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We Need You NOW

You are so powerful. You have the ability to change our world. Anything is possible – anything can be created, and you have the power to create a peaceful earth.

Just imagine what will happen when we all join forces to do this! Well, dear friend, that is exactly what is happening right now.

This week, scores of awakened people are creating peace for humanity by envisioning this and declaring it is so. Will you join us? All you have to do is own your immense power to create whatever you desire and believe in it with all your heart. Will you use your creativity to do this? If so, we are sure to succeed!

This is what co-creation is all about. And the key is to create from your heart, not your head. You see, the mind – the left brain, is ruled by polarity. It sends the negative along with the positive. It limits what is possible. But your gorgeous heart is limitless.

And I want you to use yours in your own, unique way. Just go inside your heart, and ask how you can contribute. Ask how you can create the harmonious, love-filled world you have always dreamed of, that deep down you have promised yourself. The creative answer will be given to you. Then act on that answer, and see just how powerful you are.

The other key is belief. You must believe in your abilities as well as infinite possibility. Things which seem impossible to the linear mind are not. So believe without caring how. Let yourself be a child on Christmas morning again!

Of course, believing in yourself can have it’s challenges. And that’s because humans have been conditioned to think we are small and not good enough. But the truth is that you are an angel incarnate. You are royalty from the spiritual realms.

It is time to permanently remove all limitation that hides within you. Can you feel how immense you really are? Can you peel the old conditioning away and sense your immaculate being? Why else would someone want to make you feel small? Because you are powerful enough to change our world! And you can’t be controlled any more. You get to say what you will tolerate, and you’ve decided that only peace will do.

You are ready for peace now, and there’s no more need to wait. Because you deserve what you’ve always wanted, and now you believe in you.

I believe in you with all of my heart, and I know that we can do this together. Join me, beautiful friend, because you can make all the difference at this very moment. You are such a brave artist of creation, and we have been waiting for your help. In some ways, this will be the most important thing that you ever do.

Check out Golden Age of Gaia for more information on this most exciting co-creation that you are a part of.

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My spiritual journey is asking me to be human. In fact, it is showing me how prized this tactile place is. But for years, I tried to pretend that I wasn’t human. I shunned the heaviness of earth and chose the clouds of heaven instead. This left me a wisp of a person with little substance on the ground. It put a child’s face on my humanness and kept me from being a woman out loud.

But now I know that I am here to be a full-fledged human being. I am here to feel, to know, and to experience the depths that this experience affords. I was born to touch, to taste, and to sense all of the emotions that my soul longs to feel. And this means that I must dance with my shadow and accept parts of my humanity I’d rather not. But when I do, the rewards are life-changing. I  see my pristine soul. I see the perfection in everyone because I am living with expansive love.

You are here to know more love than you ever thought possible, through your human experience. So don’t beat yourself up for having one, because you are supposed to make mistakes. This is how you grow.

Yes, your life might get messy, but orderly stagnation will never provide growth. So allow yourself to be human, and then be grateful for what you get to live out. Then carry this precious wisdom into eternity with thanks for the souls you grew with.

By allowing myself to be human, I am seeing a brand new world. It turns out that paradise does exist on earth, and what a gorgeous paradise it is! During these times of human transformation, we simply have to remember this and create from a place of love. You see, our spiritual evolution isn’t about bringing earth up to the airy-fairy clouds; it is about integrating deeper experiences into this magical realm. That is what the years ahead entail. And you are living your courageous life because you accepted the shining challenge.

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I think a lot of us can feel that we aren’t doing things “right” on our spiritual journeys. We listen to what some guru says and then apply it to our lives. But all too soon, our humanness makes itself obvious. We feel as though we’ve failed our pious instructions.

But there is no “right” way to go about your perfect journey. Your life is an original unfolding of magic that cannot be defined. For your life is revealing the infinite magic that is already in you.

Nothing can take this magic away, and nothing can make your finding it less special. You see, enlightenment is rediscovering who you have always been. And how you find yourself is completely up to you.

