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Power II

Many of us ask, “If God is the most powerful, then why do bad things happen?” I believe that we are deeply and intrinsically connected to God while on earth, and are sacred expressions of God, but we are the ones directly living the details of life. I think it’s in our power to make this a great experience or a miserable one.

Of course, bad things do happen – awful and painful things, such as life-altering illnesses. But I feel that, with awareness and love, we have the power to grow through these experiences.

I have often blamed God for the hardship I see in the world, and for how tremendously challenging it is to be a human being. But looking at the big picture helps me to recognize my spiritual part in the play of life. I now realize I have a far greater role than I thought, and an inherent connection to God’s love. I remember that we are here to evolve and to bloom into our power that lets us thrive instead of suffer.

I believe that my obstacles are here to teach me. I have found that when I fully love others and myself, I create a joyful reality. I grow from the lessons I wanted to come here to learn.

Powerlessness is thinking that we don’t affect the world – that what we do doesn’t matter, but it turns out that it does. I think we have a lot of control, but we’ve simply been asleep at the wheel. Waking up to this realization can be dramatic. We might feel unprepared, much like a child instantly becoming an adult, but accepting the truth brings miraculous transformation.

Instead of taking control through the ego, or giving our power away to other people’s egos (often unknowingly) we can reclaim our magnificent spiritual power. We do create our lives at a deeper level, with our choices and beliefs, and we can do so consciously. We can grow rapidly and beautifully by flourishing rather than struggling, something so important in these changing times. It is our responsibility to work on our issues by adding more love, no matter how hard that might seem from our old perspective. We get to replace the survival mode of the mind with the endless dreams of our soul.

If you are searching for your power, how can you find it? All you have to do is ask. Power begins with the desire to own it. You are naturally powerful and already intuitive – you need only believe in yourself and trust your inner guidance.

Power reveals itself when we make our spiritual growth a priority – a joyous one that we feel drawn to as it magically unfolds. And, by removing the limiting illusions we have relied upon, such as authoritative rules, we can free the fears that take our power away. As James Barrett says, your energy is your power. So don’t give it to those who make you feel small. Live with compassion, but focus on what really matters to you that lifts everyone up. Know that just by being in your power, you illuminate all of us. Together in our power, we can transform humanity. We can live with love, which is the greatest power of all. I think striving to look upon the world with love every day, and being present, are the secrets to creating a beautiful life.

What else can you do? Love your human-ness as well as your spirit; love every part of yourself, and believe that you are worthy of every great dream you have, because you emphatically are! As an exercise, you can passionately state, “I accept and embrace my power. I am a co-creator of life. I am powerful.”

Be commanding of the positive things you want, instead of misguided ventures like trying to change people or proving yourself. You don’t have to prove a thing.

Power is your birthright. Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey writes, “Accept your power. You are great and mighty. True power comes not from the ego, but from the collective One of your spirit, your very being. True power is gentle power… Embrace the power of your spirit, of living intentionally as the co-creator of everything that you seek.” I am reminded of the biblical idea that the meek shall inherit the earth. I think this refers to our gentle power. And I believe it can change our world into a paradise.

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