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We come from a universe that is loving and blissful beyond words – a place that we are an essential part of. So why is it so difficult to remember this inherent love while human? Why do we experience pre-birth amnesia, and why is life so incredibly challenging?

It’s not because we’re not good enough. It is because we choose to grow in ways that boggle the mind.

We come here, courageously, to build deep compassion within ourselves. And we do this by going through incredible human challenges.

We might, for example, wish to learn how to love ourselves more fully, and therefore love everyone more deeply, and then be of greater service to the world. This might be taught to us by overcoming situations of rejection, because when love is denied externally, we learn to build love within ourselves. Or perhaps, we find that we must devote ourselves to care for another person, and by doing so, we learn the immensity of love. Perhaps we ourselves have a particular physical challenge that pushes us to the brink, and shows us the incredible courage that we contain. All the while, we are teaching everyone around us.

By enduring human pain, we are taught essential aspects of love, and we inspire others along the way. We push ourselves to feel compassion instead of judgment, just as our souls hoped we might, and we shine when we overcome our struggles. We grow spiritually, beyond our wildest dreams.

Our souls know that we want dramatic growth, but our human selves do not. The pre-birth amnesia that we experience allows us to learn without preconceived thoughts that interfere. We are able to grow deeply and purely, without excuses or limitations.

Perhaps you’ve noticed in your own life that you are continually offered the unexpected. Nothing that you  experience appears the same way twice or how you think it’s going to look. But oh how it feels the same! These are tests that offer you emotional growth. They help to shift any limiting beliefs.

You see, true tests are always blind and taken rather seriously, and here you are given opportunities to deliberately act as though this is all there is. Eventually, you experience revelations that break through your buried beliefs. Ultimately, you soar with greater love and take this with you forever.

Our hearts wish for us to evolve in ways that the mind will never understand. Even as my own journey opens wide, I can feel certain mental blocks in place to keep me from sabotaging my lessons. I know that they are there for an essential reason – my own evolution, and I have learned to respect these boundaries.

Of course, we always have free will. We have the right to choose what we do, and we have intuitive guidance to help us along the way. In fact, you often take this guidance without your mind even knowing. You reconnect with your soul when you sleep.

Your guidance wants you to grow, but never to suffer. And thankfully, emphatically! suffering will soon be a thing of the past. As we evolve in consciousness, we will never have to learn this rough, fast way again.

Now humanity is ready to remember our inherent and astounding love. We have been asleep for eons, but finally we are waking up. We are evolving towards the love we really are. When you remember this love, you remember who you are. This is spiritual metamorphosis. It is the ultimate coming back to God.

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