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 It is time to address that monster under the bed called fear. Fear can so easily scare us in the dark, but its bark is worse than its bite. Just as we learned from childhood, it turns out that fear is primarily illusion. It is a paper tiger in disguise. 

We have the power to see our fears for what they really are – warnings that bring informative. But these warnings get out of control. They take on a life of their own. 

Of course, it’s quite understandable that we feel fear because the human experience is tremendously scary. We are going through a process of feeling separate from everyone and everything, and our fears feel very real indeed. We have also been trained to fear beyond survival instincts. Society uses fear to control us, and perhaps the most obvious way is through TV.

The media broadcasts fear to keep us watching in a stupor. It urges us to give our power away. Media keeps us distracted into buying things that will never make us feel good enough, let alone fulfill our beautiful souls. Because we are taught to use fear to keep each other safe and manageable. We then internalize these methods, using them against our very selves.

And the nature of fear is to hide. And so, we bury it in denial. Thus, fear controls us behind the scenes.

You see, when you hide from something, it gains power over you that worsens with every silent step you take.

The truth is that fears are buried beliefs – beliefs that have refused love. But what you are afraid of is what you are learning on your path, and your fears can show you the growth that you desire.

When you face your fears, they dissolve right before your eyes. And this is truly a liberating process, because you are actually shifting your limiting beliefs.

For example, if I face my fear of being rejected by others, I realize that I believe in being rejected. I see that deep down I have been rejecting myself. By investigating my fears, I recognize my own lack of self-love. I pinpoint one of my essential lessons for this life.

Recognizing fear and letting it go is crucial to spiritual growth. If we avoid fear, it only grows in shadow. But when we acknowledge fear, we live with awareness of it, and this lessens its control. This frees us like nothing else.

But in order to free yourself, you must face fear head on. You must allow yourself to fully experience your fear so that you can finally let it go. When you do, you gain the experience of shifting your beliefs. You grow exponentially.

When you see just how you have been limiting yourself – just how much you have denied yourself love, the world opens wide, as does your life! What you accomplish is phenomenal, and to walk stronger forward feels like a dream come true. And then you remember that there is nothing to fear on this earth because you are immortal, and nothing can ever really harm you.

You are invincible, and fear is only superficial. It might keep you stuck in third dimensional limitations, but love lifts you out of the mire. When you choose love over fear – when you trust the wider spiritual world, you find your freedom again. You remember who you really are.

Fear has been an ever-present part of our evolution, but now we are outgrowing its control. Fear has helped our survival, but we are moving beyond survival mode now, and it is time to let it go. We are remembering our infinite power to create a loving world that reflects who are at heart. This is the blissful, new earth that humanity is beginning to build. This is the new dream of life that leaves fear far behind.


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I value the deep and inspiring reverence for God that our world religions uphold. With great respect, I honor the beautiful places of worship that champion each sacred one of us. But unfortunately, many religious institutions do not honor anyone, and sometimes, least of all, women. Far too often, I see that sacred beliefs are taken over by authority, and then used to control us. This is something that I experienced in the religion of my childhood.

My extremely loving parents did not force church upon us the way their well-meaning parents had, but we got a socially acceptable taste. I was raised Episcopalian, and I did love the sacred feeling of the large cathedral we attended, complete with echoes on marble and stone. As a child, I felt a deep connection to God in that vast, majestic space. I found great beauty in the jeweled stained glass windows, glowing with holy artistry.

But, I also remember noticing that the words we were being asked to recite from The Book of Common Prayer did not feel good at all. They were big and ancient words, but the energy around them was clear: we were, each and every one of us, abominably bad and hopelessly wrong.

Of course, we were told that we might be able to repent for this if we recited confessions on our knees for the rest of our lives. These confessions were full of self-loathing and fear, and at some point, I became vividly aware that self-rejection was being inflicted upon the entire congregation. As I looked around me, I saw that most of the adults were repeating these confessions like sheep, because that was what you were supposed to do. It was how you were raised. It would make you acceptable to society, and sadly, to God.

