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Have you noticed that anything freely spiritual is considered cuckoo by mainstream society? There is a conditioned belief that spirituality outside the strict boundaries of religion is questionable and downright suspect. So often, we’re made to seem unintelligent if we believe in our greater reality. We are naive if we believe that anything exists beyond the five senses.

Don’t you think it’s interesting that just the mention of extraterrestrial life and spirit guides is enough to make most people feel very uncomfortable? They so quickly begin to make fun of these ideas. But oh my fellow humans, there are dark reasons why.

Those who have controlled the money on our planet have wanted us to feel ridiculous so that they can be in charge. Awareness of the true expansive universe and our own spiritual power threatens them, and so they have made us feel like outcasts. You see, calling people crazy is a control tactic. Humans have been persecuted for revealing the truth for millennia. We have been dismissed as inferior rather than aware.

Division has been upheld in our religions by design so that we act separately and are therefore weaker. In this way, the truth remains suppressed. We have been encouraged to fight with one another so that we lose the big picture and stay ignorant of who’s really controlling us. It’s an intentional campaign that restricts us in the dark and keeps us defending that dark.

The truth is that we have been trained to be so incredibly limited, and to be fearful of being ostracized by deviating from those limits. Consequently, we have settled for so little in our lives.

Reality is actually limitless beyond the imagination, and once we remember this, we become free. So the next time that you hear someone say that a right brain idea is cuckoo, remember that they’ve been taught to respond in this way. We’ve all been raised to be submissive and to let others be in charge, and this is what is truly crazy.

But we have the power to act how we authentically feel, regardless of the conditioned opinions of others. We can champion the truth and add to our tidal wave of change – our transformation that is growing stronger every day, and knocking the corrupt off their stolen thrones.

I am tired of fiction and mystery. I am fed up with watching the truth become obscured. But we no longer have to hide our powerful selves or muffle our wise voices. It is time to say what’s what and to speak from our hearts. It is time to see what has always been right before our eyes.

This unveiling is a resurrection! And it is happening right now. Each of us can help, so let’s be brave, be loud, and not care what others think. Do not follow by doing what you’re told, but get in touch with your soul and act with your own guidance. Decide for yourself if you want to stay with old ways that will get progressively worse, or help to create a blissful new world. You can make a tremendous difference in our great awakening just by remembering who you are and how expansive reality is. You can move mountains with your unique gifts as we change this prison into a sublime paradise.

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The immensity of what is happening to us as humans is impossible to convey. The times that we are living in are more momentous than any era the universe has ever known, or ever will. For ages upon ages, we have been in Plato’s’ cave evaluating shadows on the wall, but all that is changing now. We are suddenly being set free and are finally walking out of the darkness. We are finally expanding our view.

Humans are experiencing an unprecedented spiritual awakening that is unparalleled in its scope. For you are living during the most transformational time that any civilization has ever known.

The wider world will not end in fire or ice, but rather it is being reborn. Everything is changing to a higher expression, including our very selves. Many have worked tirelessly to make our rapid evolution the most natural process it can be. And to me, these changes have felt intuitive and magical, albeit painful for sure.

Things will undoubtedly get more dramatic, but one does not have to be “new age” to know our new world. Each of us are naturally going through initiations in life, and these are clearing our shadow pain, so that we can embrace our new earth. We are all being offered this chance, and I am eternally hopeful that most of us will take it.

Seizing this opportunity requires that we choose love over fear. During these times, it is vital that we recognize fear for what it is and choose to embrace the beautiful and astounding new. Many of the changes that are happening in our world are not perceptible unless we awaken from learned programming. Ever expansive awareness is crucial.

But, what is happening to us is stupendous! We are growing every day as we move away from separation, frustration, and fear. We are remembering at the soul level that we are made from a love so incredible that it is impossible to describe, and this is our true reality.

I want to focus on what is so immensely exciting about our times and let this be a catalyst for positive action. The spiritual reasons behind what we are going through exhilarate me! And I continue to be blown away by signs throughout our world of rising consciousness. These signs herald a spectacular unveiling. They signal dramatic innovations that will solve our problems in miraculous ways.

My guidance shows me again and again that we are receiving so much help from above through our evolution, if only we knew how much. So many fellow humans are working hard to help us embrace our new world. Because humanity has suffered enough.

We have waited millennia to live in truth. Now, the puzzle pieces life are being put together. Our own mystery is being solved. Ancient treasure is being unearthed and the very sky is being opened. Get ready to be amazed! Get excited, and bring your unique talents to our table to put into action!

