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It has been a while since I’ve posted, dear friends, but I’m back to Share the Spiritual again. While I was gone, personal crisis came into my life and changed it forever, affecting everyone I hold dear. I turned us inside out and served spiritual lessons galore. In retrospect, this challenge I never saw coming had the power to shake us to the core and deliver invaluable riches.

The spiritual journey never ceases in this human realm, and that is what our souls ardently desire. We want this precious opportunity to grow exponentially, and this requires extreme courage. It means that we will know events that push us to the edge of our humanity and obliterate comfort zones. The bigger the crisis, the bigger the growth. The more honest we can be through it all, the more our souls shine with gratitude.

If you are going through personal turmoil of your own, know that you are not alone. You are living in times of unprecedented transformation that require walking through the fires of your own hell. But the other side is sublime. Because you are being given the opportunity to free yourself from lifetimes of human conditioning – lifetimes of feeling inferior and powerless.

Your relationships inspire this and play it out. They vacillate between supportive and heartbreaking, driving you to seize your freedom. And this is because they show you how you are imprisoning yourself.

If you can open yourself to feel what you are being shown, you will get closer to freedom every day. If you can hear your soul’s call and love yourself as you answer, you will grow brighter than you ever dreamed! And you will teach those around you. This is your destiny.

So hold my hand, dear soul, and let’s dive into these last lessons together. Remember, we are all one consciousness, reuniting after eons of separation. If you haven’t already done so, wake up to all that you are beyond this human world. It is time to open your eyes to your unlimited capabilities in these limiting environs. For you are a powerful, multi-dimensional being living out a temporary human existence. And through your bright awakening, you are here to change the earth.

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To fail in this human life is something that we fear, yet it can be a trademark of astounding growth. That which the ego considers “failure” is often triumph to the eternal soul. And this is because failure offers unprecedented healing and transformation.

Personal crisis leads us to revelation and rapid purification. We let go of all that we cling to so tightly and embrace how our soul longs to grow. Best of all, the growth that we undergo as humans accelerates the spiritual path exponentially, and benefits us forever

Failure may seem forced upon you, but your soul might choose it for profound reasons. When you are faced with failure, everything gets shaken up, and you awaken to the truth. You free yourself from major fears and challenge yourself to accept, to expand your awareness, and to grow as you reach higher than before. This begins with the realization that you are living through what you never thought you could, and nothing can touch you now.

Finally, you don’t give a damn what your ego thinks, and you decide to live deeper from your being. You let go of human constraints so that you rediscover what has real meaning for you. And then you tap into a power you long forgot you had when you were amidst the familiar and confining. At last, you seize your higher purpose and welcome the blossoming of yourself.

Recently, I heard about a group of people who quit their safe jobs to pursue their greatest dreams. And guess what this group calls themselves? The “Failure Club.” They are freeing themselves from fears of money, expectations, and safety so that they can live in higher purpose. They are saying goodbye to what doesn’t serve and welcoming bigger ideas.

You see, failure is purifying, and this process is happening collectively right now. Old systems are collapsing and shifting, making way for the innovative, the sustaining, and the harmonious. What is happening is not failure. It is growth and long awaited rebirth.

My friend and spiritual author Conrad Cain reminds me that we are living here in order to simply experience. We are here to fully feel our experiences rather than masking them with denial. We are spirit walking around in human form so that we can know this tactile level of creation. This includes the full scope of existence, from what we might call wondrous experiences to things like humility, rejection, and failure. Conrad shares that if we can stay centered and feel these experiences fully, rather than feeling sorry for ourselves, we can receive profound spiritual gifts. But when we try to avoid and protect ourselves from our deepest feelings, we miss out on what our soul wants to know. Personally, I have found that the situations I deny keep repeating themselves in my life, and they create my own suffering. They frustrate me continually until I decide to let go and finally know them in myself.

It takes courage to be open to failure, but you are already so brave to be a human being. Are you willing to stop avoiding all that life has to offer during the temporal time you are here? We are each being given precious gifts in this land of duality, but they can only be opened if we make ourselves open to them. If you haven’t already done so, dear soul, allow yourself to be free enough to fail, and then you will know what true freedom is. You will detach from all that’s kept you from growing your gorgeous wings, and you will remember how to fly!

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We come from a universe that is loving and blissful beyond words – a place that we are an essential part of. So why is it so difficult to remember this inherent love while human? Why do we experience pre-birth amnesia, and why is life so incredibly challenging?

It’s not because we’re not good enough. It is because we choose to grow in ways that boggle the mind.

We come here, courageously, to build deep compassion within ourselves. And we do this by going through incredible human challenges.