Was I supposed to follow along? No, not me. No thank you! I decided that I wasn’t going with the program, and with silent lips I never uttered those fearful words again. From then on, I got to decide what I believed. I alone would choose what I affirmed out loud to the world.

Religion can do quite a number on us. We are told that the world rejects us, and so we reject ourselves. We are told that we have let God down, and so we beg for forgiveness. Thus, guilt becomes an ever-present part of our lives.

In my own religious experience, the saddest part of all was that the beautiful and compassionate teachings of Jesus were used to defeat us, and this was so completely counter to the unconditional love that He champions. It was a kind of defamation beyond comprehension, until I realized that it was just another form of control.

Personally, I believe that at some point in the long history of humankind, we did separate ourselves from God. We forgot our divine essence and became full of egoic pride. We declared that we didn’t need God, and so we chose the long way home. But, to get back home, we must realize that to devalue anyone is to devalue creation. We are an intrinsic part of creation. You are a divine and direct aspect of God.

I don’t want to live in a world where the “Fear of God” is enforced. Just look at the destruction that mindset has built. I want to remember the overwhelming, unconditional, and indescribable love that God is. And then, I want to remind you how incredibly special you are, as an integral aspect of this love. This is the world that we are now remembering, and it is waiting for us to choose.

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Have you noticed that anything freely spiritual is considered cuckoo by mainstream society? There is a conditioned belief that spirituality outside the strict boundaries of religion is questionable and downright suspect. So often, we’re made to seem unintelligent if we believe in our greater reality. We are naive if we believe that anything exists beyond the five senses.

Don’t you think it’s interesting that just the mention of extraterrestrial life and spirit guides is enough to make most people feel very uncomfortable? They so quickly begin to make fun of these ideas. But oh my fellow humans, there are dark reasons why.

Those who have controlled the money on our planet have wanted us to feel ridiculous so that they can be in charge. Awareness of the true expansive universe and our own spiritual power threatens them, and so they have made us feel like outcasts. You see, calling people crazy is a control tactic. Humans have been persecuted for revealing the truth for millennia. We have been dismissed as inferior rather than aware.

Division has been upheld in our religions by design so that we act separately and are therefore weaker. In this way, the truth remains suppressed. We have been encouraged to fight with one another so that we lose the big picture and stay ignorant of who’s really controlling us. It’s an intentional campaign that restricts us in the dark and keeps us defending that dark.

The truth is that we have been trained to be so incredibly limited, and to be fearful of being ostracized by deviating from those limits. Consequently, we have settled for so little in our lives.

Reality is actually limitless beyond the imagination, and once we remember this, we become free. So the next time that you hear someone say that a right brain idea is cuckoo, remember that they’ve been taught to respond in this way. We’ve all been raised to be submissive and to let others be in charge, and this is what is truly crazy.

But we have the power to act how we authentically feel, regardless of the conditioned opinions of others. We can champion the truth and add to our tidal wave of change – our transformation that is growing stronger every day, and knocking the corrupt off their stolen thrones.

I am tired of fiction and mystery. I am fed up with watching the truth become obscured. But we no longer have to hide our powerful selves or muffle our wise voices. It is time to say what’s what and to speak from our hearts. It is time to see what has always been right before our eyes.

This unveiling is a resurrection! And it is happening right now. Each of us can help, so let’s be brave, be loud, and not care what others think. Do not follow by doing what you’re told, but get in touch with your soul and act with your own guidance. Decide for yourself if you want to stay with old ways that will get progressively worse, or help to create a blissful new world. You can make a tremendous difference in our great awakening just by remembering who you are and how expansive reality is. You can move mountains with your unique gifts as we change this prison into a sublime paradise.