No one can tell you how to do it. Yes, a spiritual teacher can point out the ways that you are limiting yourself. They can help you to expand your awareness. But such expansion has nothing to do with judgment. It isn’t about analyzing what is “wrong” with you. It is only about increasing love.

You are here to open your heart to more love than you ever have before. And the way that you do so is unique. There is no other path like yours. There is only how much you want to grow.

Just by living during these accelerating times, you are being offered countless opportunities to grow with love. You are being given experiences that are both painful and glorious, and they will change your soul forever. And the only thing this growth requires is trust in your spectacular self.

You are already, naturally trusting. Just think about the trust it took for you to come here and live your human life. So allow yourself to trust, and watch it bless your life a thousand fold! Watch it give you perspective in your relationships and allow you to see the love in every human being. Let trust empower you and enable you to truly learn. Let it illuminate your experiences with gratitude because your heart is opening again.

Trust your spiritual curiosity, and you will see life for the sacred classroom it is. Find your growth reflected in the walls around you and the people you share this room with. Grow, sublime being, and let your unfolding unfold, however that happens to be. Unveil your own magic like clouds recede to blue, and then open that sky to the entire cosmos! There, you will find yourself and the answer to every question you have asked. Such is your perfect awakening and your sublime spiritual path.

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You are deeply intuitive, whether you realize it or not. Every day of your life, you are sensing what’s around you and using it to inform how you act.

As you go about your day, you are picking up the energy of people and the environments you travel in. Deep down, you know what’s really going on with everything that you experience.

We are all incredibly intuitive. Energy is always palpable, and our beings sense the truth. We are constantly fielding detailed information. We simply have to remember this about ourselves.

Just walking down the street, we know what the person passing by is feeling and everything to be aware of. We are linking with each other’s thoughts and signaling how we really feel. We can sense each other’s beliefs and all the ways that we judge. We know when actions are suspect and when words don’t reflect the truth.

Right now, we are living in times of increasing transparency that are asking for the truth. This starts with what we tell ourselves inside before it manifests in the world. When you choose to live with truth in your life, you honor your amazing self. And then you see that the real truth is completely full of love.

When you see the truth about the things you go through, you find that they’re helping you to grow. You don’t have to be a victim, and blame becomes a thing of the past. When you align with what’s really going on with you, you no longer have to hide yourself. You get to be your real you, standing strong and empowered, and more intuitive than you ever knew.

If you haven’t already done so, start trusting your intuitive abilities, and they will become obvious every day. Pay attention to the stuff you “just know” and have always suspected is real. Trust what you feel deep down instead of clouding it with thought. Listen to your most loving inner voice more than what people say. When you do these things, you will see your wisdom unveiled in specific ways.

You are incredibly intuitive, right now as you read these words. When you embrace this fact, your intuition will lead you from one miraculous connection to the next. You will be absolutely amazed by the magic that manifests. And then you will see that your intuition has always been available in your life. It is a compass for your soul, steadfastly guiding you towards the truth.

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What do you believe? The answer shapes what you experience. When you shift your belief, you shift your experience. If you want to do this, here’s a little exercise to help.

Take a look at the thoughts that are creating barriers throughout your day – the excuses and limitations that are keeping you from your dreams. Write down these beliefs that are holding you back. For example, “I never have enough time” or “ I never seem to fit in.” Once you have your list, replace each negative belief with a positive one. “I don’t have time” becomes “I have all the time in the world.” “I don’t fit in” becomes “I am extraordinary and one-of-a-kind.” Or perhaps, “Life is full of suffering” becomes “Life is a sacred opportunity to experience love.” See how expansive your new beliefs make you feel. Realize you have the power to choose them.

When we choose more expansive beliefs, it becomes obvious that unlimited potential is at our fingertips. Each moment offers infinite possibility to create a higher dream. And then we realize that our old beliefs were steeped in a lot of fear, and we can have love instead. In fact, I believe this is what we’re here to do. Choosing love is the spiritual journey.

