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As you read this, humanity is ascending. What does this mean exactly? We are spiritually evolving. We are becoming advanced human beings with full spiritual awareness, freedom, and power.

At this moment, a contagious remembering is taking place on our planet. Humanity is remembering that we are all connected as one, and that we are made of love – the blissful, benevolent Godstuff of creation. We are now ready to live with full realization of this and know an elevated human experience on earth.

Of course, for a long time, the human experience betrayed our true nature completely. In many ways, it still is. We are just now waking up from ages of deep conditioning.

Conditioning is so imbedded in our human lives that it can be challenging to see. And this is because we have been imprisoned by limitation and fear. In fact, we have been taught to replace love with fear. Our very fabric has been obscured.

Authority and the media reinforce this. Our egos take it further with mimicry. The efforts we make to personally limit ourselves are astounding (internal voices anyone?) because we have been programmed that we are relatively worthless.

Feeling “not good enough” is a control tactic that is deeply ingrained. And we have individually adopted it to survive. This creates a mass arrest of freedom and power. And the number one method of crowd control is judgment.

We control each other through judgment. We judge people and put them in their place. This creates limits to all of our worth. It perpetuates fear.

Each human then fears being judged as wrong or bad, when deep down we are spiritually pure. And so, we live to look good enough to others, and we ask others to look good enough for us. This conditional love permeates every human’s life.

Ascension is healing this. It is reminding us how infinitely loved and special we each are, how interconnected to God, and how benevolently powerful. You see, ascension is unconditional love. And it begins with the individual. It is the personal realization that you are an immense spiritual being trapped momentarily in your human experience. And your worth is never negotiable.

What I have learned in my own life is that ascension is deeply personal. It is not about external earthquakes, but internal ones that rip us open and make us heal old wounds. This internal healing reflects outwardly to then create a more harmonious and authentically loving world.

That is why we are each going through challenging personal experiences. These challenges are turning the ways that we have limited ourselves upside down. We are being pushed to question our conditioning and bulldoze confining, unhealthy comfort zones. We are being shown how we have kept each other down in our families, our schools, our businesses, and our governments. It is alarming when you start to see this. And then you realize that you have been keeping yourself down the most.

We have been so scared of our freedom. We would rather let others be in charge and put our dreams to sleep. We might even think that we are free, but most often, we are not. What’s worse, we tend to shun those who seek real freedom because we ourselves settled for limitation long ago. How dare they break the rules when we did not! The policing never ends.

But it is. At last. And it is time for you to seize your freedom, not in spite of, but because of the challenges you face. It is time for you to be wide awake and fully in charge of yourself. You no longer have to make decisions based on fear because you are no longer trapped. You can follow your free heart instead.

You can have full realization of your spiritual immensity. And you can do so while still in tactile, human form. This is what you were born to experience. That is why you chose to live during this ascension time.

Ascension is happening right now, and I know just how hard it can be. But the other side of healing pain is breathtaking. To walk free of old karma and all the ways you have settled is the most glorious liberation imaginable, even if it required nightmares. Know that you are never alone in your dark night, and that heaven on earth awaits! In the morning, you will marvel at your magnificence. And you will know that it was always waiting to shine forth.

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As you know, I was born a philosopher. I can’t help but ponder the meaning of everything. Like so many of you, an urgency calls me to put my deepest feelings about spirituality out there during these evolving times, and you have embraced that vulnerability with the utmost kindness and support. I want to say thank you to each beautiful you for this, but mostly for Sharing the Spiritual in your own life in your profound and essential way. I want you to know that you have made all the difference for humanity by being here with your light.

Right now as humans we can’t help but ask impatient questions. It’s so hard not to echo that sentiment expressed by restless children on long journeys towards exciting destinations – “Are we there yet?” When will humanity evolve towards unconditional love?

Well, as Elizabeth Locey reminds us, the great news is that we have chosen to do so. We are ascending with absolute certainty and more quickly than we ever hoped! This is time for profound celebration, and I find it incredibly heartening because, honestly, I can’t bear this antiquated land of duality much longer.

More than ever, I find it increasingly, glaringly obvious that things have been so inharmonious on this human plane for so long. What’s more, I miss the bliss of heaven because I have completely remembered it through and through. I am beyond ready to move away from this wretched ego society and get back to our divine oneness of love. And the sublime truth is that we are already there.

Ascension can seem far away amidst our volatile world, but this is just part of the process. It is a diverging of worlds – of choices – one old comprised of suffering and one new of unconditional love. The old paradigm is separation, survival, and selfishness. It is judgment, domination, and violence. The new paradigm remembers that we are one divinity. It is humanitarianism, empathy, and peace. It is awareness, acceptance, sheer joy, and spiritual bliss, and it transports us to our New Earth.

But we each get to choose which world we want because free will reigns in our universe. Deep down we all know that this is a sacred, spiritual, and intuitive choice, not a thinking one. It’s about being truly ready to resonate with pure love and remember that this is who we authentically are.

I’ve heard it said that, in the end, none of the suffering we have endured here matters, only the love that we’ve experienced. When I look back on the past, I recognize the invaluable (albeit painful) lessons of life, and I feel gratitude for the love they have brought. Every revelation of the heart resounds with beauty unparalleled and gratitude for this golden opportunity that we share. Let us thank all those who’ve helped us in both positive and negative relationships because they have given us what our souls wanted to experience. Let us treasure the time we have had to show each other in this challenging place how much we truly love.

This Thanksgiving, let us be thankful for the old human ways because they provided dramatic growth. We got to experience things in this tactile environment so solidly, so closely so that we might know them deeply – and even help to create them. Now, we are moving to a more enlightened world – an unprecedented paradise. And I feel nothing but gratitude for what has gotten us here.

Thank you, dear friend, for helping us to evolve by being here at this time. Hold on, we will ascend in a single heartbeat amidst the vastness of eternity. We will know exquisite harmony in one blink of the proverbial eye. Thank you for making this dream of dreams come true, brave soul. It’s always been up to you.

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