You chose to be here and now is the time. Let us do what we came here to for our collective enlightenment. Let us welcome this thrilling age. This is the most momentous time that you will ever know, and I am grateful to be going through it with you.

* See links for past posts about our rapid evolution.

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As we begin this momentous year, I resolve to increase my spiritual responsibility. I resolve to incorporate more spiritual discipline into my life. I am giving daily practice equal priority to my spiritual curiosity by devoting more time to meditate, heal, and practice energy work, regularly rather than just sporadically.

I want to follow the beautiful example that so many of you have set. The theme of spiritual responsibility seems to be everywhere these days, and more and more of us are harnessing purpose. We are finding that spiritual responsibility brings tremendous joy.

You see, when we are “asleep” and think that we don’t matter much, life is easier but less meaningful. It is in some ways a vacation from working on our growth. But the beautiful truth is that we each matter, and embracing our true selves means stepping up to the plate. It means becoming responsible.

Our souls obviously want this for us, but our “teenage” minds resist. They are used to making excuses and leaving larger problems to others. But now, we are waking up to make bigger choices. We know better and cannot pretend to be ignorant.

Denial of spiritual power is the easy way out, but it only cheats us. It keeps us sleepy and ineffective. Teacher Paul Twitchell shares his perspective, “God works in this way. He takes away the little problems and gives you a bigger one, and if you refuse it then you are not able to progress on the path. He is building your responsibility to life, for someday … it will be your duty to run the entire universe.”

We are powerful, and our actions make an impact. The flap of our “wings” affects the whole world. So let us be more responsible with the energy that we generate. Let us become empowered rather than wounded. Our spirits long to lead us, if only we allow them to.

2012 is the year to set a new standard for living that champions grace, integrity and love. I finally get it – we have to build our new world. It is up to us to actually create it. Our problems are catalysts for breakthrough solutions – for personal triumphs of spirit, and for ancient innovations the likes of which our modern civilization has never seen. We are receiving unprecedented help from above that is showing us our power, and must do our part to heal ourselves and the world. I believe with all my heart that we can transcend humanity’s pain if only we heed the call and devote ourselves to spiritual responsibility.

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I believe that the most important thing we can each do right now is to reach higher at any given moment. We can choose to act in a positive way with love, and so create a more beautiful life for ourselves and a better reality for others. You see, our thoughts and behavior affect our world at every level. Reaching higher helps all of us.

Reaching higher is practicing unconditional love. And this comes naturally when we’re awake to our soul. Reaching higher is the opposite of hierarchy and pity. It means residing in a lighter spiritual place that embraces every fellow human. Reaching higher is acting from the heart instead of reacting from the ego with blame.

As we all know, our world has been experiencing unprecedented change, and our spiritual journeys have been calling us to take more responsibility. We are being asked to acknowledge the truth, to accept the negativity that’s part of human duality, and to illuminate the dark with love. By doing so, we embrace the whole of us, and we create harmony.

As such, old beliefs of negativity have been rising to the surface and can no longer be ignored. They have been pushing our buttons as a kind of accelerated learning process on this ascending earth plane – this hothouse for emotional growth. The conditions of life have been increasingly teaching us day to day, and by reaching higher with forgiveness, acceptance, and love, we get to grow instead of suffer. We become expansive and free.

Of course, I know all too well that reality can seem brutal. We can be flourishing spiritually with the best intentions and still find ourselves so hurt in our human-ness. We can become overwhelmed by the seeming injustice of our lessons coupled with these turbulent times. But every moment is a new opportunity to start over and try to reach higher. Every day, we can bring more love to our experience.

So often, we expect people, situations, and ourselves to be a certain way, but if we become more neutral and accepting, then criticism and judgment fall away. Self-generated negativity dissolves.

The next time that you think something negative, stop and try to appreciate instead. This is a positive choice that our world of duality always offers. When you are faced with a life challenge, look at it from a positive standpoint of growth, something that will make itself obvious years from now.

We are, each of us, amazing, and are simply teaching each other here. When we choose to see this and look for the best in everything, we build a light filled world that is contagious! Most of all, the positive work that you do to reach higher as a human benefits your soul forever.

Like most of us, I have been going through some purging this year, and I’m being reminded to reach as high as I can, for I’m miserable when I don’t. I have been feeling more and more chaotic energy and yet increasing magic available. My thoughts are manifesting in miraculous ways. The veil is easily lifting from the divine, and I’m seeing myself in everyone and everyone in myself. I am feeling love for all.

When I tap into my heart, I feel the undefinable love that we are, and I take it everywhere I go. When I breathe without restriction, and practice meditation, I connect to the inherent peace and knowing of my soul. I feel compelled to reach higher.