We might, for example, wish to learn how to love ourselves more fully, and therefore love everyone more deeply, and then be of greater service to the world. This might be taught to us by overcoming situations of rejection, because when love is denied externally, we learn to build love within ourselves. Or perhaps, we find that we must devote ourselves to care for another person, and by doing so, we learn the immensity of love. Perhaps we ourselves have a particular physical challenge that pushes us to the brink, and shows us the incredible courage that we contain. All the while, we are teaching everyone around us.

By enduring human pain, we are taught essential aspects of love, and we inspire others along the way. We push ourselves to feel compassion instead of judgment, just as our souls hoped we might, and we shine when we overcome our struggles. We grow spiritually, beyond our wildest dreams.

Our souls know that we want dramatic growth, but our human selves do not. The pre-birth amnesia that we experience allows us to learn without preconceived thoughts that interfere. We are able to grow deeply and purely, without excuses or limitations.

Perhaps you’ve noticed in your own life that you are continually offered the unexpected. Nothing that you  experience appears the same way twice or how you think it’s going to look. But oh how it feels the same! These are tests that offer you emotional growth. They help to shift any limiting beliefs.

You see, true tests are always blind and taken rather seriously, and here you are given opportunities to deliberately act as though this is all there is. Eventually, you experience revelations that break through your buried beliefs. Ultimately, you soar with greater love and take this with you forever.

Our hearts wish for us to evolve in ways that the mind will never understand. Even as my own journey opens wide, I can feel certain mental blocks in place to keep me from sabotaging my lessons. I know that they are there for an essential reason – my own evolution, and I have learned to respect these boundaries.

Of course, we always have free will. We have the right to choose what we do, and we have intuitive guidance to help us along the way. In fact, you often take this guidance without your mind even knowing. You reconnect with your soul when you sleep.

Your guidance wants you to grow, but never to suffer. And thankfully, emphatically! suffering will soon be a thing of the past. As we evolve in consciousness, we will never have to learn this rough, fast way again.

Now humanity is ready to remember our inherent and astounding love. We have been asleep for eons, but finally we are waking up. We are evolving towards the love we really are. When you remember this love, you remember who you are. This is spiritual metamorphosis. It is the ultimate coming back to God.

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Last week, I explored how shifting beliefs can help to actualize what we wish for. More and more, I am remembering that having this opportunity to change from within is exactly why we’re here on earth.

You see, human drama creates a choice environment to shift at the soul level. The challenges that we experience push us to tap into our unfathomable reservoirs of love and put them into action. We grow ever stronger in this way. And we choose our lives with heartfelt desire for this growth.

In his groundbreaking book Your Soul’s Plan, Robert Schwartz illustrates the soul’s desire so beautifully. He points out something that is revolutionary – as humans we learn through opposition.

We come here hoping to strengthen certain qualities of love from within, and so we are purposefully treated in a manner that is the opposite of these qualities. By being challenged externally and denied love on the outside, we experience breakthroughs that assert love on the inside.

For example, when someone is surrounded by compassion, they know it in an external way, but not necessarily in themselves (even though it is there waiting). If they experience circumstances that challenge them to feel compassion for another person, then they truly know what it is in action, and they can carry this knowledge with them always. Thus, opposition is a tool used to experience love in all of its forms.

This is how we design our lives. We help each other by playing out roles that teach love. And often, these come in the form of negative relationships.

We agree to do this for one another with tremendous compassion and bravery because we want to help champion the love within ourselves. Again and again, we are learning to believe in ourselves by embracing the divine love within.

It took me a long time to see this in my own life, but in overcoming my challenges of self worth and belonging, I am experiencing a shift in belief about myself. I am building inner strength and I am remembering why I chose to live this life – so that I might grow in ways I could not in heaven. I wanted to go through specific experiences firsthand so that I could live through the varied aspects of love, including what love is not. I wanted to have a clean slate of amnesia so that my consciousness would not interfere with my lessons, until I was ready to remember.

Now, I am waking up to what I came here to learn and to the truth of our divinity, and it feels blissful beyond measure. You see, the spiritual journey unfolds with a knowing smile shared with every human who walks the earth, every being in the universe, and with God. Each awakening builds awareness of our undeniable unity as one, and the immeasurable, unshakable love that we are. This is who we have always been, and we are simply waiting to remember ourselves.

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Higher Purpose

Each of us has a grand purpose for our lives. This purpose harnesses our unique talents while also serving humanity. You have such a calling. You see, there is a primary reason why you are here that heightens all of our experience, and it is called your Higher Purpose.

Your Higher Purpose feels joyful and free of struggle. It is in tune with your beautiful soul. Your Higher Purpose is naturally fulfilling and what you wish to spend most of your time working on. It is your passion and what you were born to do.

When you find your Higher Purpose, you thrive in your talents that help others. You lose yourself in total creativity, and your purpose appears obvious to everyone.

But what if you’re still searching to find your Higher Purpose? How do you identify it?