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Our souls long to be free, but how is this possible when we’re held captive by the human experience? Are we not trapped in Plato’s cave, observing obscured shadows on the wall? Nevertheless, I know that we can find freedom through spiritual awareness because I have felt it with all my being. True and unbridled freedom is our natural state, and rediscovering it is remembering who we are.

Our spirits are immortal and free, and knowing this is every human’s right, but we have been denied the truth. We have been controlled for eons by those in egoistic power. They have kept us dumb and in the dark.

Most of what popular culture calls freedom is based on fears of survival and promises of safety. It is conditional upon our obedience to those who justify one human dominating another. We have been taught that authority is “right” without question and that hierarchy is desirable, but these are simply methods of control.

Our conditioning has made us afraid to be found “wrong,” and so we follow what society dictates. Many of us have been left wandering half asleep, unable to hear guidance but plenty of fearful media. We have bought into restrictive beliefs, and even violence, because we want to feel safe and accepted. This has made us unaware and powerless. Needless to say, this is not freedom.

True freedom is liberation from fear. It is finally flourishing in our own power instead of following those who want to control us. It is questioning everything so that we find our own answers. The truth is that we are incredibly free and safe within, and this becomes obvious when we awaken to the spiritual.

True freedom means being strong in our independence and our unity. You see, false freedom teaches us to take care of our own and remain separate from others, but until we respect every person regardless of what group they’re in, we will remain trapped in survival mode. Imagine a world instead where we are raised to know our spiritual power and work in harmony with each other. This is freedom.

So many of us set the bar low when it comes to our personal freedom. We become stuck in a self-made  survival mode of obligations rather than fulfilling Higher Purpose. But our beliefs create reality, and we have the power to shift them. We have the freedom to choose at any moment moving forward to break out of limitations, including the negative things we tell ourselves.

Freedom is being open to greater awareness and living in truth instead of opinion. It is being completely authentic and free from our egos. It is ceasing the endless mind tapes of past and future and turning the judgment machine off in our heads. That way, we are free to simply experience life, and to set others free from our expectations.

Protect your freedom! Pay attention to the energy around you and your intuition – what resonates spiritually with you. When something feels wrong in your gut, including your own behavior, stop and steer away. When something feels uplifting, choose this and reside at an elevated level of lightness and freedom.

We always have a choice. We can go about for years adhering to situations that compromise our freedom, only to wake up and realize that we can liberate ourselves, no matter how difficult that might seem. Amidst the pain, there is ultimately a releasing and a dramatic break from unhealthiness. We feel lighter as we re-chart our course with a free heart that chooses love over fear.

Humanity has not been free, but now that we are rapidly evolving it’s getting easier and easier to remember what it is. We are waking up, and our world is being shaken by the truth, and freedom is being championed around the globe. We are becoming aware that at the spiritual level we’re not trapped, and rediscovering this is a kind of personal resurrection. It feels limitless and light, joyous and harmonious, and how were always meant to be.

To remember freedom has been the most exhilarating and reassuring part of my spiritual journey so far.

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Our dear friend Françoise recently shared on this blog that how we perceive our personal challenges can lead to internal suffering. She illuminated the idea for me that misperception is entwined with judgment. It stems from the self, making a prison of our own design.

To quote Francoise: “We are meaning-making machines, and when we judge anything to be bad or good, we only define ourselves.” I think this is so true. we are trained in our society to be for or against situations, ourselves, and each other. We separate what we see into good and bad, making one person right and another wrong. We form negative and positive judgments that include one human only to exclude  the other – hero versus villain, golden child vs. black sheep, and us vs. them. Neither position sits well with the soul.

Peace mediator Dr. Marshall Rosenberg writes: “Sadly, we’ve been educated for all these years in this world of moralistic judgments; of retributive justice; of punishment, reward, and “deserve.” We’ve internalized this language of judgments, and it’s hard for us to stay connected to the beauty of what we are within that framework.” In this way, judgment perpetuates conflict.

