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The immensity of what is happening to us as humans is impossible to convey. The times that we are living in are more momentous than any era the universe has ever known, or ever will. For ages upon ages, we have been in Plato’s’ cave evaluating shadows on the wall, but all that is changing now. We are suddenly being set free and are finally walking out of the darkness. We are finally expanding our view.

Humans are experiencing an unprecedented spiritual awakening that is unparalleled in its scope. For you are living during the most transformational time that any civilization has ever known.

The wider world will not end in fire or ice, but rather it is being reborn. Everything is changing to a higher expression, including our very selves. Many have worked tirelessly to make our rapid evolution the most natural process it can be. And to me, these changes have felt intuitive and magical, albeit painful for sure.

Things will undoubtedly get more dramatic, but one does not have to be “new age” to know our new world. Each of us are naturally going through initiations in life, and these are clearing our shadow pain, so that we can embrace our new earth. We are all being offered this chance, and I am eternally hopeful that most of us will take it.

Seizing this opportunity requires that we choose love over fear. During these times, it is vital that we recognize fear for what it is and choose to embrace the beautiful and astounding new. Many of the changes that are happening in our world are not perceptible unless we awaken from learned programming. Ever expansive awareness is crucial.

But, what is happening to us is stupendous! We are growing every day as we move away from separation, frustration, and fear. We are remembering at the soul level that we are made from a love so incredible that it is impossible to describe, and this is our true reality.

I want to focus on what is so immensely exciting about our times and let this be a catalyst for positive action. The spiritual reasons behind what we are going through exhilarate me! And I continue to be blown away by signs throughout our world of rising consciousness. These signs herald a spectacular unveiling. They signal dramatic innovations that will solve our problems in miraculous ways.

My guidance shows me again and again that we are receiving so much help from above through our evolution, if only we knew how much. So many fellow humans are working hard to help us embrace our new world. Because humanity has suffered enough.

We have waited millennia to live in truth. Now, the puzzle pieces life are being put together. Our own mystery is being solved. Ancient treasure is being unearthed and the very sky is being opened. Get ready to be amazed! Get excited, and bring your unique talents to our table to put into action!

You chose to be here and now is the time. Let us do what we came here to for our collective enlightenment. Let us welcome this thrilling age. This is the most momentous time that you will ever know, and I am grateful to be going through it with you.

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Our souls long to be free, but how is this possible when we’re held captive by the human experience? Are we not trapped in Plato’s cave, observing obscured shadows on the wall? Nevertheless, I know that we can find freedom through spiritual awareness because I have felt it with all my being. True and unbridled freedom is our natural state, and rediscovering it is remembering who we are.

Our spirits are immortal and free, and knowing this is every human’s right, but we have been denied the truth. We have been controlled for eons by those in egoistic power. They have kept us dumb and in the dark.

Most of what popular culture calls freedom is based on fears of survival and promises of safety. It is conditional upon our obedience to those who justify one human dominating another. We have been taught that authority is “right” without question and that hierarchy is desirable, but these are simply methods of control.

Our conditioning has made us afraid to be found “wrong,” and so we follow what society dictates. Many of us have been left wandering half asleep, unable to hear guidance but plenty of fearful media. We have bought into restrictive beliefs, and even violence, because we want to feel safe and accepted. This has made us unaware and powerless. Needless to say, this is not freedom.

True freedom is liberation from fear. It is finally flourishing in our own power instead of following those who want to control us. It is questioning everything so that we find our own answers. The truth is that we are incredibly free and safe within, and this becomes obvious when we awaken to the spiritual.

True freedom means being strong in our independence and our unity. You see, false freedom teaches us to take care of our own and remain separate from others, but until we respect every person regardless of what group they’re in, we will remain trapped in survival mode. Imagine a world instead where we are raised to know our spiritual power and work in harmony with each other. This is freedom.

So many of us set the bar low when it comes to our personal freedom. We become stuck in a self-made  survival mode of obligations rather than fulfilling Higher Purpose. But our beliefs create reality, and we have the power to shift them. We have the freedom to choose at any moment moving forward to break out of limitations, including the negative things we tell ourselves.

Freedom is being open to greater awareness and living in truth instead of opinion. It is being completely authentic and free from our egos. It is ceasing the endless mind tapes of past and future and turning the judgment machine off in our heads. That way, we are free to simply experience life, and to set others free from our expectations.

Protect your freedom! Pay attention to the energy around you and your intuition – what resonates spiritually with you. When something feels wrong in your gut, including your own behavior, stop and steer away. When something feels uplifting, choose this and reside at an elevated level of lightness and freedom.

We always have a choice. We can go about for years adhering to situations that compromise our freedom, only to wake up and realize that we can liberate ourselves, no matter how difficult that might seem. Amidst the pain, there is ultimately a releasing and a dramatic break from unhealthiness. We feel lighter as we re-chart our course with a free heart that chooses love over fear.

Humanity has not been free, but now that we are rapidly evolving it’s getting easier and easier to remember what it is. We are waking up, and our world is being shaken by the truth, and freedom is being championed around the globe. We are becoming aware that at the spiritual level we’re not trapped, and rediscovering this is a kind of personal resurrection. It feels limitless and light, joyous and harmonious, and how were always meant to be.

To remember freedom has been the most exhilarating and reassuring part of my spiritual journey so far.

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