The problems that directly affect our lives are showing us our fearful beliefs. They are ours to take responsibility for and heal. And this starts on the inside. We must go within and find where we have created each discordance – each opportunity for growth – and then heal it with forgiveness and love. As spiritual healer Dr. Hew Len teaches, you can do this by saying the following words: “I am so sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.” When I say these words, I feel that I am curing the root of my problems – my belief in the absence of love. And, as Dr. Hew Len teaches, we can do this with any problem we see in our reality. That’s right, all the discord in the world. Whoa.

You see, the work that you do to heal yourself helps all of us to heal. This is what the Christian story of Jesus is all about. He showed humanity how to get back to love, starting with each person, from the inside out. When you love yourself as much as you can and forgive your human mistakes, you do this. When you believe in yourself with an open heart instead of fear, you help transform us all. This is one of the most important things you can do with your life.

When you leave this world, your loving beliefs are all that will remain of this temporal experience. You see, life is a precious opportunity to see how we’ve been denying ourselves love so that we can accept more of it. When we do, we remember that this is our natural state. Finally, with grateful hearts, we recognize ourselves again. And at last, with sublime awareness, we get back to God.

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Questioning creates an opening. When we question, we open ourselves to greater possibilities. We allow for more than we ever have before.

The spiritual path is all about allowing instead of restricting. It is about dissolving the limits that are keeping us from love. This is what healing and growing are, and questioning opens the way. It expands awareness and removes the illusion of separation It allows love in to heal ancient wounds.

If you haven’t already done so, amazing soul reading these words, let love in and question everything that is keeping you from it. Of course, I know this can be challenging, because we have been so trained to settle. We have been taught to believe what other people tell us and to never ask why. But I want you to throw out everything that you have ever been told and take a look deep inside. Determine what you truly believe without concern for how others might evaluate you – not society, nor your teachers, and especially not your peers. I want you to ignore the talking heads that tell you what you “should” think about something you’ve just seen with your own eyes.

Ignore the media and its fearful, manufactured stories. How is it acceptable that they are repeated on every channel? Question what doesn’t feel real to you, and decide what is really real for yourself.

When we question, we peel back the layers and allow the truth to be revealed. This truth is not evaluation or justification. It is not thinking, but rather consciousness. And ultimately, all consciousness is love. In fact, every question we ask can be answered with one word – love.

As I’ve questioned on my own journey, I have come to remember this love. I have come to re-discover just how infinitely blissful reality really is, and just how spectacular, powerful, and wise we each are. I feel so compelled to tell you this about yourself. 

Right now, ask yourself the deepest questions. Empty your mind of thoughts and focus on your being instead. There is nothing that matters at this moment – no worries, no projects or judgments, just your beautiful soul experiencing this world. Release all doubts about the past and plans about the future, and just sense who you are within. Then, ask yourself the questions that come to you. Here are some personal favorites of mine:

  • Who am I? If I take away what the world has told me and let go of all my needs and wants, who do I really know myself to be? What will it take for me to bring this authentic self into my every day life?
  • What do I really, really want? What does my ego want? Which do I choose to fulfill?
  • What am I afraid of? How might this fear be limiting me from all that I long for in life?
  • Am I allowing myself to experience what I truly desire? Are any of my beliefs keeping me from what I really wish to experience?
  • How do I want the world to change, and what does this look like? What can I do to help make this happen in my own unique way? What are my talents and passions that can help to create more harmony for humanity? How can I help us to remember one consciousness?
  • What has my heart, my soul, and my inner compassionate voice been trying to tell me? If I pause amidst the insane pace of modern life, can I hear what I’ve been trying to tell myself? Can I remember to listen to my own voice every day? How can I honor my sacred self more?

Trust the loving answers that come to you. Allow them to show you what you truly wish to experience. Allow them to show you all of the courageous reasons you came here to grow and the unique ways you can help humanity at this momentous time. Anything is possible, and it begins when you question and allow.


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