Many schools of wisdom teach us to embody compassion, or the opposite of judgment, so that we can live in spiritual peace. They teach us to take charge of our thoughts and stop reactive thinking. Because when we think about anything and categorize it into our minds, we tend to form opinions. We begin to make assumptions that reflect our own desires and issues. And our egos believe they are the truth.

Our judgments gain momentum as we get emotionally attached to what we tell ourselves. And pretty soon, we start criticizing others in order to defend our misperceptions. This is how judgment takes flight in our conversations and relationships, and how it causes suffering. But judgment is only a creation of the mind and a projection of the self.

I believe that self-judgment is responsible for the judgments we place on others, but self-love provides the solution. By learning to fully love every part of ourselves, we lose the desire to hurt ourselves. This means we no longer need to hurt others. We then know how to empathize completely with the people we encounter and no longer find the need to judge them. We recognize judgment and choose to disengage.

It’s important to realize that when we judge, we are asking others to fulfill our judgments. We are closing our hearts and narrowing our experience, and this disconnects us from our fellow humans and from divine possibilities of joy and illumination. When we judge, we suffer, adding to the conflict on our planet.

You see, every time that I compare one human to another, and especially to myself, I limit myself with judgement. But how can we compare when we are each one of a kind? We are growing in diverse ways and will never find sameness. Instead, we can accept and respect each person in their entirety, allowing them to be exactly as they are. We can notice their unique abilities and gifts. We can recognize the spiritual beauty within everyone.

The conditional love of judgment creates inhuman standards. We will never be able to meet them. But our judgments are not us. As shaman Dr. Don Miguel Ruiz teaches, they are simply stories, and we have the power to let them go.

When we recognize another’s conditioning and see our own judgment in turn, we find that judgment is only a charade. We become more responsible with our energy by choosing to appreciate rather than criticize.

Ruiz tells us that love is the antidote to judgment. It is the real reality beyond rampant thoughts. Love reminds us to simply observe with acceptance instead of exchanging judgment.

Letting go of judgment brings incredible freedom. When we remove judgment from our lives, we become open to unconditional love. I believe that this is what we are here to learn from this challenging human experience.

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More and more, I am seeing that detaching from materialism is vital to humanity’s evolution. Materialism is a symptom of our disconnect from ourselves and from nature, and it defines the world through limitation – that things must be proven in order to be believed. We are taught to rely on the five senses which perceive only 1% of the greater spiritual reality. We are made to feel foolish if we believe otherwise.

Materialism gives our power away by putting tremendous worth into objects that are outside of ourselves, instead of the truth within each of us. Our rules and possessions sneakily become our identity, and we use them to feed the ego.

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene advises, “Attachment to matter gives rise to passion against nature. Thus trouble arises in the whole body,” and this seems to sum up exactly what humanity is experiencing. In modern society, those of us at the “top” acquire far more than is needed. This creates disastrous imbalance.

Director Tom Shadyac illuminates this concept in his film “I Am.” He tells the story of a healthy tribe of people who take care of each other and live harmoniously. In this tribe, everyone’s needs are met. Suddenly, one of the strongest hunters starts hoarding his kill, and this spirals as more hunters do the same. Balance becomes lost and the “weak” are no longer cared for. Life becomes a contest of winning and acquiring in perpetual, frantic cycle, while others suffer in neglect. We are that tribe.

With hoarding comes a lack of concern for all else. We need only look at how we’ve treated our earth and each other for proof. We have gone against our home, our neighbors, and ourselves, and called it progress.

Greed has been taught to us by those at the absolute top because it feeds them. It has been sold to look glamorous, successful, and desirable. We have become distracted and imbalanced by money in this rat race that runs up and down the ladder.