Let us all be the highest humans that we can be! And let love be our motivation. Let us give ourselves more joy instead of heartache, peace instead of war, and light instead of dark. By working on raising your own vibration, you help humanity raise its vibration, during this crucial time for us all. So reflect your eternal inner light upon the world and never stop reaching higher.

*Writer Sean Lathrop offers insightful clarity for our times. Please check out his inspiring articles here.

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Change is on the way. We are in the midst of an evolutionary shift in consciousness, and it requires a break from the past. Because humanity is being given a golden opportunity to live a more loving and enlightened existence.

And so, we are healing our old ways. We are grappling with how materialism has affected us and how we have treated our planet. We are experiencing chaos with our climate, with disease, with the economy, and with violence, so that we can choose sustainability, liberation, an increasing concern for others, and personal realizations that really matter. We are receiving higher and higher consciousness as we grow to 7 billion people, and this means that we’re moving from a survival mode to compassion.

We are also realizing that we create what we think, and this is why it is so important to choose love over fear. You see, you have tremendous spiritual power to overcome what meets the eye.

My personal advice for these times is to focus on the spiritual. To me, this is what it’s all about. Follow your spiritual curiosity that brings a higher and lightened perspective amidst change. Focus on feelings of gratitude, love, and peace within, and practice this all the time, for you can take it with you anywhere you go. Fortify your own inner sense of peace amidst any chaos and maintain a grounded center.

Tap into the limitlessness of your heart – your incredibly powerful connection to the loving spiritual reality. It is possible that our transition will be somewhat gradual and natural, but we must also take positive physical action to prepare for change. Be awake and aware, prepared and empowered, and take charge rather than following in fear. Find out what’s going on for yourself instead of doing what you’re told. Don’t allow yourself to be swayed by negativity. And if you witness erratic behavior, choose to be peaceful instead of contributing to it. Help each other through this change, and in doing so, rediscover our natural unity. Reconnect with nature and Mother Earth, and make conscientious choices to live more harmoniously. These are all things to live by during any age.

This shift is about remembering that we are spiritual and that we are one. We are detaching from the the past, from feeling separate, and from ego based materialism so that we can embrace the new, the now, and togetherness. Humanity is waking up from systems of control that have kept us in a master and servant, reward and punishment mindset. We have been taught to follow authority, but what we need to do is follow our own spiritual guidance. Please share your guidance about these times with us here.

Mine is reminding me that we are not alone. We’re each surrounded by tremendous help from above, and we are so strong at heart. You can handle change, and you will know what to do. We are spiritual warriors on the front lines to make earth the beautiful place it was always intended to be.

We have the ability to stop clinging to what doesn’t work any more. I’m not saying that it’s going to be easy, but if we have enough people centered in the spiritual, we can shift together. Let us walk away from the manic craze of our modern world and step into the peaceful, spiritual flow that’s been here all along. Use your power to live in the highest level of energy you can. It’s about time we all shifted into a more loving reality, and I think we are ready. This is the opportunity of the ages and each one of us can make all the difference.

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How many of us have found ourselves riding a tumultuous roller-coaster of emotions this past year? I know that I have, and here’s what many of us believe is happening.

More and more, we are being made to acknowledge the truth of our issues and let them go. This is so that we can move forward in our spiritual evolution. And so, we are rapidly facing pain that has been lurking in the shadows. We are having to release this pain with love.

Pain is created by false beliefs, and we are here to shift them. In order to do so, we must be completely honest with ourselves. We must realize that our issues are reflected in the people around us. And it is time for us to own them. It is time to stop judging and blaming the reflections, and look at ourselves instead.

For example, if we list the emotions that have been ignited by another person, we might see a life pattern of our own that needs resolving. It’s not about being right or wrong, but rather acknowledging being human. It is about embracing the truth that duality lies behind everything.

Duality is a rapid teacher, and that is why we are here. And it’s so encouraging to know that when we clear our personal issues, we are also helping to clean up the world. Spiritual teacher Mary Lane shares, “We are going through a collective cleanse of negative energy, that will keep us from moving into the higher frequency, that is necessary for the transition into a more life-affirming existence in our world. We are being asked to embrace our true nature. We are being asked to let go of old wounding that keeps us hooked into our anger and victim mentality.”

The old is dying and the new is being born. As the truth comes out, we may be grappling with uncontrollable emotions, such as frustration, anger, and resentment. We may feel depression as well as exhaustion, due to this tremendous growth spurt. We are experiencing some emotions collectively too, such as pain around how women have historically been treated. It is all coming out so that we can process it, release it with love, and grow.

