chaos and maintain a grounded center.

Tap into the limitlessness of your heart – your incredibly powerful connection to the loving spiritual reality. It is possible that our transition will be somewhat gradual and natural, but we must also take positive physical action to prepare for change. Be awake and aware, prepared and empowered, and take charge rather than following in fear. Find out what’s going on for yourself instead of doing what you’re told. Don’t allow yourself to be swayed by negativity. And if you witness erratic behavior, choose to be peaceful instead of contributing to it. Help each other through this change, and in doing so, rediscover our natural unity. Reconnect with nature and Mother Earth, and make conscientious choices to live more harmoniously. These are all things to live by during any age.

This shift is about remembering that we are spiritual and that we are one. We are detaching from the the past, from feeling separate, and from ego based materialism so that we can embrace the new, the now, and togetherness. Humanity is waking up from systems of control that have kept us in a master and servant, reward and punishment mindset. We have been taught to follow authority, but what we need to do is follow our own spiritual guidance. Please share your guidance about these times with us here.

Mine is reminding me that we are not alone. We’re each surrounded by tremendous help from above, and we are so strong at heart. You can handle change, and you will know what to do. We are spiritual warriors on the front lines to make earth the beautiful place it was always intended to be.

We have the ability to stop clinging to what doesn’t work any more. I’m not saying that it’s going to be easy, but if we have enough people centered in the spiritual, we can shift together. Let us walk away from the manic craze of our modern world and step into the peaceful, spiritual flow that’s been here all along. Use your power to live in the highest level of energy you can. It’s about time we all shifted into a more loving reality, and I think we are ready. This is the opportunity of the ages and each one of us can make all the difference.

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