But I don’t want to blame any more. I want to face this disease that I too am a part of and heal. And of course, I don’t want to overlook the unhappiness that comes from a lack of necessities. With gratitude, I recognize the incredible comforts and freeing abundance I have been blessed to experience in this life. But what my soul seeks more and more is healthy material detachment coupled with conscientious behavior. I believe that things are meant to be enjoyed and are part of fully experiencing life, but not at the expense of others. We each deserve generosity, beauty, and even luxury, but not of an elitist nature.

Elitism is born out of fear ,and it keeps us in materialism. We are afraid that we’re not worthy, successful or good enough – that we are nothing without our stuff and that can’t live without it. And so, we overcompensate through exclusivity. Our things then feed us like a numbing medicine or a fleeting buzz, and they become addictive.

Although material attachment can bring a sense of safety, in the words of the poet Tagore, all that we really accomplish is “my little hoard gleaned through the years.” It is time to put the stuff down and get reconnected to who we really are. Within the problem lies the solution, for when we let go of our physical attachments, we heal and see our true selves. When we shed our cocoons of baggage, we find that we were in fact born to fly.

Humanity is at a crossroads. Will we choose harmony or trinkets? The more liberating choice comes naturally when we reconnect with our spiritual selves and with nature.

The Mayan Elders implore us to restore balance to our world, and I think that we can start by not buying things that harm and choosing alternatives that help. But we must push ourselves to do far more than this. We must strive to take care of all human beings. We must recreate balanced systems to live by and seek creative innovations. It is time to detach from the materialism that has bound us so tightly. This giant step will help us to welcome our spiritual metamorphosis.

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Bootcamp Earth

It’s often said that life is hard, and I believe it’s designed to be this way. I think life supposed to be difficult so that our souls can truly evolve. You see, we are forever striving for our divine potential, and this is best achieved through human lessons. That is why we come to this challenging place.

Recently, I have come to look at life as enlistment at Bootcamp Earth – where the most brutal training grounds exist with the toughest courses available. Here, we embody personal traits that are at odds with each other, and these push us from day to day. Our lessons are built in, and we can’t ignore them.

We constantly make mistakes here, which can bring an underlying belief that we’re not doing things right, but we are supposed to get life all wrong because this is how we grow. Our muddy challenges act as a constant teaching mechanism, frustrating us continually, until we see that the only solution is to grow rather than to struggle. Every difficult moment is here for us to learn.

Each one of us is incredibly brave for signing up for this bootcamp – for planning difficult lives. You see, the human experience is so different from the blissful place we come from. And we feel the loss of our true home, making life all the more tough. When we come here, we are accompanied by just a few people from our spiritual core group, so we often feel like we don’t belong or aren’t truly loved. But, we are able to really test ourselves in this land of negativity, and to gain experience of the full scope of creation.

The truth is that our souls yearn to grow, and to reach higher towards God. And so we find ourselves again at Bootcamp Earth.

If I’m to be completely honest, I will say that I’m upset about the endless suffering I see at this bootcamp. Of course, I can’t begin to fathom God’s all-encompassing love and scope, and I feel gratitude for my many blessings. But, I will share that I don’t understand the incessant violence of our rough world, especially considering pre-birth amnesia, the ignorance of youth, and dark systems of control. In my own limiting amnesia, I find myself asking: “Why are the atrocities here allowed to perpetuate?” Even the goals that we are each born with get obscured by extreme duality – by imbalance and heartbreaking circumstances, and in my own heart I see the possibility of learning through more positive means.

Doreen Virtue tells us that, “peace leads to even bigger growth spurts.” Orin and Sanaya Roman write, “You do not have to go through pain and struggle to grow.” I consider how children flourish when treated with love and a positive environment. Might this also apply to seasoned spirits? Can we make this training ground more like the loving place we come from, and start by granting awareness?

I have been told that in the future, safeguards will be put in place to prevent the kind suffering that has unfolded here. I think this might be what earth ascension is all about, and I believe that we are getting unprecedented help from above to make it happen.