In this way, the difficult situations that we are being presented with are gifts in disguise. At last, our life long issues get to be resolved! And we can help each other through them by compassionately sharing, heart to heart, what we are going through, instead of pointing the finger. We must be easy on each other and ourselves.

I am learning how to do this. I have been struggling to resolve my relentless issues that leave me feeling very alone, but then I’m reminded that separation is just a left brain perception. I am trying to forgive myself and others, while asking for help from above. And I’m even thanking difficult situations for teaching me. What helps most is when I fully feel the emotions that are buried within me and then breathe them out of my body. I combine this with heart centered meditations that are tremendously renewing. When I feel love in my heart for everyone, including myself, then I am free.

In his passionate post “River of Love,” Father Richard Rohr writes, “all of us are much larger than the good or bad stories we tell about ourselves. Please don’t get caught in just “my” story, my hurts, my agenda. It’s too small. It’s not the whole You, the Great You. It’s not the great river. It is part of a much larger stream called God. The river of love is flowing; we are in it.”

This is what we are learning. We are learning to detach from unhealthy ties that bind – from expectations and judgment, from fears and ego identity, so that we can live with unconditional love. When we feel tremendous empathy for each other and compassion for the human experience, everything else melts away – all the arguments and negative dialogues. Love outshines all that came before, and we begin to see ourselves in every person. And yet, we also get to stand strong in who we uniquely are, free from old definitions. This readies us to help our world.

Be very kind and patient with yourself through all of this new growth. Nurture and love yourself, and listen to what your needs are – rest, healthy food, and a positive environment. Remember that you are not alone, and that we are all going through this. Best of all, we can work with the renewing energy of spring to let go, and to courageously grow.

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I’d like to share what I believe about the changes that we are witnessing in our world. Our spiritual evolution is accelerating. We are experiencing related global changes that are all about outgrowing our past. You see, spiritual awareness and the physical world are joining together, and the goal is to successfully combine the two.

As we make this transition, fear can pull us down to a lower frequency. It can cause us to resist growth. But love always rises above fear. It allow us to evolve as we need to.

The heartbreak that we feel for our fellow humans who are suffering is so palpable right now, and it demonstrates the love that connects us. Focus on this love instead of fear, for it will transform us. You see, love is the only lasting reality. And the truth is that we actually co-create our reality, and we’re going to be learning how to do this more and more.

We are waking up from a collective sleep of unknowing. We are moving closer to the eternal and blissful awareness that we come from. And although, we are responsible for our actions as they play out, rest assured that we are receiving unprecedented help from above.

Humanity is growing towards living far more harmoniously than we ever have before. And this transition has already begun. I am optimistic that it will be very intuitive for us, and I am hopeful that this will be a very gradual process.

Our collective human journey is coming to fruition, and I think we’re going to be learning how to help each other through this in the most beautiful and meaningful ways. In fact, we each have a vital role to play in our awakening.

Transition can mean growing pains, and as our systems transition, there may be interruptions in the services we are used to. So we just need to plan ahead a little. This means simply stocking up on what we might need for a few weeks time, just in case. We often hear about having a kit of supplies for an emergency, and it’s so easy to have extra basic necessities, water and food around to share with others, that help us to be empowered. I know thinking about this can make us feel uneasy, but it’s simply about becoming more self sustaining as a civilization and helping each other.

We are collectively moving in this direction, and we really don’t need much in order to thrive.  Think about the ways that you can become more self sustaining for yourself, your loved ones and your neighbors, as so many of you are already doing.

As we witness and experience change, it is vital to avoid what is negative, heavy and fearful, and to embrace what is positive, light and loving. Each one of us can work on feeling positive visions of our future, because we literally create what we focus on in our hearts. Each one of us can “hold the light” by being positive, thereby helping all of us to ascend.

Preparing for transition means detaching from the things we don’t really need. It means letting go of our hold on material possessions, our fears, and ways of the past. That’s not to say that we can’t have plenty of beauty and pleasures of life, peace, and of course, joy. In fact, these will be far more plentiful in our future.

If we all follow our individual spiritual paths and go with the flow instead of resisting change, we will transition as smoothly as possible. Listen to what your personal journey is teaching you. Ask yourself, what do I truthfully want? Get to a level of complete freedom and honesty with yourself and ask, if the rules of every day were to go away, what do I want for myself? I think the answer might be exactly where we’re headed. And I can tell you that I believe with all my soul that it’s going to be transformational.

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