Look within yourself instead of the outside world. Stop and listen to what your heart tells you, and spend some time studying who you really are. Recognize what is meaningful to you alone – what makes you feel fully alive and fulfilled. Follow your spiritual path, and even ask for it to safely accelerate.

Your Higher Purpose is often something you are naturally gifted at, that you loved to do in some form as a child. You can pinpoint it by asking, “What can I create with my favorite talents? How can I enrich both myself and those around me? How do I really want to help our world?” As many have asked, what would you work at purely for the joy of it, if making a living were not an issue?

Once you fully own your purpose, the universe makes it possible on all levels. But it’s easy to block yourself from Higher Purpose by worrying over practical details. Practicality has its place, but it can squash creativity. Be bolder and braver than that. Be the courageous leader you really are at heart.

If you simply have the desire to recognize your purpose and you pay attention, it will make itself known. In fact, at some level you already know what your Higher Purpose is. Sometimes, it is so simple and obvious that you might over-think it. You might assume that it has to be overly grand.

Most likely, your Higher Purpose is already in your life in some way. You have probably done more with it than you realize and over many lifetimes. Your purpose might also have more than one expression.

It’s important to look at what might be keeping you from living your Higher Purpose. What if you were to let those things go – the things that are preventing you from living in true fulfillment? Is anything more important than this?

Sometimes, we need to become rebels in order to live out Higher Purpose. We need to rebel against society and what’s expected of us in order to embrace our passion. Ultimately, this elevates many lives around us in meaningful ways.

So try to drop what feels unimportant to you. Drop any obligations or distractions, because we need you in bigger ways. And remember that it is never too late. Even if we only spend the very last bit of our lives in Higher Purpose, that time illuminates all that came before.

My favorite example of fulfilling Higher Purpose is the life of the naturalist John Muir. He was born with an incredible passion for nature and began expressing this love to others through his writing. His journals made people notice the beauty that they often overlooked, and this brought these people fulfillment in return. Muir went on to protect the very nature he loved, founding the Sierra Club and helping to create America’s National Parks. To this day, America’s unspoiled natural beauty reconnects us with the grandeur of nature, and Muir’s writing continues to inspire this curious soul herself, over a century later. That is Higher Purpose, but again, it doesn’t have to be so grand.

To paraphrase Orin and Sanaya Roman, our Higher Purpose is our spiritual evolution. It is our creative process that we grow through. And it has nothing to do with fame or ego pursuits. In fact, our purpose comes naturally when we put these things aside and decide to help others.

As I was working on this post, I heard Oprah sum it up perfectly in her final show: “Everybody has a calling, and your real job in life is to figure out what that is and to get about the business of doing it.” She goes on to say, “Know what sparks the light in you so that you, in your own way, can illuminate the world.” I am envisioning an earth where we encourage and support each other to do this.

I passionately believe that you can change our world, and you are meant to do so joyfully, through your own incredibly special Higher Purpose.

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What is the meaning of life? I’m going to share my personal thoughts on this giant of all questions. Here are five answers I’ve found on my journey of life.

1. To grow – We are here in this extremely difficult earth school to grow through challenges that teach us aspects of love. We take this growth with us back “Home,” and it benefits all.

2. To create and enjoy creation – Living is simply creating at every moment. A child plays and creates, an adult works and creates, making both small and large masterpieces and disasters, artworks and conundrums – all eventually lost, just to start all over again. We are co-creators of life, and like a work of art that flows magically, we can create with the same joyous energy with which God made our very world. This is the zone experienced while “playing” at something we feel born to do. I have found that focusing on the past and future disconnects me from this natural flow. Experiencing the present moment allows me to live fully and create joyously. For example, I find that if I fixate on each thought or desire and compare it to the past, a difficult process begins. But, if I simply dive into each opportunity with a full, trusting, and present heart, and immerse myself in the moment, things work out magically in life.

3. To get back to our divine origin – The fall of man in the Bible represents our disconnect from God. I believe the process of remembering where we come from is the unfolding of each individual spiritual journey. We are each a spark of God getting to know ourselves, traveling through many levels of creation and growing over eons. We have ventured for long enough and even lost our way, and now we are striving to get back to our Godself.

4. To heal – In my post “Shadow,” I describe how I believe life is a process of healing our collective conditioning from the dark side of civilization. I think we have been taught to control each other for thousands of years. Now, if we can forgive each other for this, we can truly free ourselves – the way we were each meant to be.

5. To learn unconditional love – The very challenges that we face as we heal give us each a chance to experience unconditional love. For myself, every time that I feel hurt, I have a golden opportunity to open my heart from the protective layers that I’ve built. This offers profound growth by choosing to forgive with compassion instead of being right and stubborn. I believe that experiencing this growth is why we are here. We are collectively growing so that we can reside at this higher level, a process called Earth Ascension. To me, helping with Ascension by practicing unconditional love is our greatest human purpose.

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