For now, I will champion positivity, while also embracing duality. I will reach spiritually higher and end the violence in myself. I will cease my reactive anger and judgment.

For now, I will find the greater purpose behind my challenges and look at everyone as fellow students on the path. If life is supposed to be hard for good reason, then everything makes more sense, and I am learning to appreciate this giant opportunity rather than fight against it. Considering all that we go through, I think it’s vital to be very kind to each other and to enjoy what’s possible in this temporal play. Amidst our eternal progress, life can be a gift of human connection, moving beauty and spiritual growth. And so, I remain inspired to stop and smell the precious roses of this our Bootcamp Earth.

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I have learned to recognize my ego “voice” that pops up in my life. It is an immediate, almost involuntary message in my head that competes and compares, and sees people in terms of hierarchy. My ego believes in looking right most of all, and it is sneakily reassuring. Having awareness of this voice has been a revelation in my life.

The ego creates a self that feels completely separate from others. It forgets the unity that we come from. The ego takes individuality to a destructive level, igniting arguments and defensiveness. It suffers from a lack of compassion, and I shudder at what we often do for it – how we sweep people aside to feel momentarily superior. The key word is momentarily, because the ego lives in a tent that collapses. It needs to be propped up with most of our precious energy. It will never shelter us from the storms of life.

Spiritual teacher Christine Day writes: “the ego mind is incredibly limited; it is motivated to keep you in survival mode. When you are in survival mode, the full motivation connected to decision-making is through fear, lack and struggle, and these motivations are entirely connected into the illusion of third dimensional reality.” This cycle keeps one “constantly limited in your ability to create.” It doesn’t help that society’s controlling systems support the ego. But Day tells us that we can reconnect with our powerful hearts, and they can guide us out of the mire. Our hearts can help us build the lives we long for.

Longing is separation. It is feeling perpetually unsatisfied because we have forgotten our true selves. So often, we rely on the ego to make ourselves feel better, but it never will. You see, it can’t provide you with self-love.

You ego will always feel a need to prove that you are worthy, but you deserve to be loved just the way you are, and your soul knows this. Your ego will prompt you to run a grueling race, and as soon as you cross the finish line, it will ask you how you’re going to prove yourself tomorrow. It will never satisfy you.

Your ego loves to spin “stories” from the past that distract you and keep you working on its behalf. It wants you to be who you are not and to “win,” but there is nothing to win anyway. What you gain has no lasting value, just a fleeting fight to feel superior. I think this is where violence begins. I have noticed that my ego wants things that I don’t and is unaware of the choices my soul has made. I used to define my ego as my desire to be special, but now I see that we are all already special.

The task is to recognize the ego’s cry for love and then to act with love. When the ego feels weak, it lashes out to defend all that it identifies with. When a peer tells us about a personal accomplishment, the ego reacts with jealousy. It feels that another has something we don’t. In both of these situations, we simply need to be more loving to ourselves and to others.

I want to see a world where we cheer each other on through life’s deeper issues instead of competing at the surface; where we are aware of the ego’s thirst for personal gain that never fulfills and choose instead to reach spiritually higher.

Up until now, the ego has served its purpose. It has protected humanity through the survival mode of the past, but now it is time to take back control. We can thank the ego for helping us to function in the world, but now we get to be in charge.

Now, we are evolving beyond the ego. We are blossoming into authentic spiritual power. The truth is that we are so much more magnificent than we often think – than all we have built our lives around. Each of us is beautifully, divinely unique, and there is nothing to compare, ever.

I think most of us do this to see if we are “normal” – if we fit in and are on the “right” track, but when we compare anything, we make it less special than it is. And, if we simply follow the inner guidance of our soul and pay attention to how we feel, we will be steered perfectly through life. If we operate from our hearts and our souls, we will create our highest dreams.

