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One of the most fulfilling aspects of writing a blog is meeting fellow writers and readers, and sharing ideas. This is what Share the Spiritual is all about. To each of you I’ve been privileged to connect with, thank you from my heart! In the future, I hope to collaborate on a post with Spencer from England at Share the Love. His poetry is refined and sublime, yet utterly revolutionary with love. For today, I’d like to share the work of another blogger the world needs to hear. Alice is an exceptional writer who is helping humanity to awaken. Enjoy her empowering, bold message!


Stop Blaming God by Alice of Awakening Starts Now

Thank God for _____; I guess what I prayed for isn’t part of God’s plan for me; This must be a test from God; Things aren’t working out so well… what’s God trying to say to me?

Blah blah blah. It doesn’t matter.

Whether you praise God or get angry at God, you’re still blaming God. Whether for positive or negative reasons, blaming is the act of assigning responsibility to something/someone outside of yourself. It’s an excuse. You give up all your integrity and power away every moment you blame another for anything, without exception, and that includes an external deity that’s separate from who you are.

One of the first signs of awakening humans is a new perspective on what God is, and their relationship to It. At some point, whether suddenly or gradually, you realize that God is not an invisible old fickle man in the sky who only doles out favors for you in return for your devotion. Instead, you come to know God as the ever-compassionate All That Is that is also all of who you are. The final realization is: Wow, I Am God also!

Whatever you are, God is. Whatever God is, you are. It knows only as much as you know, and doesn’t know what’s best for you any more than you do. God makes no decision on your behalf – the Compassionate One cannot by essence inflict Its will upon you. When you pray, you make-believe that you’re speaking to God, but all along you’re talking to your Self, pretending to be a puny little helpless human when you’re a God Self in your own right.

Your prayers are always answered. Why? Because as a Creator Being, you’re the one that allows the answering and not-answering of your prayers. There is no other God that says yes, no, or not now for you. That’s always been you. To say that God has blessed you with this or God is punishing you for that is to do yourself an enormous disservice to your God Self, and only slows your progress to permanent Freedom, which can only be had through taking full responsibility for all of your creations.

You were created from All That Is, and as such, have been given full Creator rights. God gave you full creatorship to answer all the prayers you ever uttered, and by the choice of your free will, you decided for yourself whether or not you wanted to grant them. If a prayer was answered, it was because you believed yourself worthy of it. If not, there was something in you that didn’t truly want it, or felt that you deserved it. At no point was there ever an outside force that judged whether or not you will have your prayers fulfilled. For the awakening human, there will come a time when he/she will let go of praying altogether, as I have, preferring to sit with Self instead and speak your wishes directly to It.

You, dear God, need to stop this childish game of blaming an external God – can’t you see that, in this circular relationship, you only end up blaming yourself? As long as you give up your responsibility, you will always remain helpless and hopeless – two things that will instantly dissolve once you choose to reclaim your Creatorship.

Be God. Be responsible. Answer your own prayers. Choose what you want, and let You, God, give you exactly what you want. If there ever was a plan from Source, that was the only plan It had for you – to allow you to create and enjoy without limitation, so that It may enjoy Its creations through you.

So dear Creator, let’s end the blame game today – and start creating the way to your Freedom!


Alice is the author of five blogs, including Awakening Starts Now. For years, Alice devoted herself to actively ‘seek’ via various spiritual/religious studies and practices. Then one day, she woke up to an inner message that said,  “All the answers are within. Seek no more.” That same day, Alice dropped all her ‘spiritual’ methods and affiliations and began the inner look of her Self. She stopped ‘seeking’ and began to ‘find’ her own truth.

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