You are a glowing universe unto yourself, limitless and eternal, and at the same time you are one with everything. Without the ego in charge, joy reveals itself to be right here at your fingertips. You find what you have been missing – unconditional love and presence. You remember who you really are, and you are free.

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Ego Society

The following is why I believe humanity experiences so much conflict. Here’s to liberating ourselves!

We have been navigating our way through this human experience with tremendous obstacles. Indeed, the conditions have been exceedingly treacherous here! It has been very distorted on this planet for ages, and there have been immense shadows that we’ve been battling with.

Of course, the existence of darkness on our planet makes sense. Duality requires both light and dark in order to manifest. But there also exists a collective ego or shadow side of civilization. And it has saturated our very behavior.

We’ve been conditioned by this shadow side since birth, and it has led to unnatural conflict. This shadow operates just like our own egos. It teaches elitist attitudes that support those at the absolute top – those who have authoritative control. Their rules are enforced by little and big fears that restrict us, such as safety and money issues. Such fears perpetuate our obedience.

We’ve been conditioned to follow systems that keep us unaware, distracted, and docile. For example, fluoride was added to our drinking water because it disconnects us from our spiritual reality. When we regularly consume fluoride, the pineal gland in the human body becomes calcified, and this cuts off our connection to the divine. It dumbs us from our own power. This makes it very hard for us to wake up and challenge those who control the money on our planet and perpetuate starvation and war.

You see, the uber elite make us fight their wars for them, and so we die for their power. They divide us so that we are not united, and we suffer in separation. The uber elite demonstrate again and again that they do not honor the sanctity of life. And they teach us hierarchy so that we mimic along.

This kind of manipulation has been going on for so long that we really have to turn things upside down to see it. Domination is so ingrained in our society, and in our DNA, to the point where we even try to control each other, as a child might imitate a bossy parent, and far worse.

I see the ramifications of this shadow behavior everywhere, and to me, it explains so much. I think our fixation with celebrity is a good, mild example of how we’ve been trained to revere money and fame – things that have no value to our loving and limitless nature, all in order to perpetuate hierarchy.

A more dramatic example of shadow behavior is how women have historically been treated. If we followed our natural  divinity, we would never disrespect more than half of all humans in a demeaning and often violent manner. We have been out of balance for ages.

Our souls come from a purely loving place that is so incredibly different from humanity’s shadow, and that is why life on earth is so full of conflict. We are living in a world that goes against our benevolent core, and carrying learned negativity as we try to navigate our way. Most of us have been taught that we are separate from each other and from everything, including God. From an early age, we are taught to restrict, judge, punish, and please. We are told to conform to society through rule-following as we control our piles of scarcity and compete with one another. It’s a poor replacement for the truth – that we intrinsically belong to an abundant universe. We are direct aspects of God and are powerfully connected to all of creation. But we’ve been intentionally denied our natural power. What has strengthened in its place are our conditioned egos. These are the shadows that we each carry in ourselves.

To realize this is ultimately a liberating experience. I now feel much more free from the questionable rules all around me, especially knowing that I have a direct link to the loving laws of the universe. Fortifying spiritual connection is essential to transcending the human condition. This is our built-in navigation system, called our highest intuition or Higher Self, and it gives us our power back.

In addition, if we acknowledge and even embrace our individual and collective shadows, we are able to heal them. This is crucial and allows us to move forward with love. If we recognize the conditioned fears of our violent past, we can transcend them with compassion.

Right now, we are going through a collective healing of our conditioning. We can help each other and ourselves through this process with kindness. By following the loving and uplifting feelings of our true nature, we are able to dwell in the light, positive side of our world. Indeed, fortifying our positive reality is paramount. And the good news is that the light side of our world is far stronger and growing stronger still as we evolve.

I think the butterfly portrays it best. We are waking up from the cocoons of conformity, and breaking free to rebuild a humanity that finally reflects the soul. As we take flight, our unique and crucial gifts are unveiled in all their glorious colors and patterns. And finally, we are free.

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