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Human Ascension is not something that you wait for. Ascension, otherwise known as spiritual evolution, is not an external experience that happens to you by something outside of yourself. Rather, your evolution is an extremely personal and internal process that you initiate within your own human body. And, this personal process is something that you go through on your own terms in your own unique way. No one else can do this process for you because you are always in charge of your spiritual evolution.  

Your evolution is both spiritual and physical. It is the unification of your physical human self with your spiritual Self on earth. You become a unified human being of ultimate harmony. This process is built-in, but again, you are the One who initiates it. You harmonize all of your energy bodies into One unified Light of higher consciousness, and you fully embody your higher-dimensional Self while in physical form. 

Embracing your physical existence is key. You are not here to override, disavow or disempower your physical being, but rather, to unite the spiritual and physical within you. This is your personal Divine Plan, and this is the collective Divine Plan, and it all happens within each precious person. As you harmonize and unify your physical and spiritual energies, you come across remaining blockages that need to be healed (you have probably been healing many of these for years.). These blockages come from your human experiences of feeling separated from Beloved GodSource, and they encompass wounds, fears, limitations and misperceptions that have kept you fragmented. As you address these blockages, you integrate, harmonize, and unify your Beautiful Self. You remember that you are intrinsically connected to all life and that feeling separate was just a temporary illusion that afforded a different experience. You put yourself back together again, this time in this dense realm on earth, and you unite all of your discordant parts—with joyful elation! You unify your being in sublime harmony and jaw-dropping wonderment, and you come back to GodSource within. 

Your unification is a complete experience of self-realization. It is a process of compassionately owning all sides of your soul’s journeys and all of the duality, or both sides, of everything that you have ever experienced. You take full ownership and take full charge of your ability to either thrive or suffer in this realm, and you see that this is up to you—divine, perfect, and gorgeous you, at this time. And, as you heal and unify your fragmented parts, your perspective on life changes dramatically. You perceive and experience the higher dimensions of heaven-on-earth, and you join with others doing this too, in unison. You get to consciously co-create our harmonious reality.  

Again, this holy process is not something that you wait for, so do not let anything outside of yourself hold you back any longer. You can transform your body and your world from the inside out, right now, for you are a powerful, divine being of sacred perfection who can actualize a higher paradigm on earth.   

But what about your loved ones who may be asleep, who are deeply suffering? Everyone gets to live on their own terms and wake up spiritually in their own way, often through suffering, and you cannot take their process away from them. Yes, you can lovingly lead the way through your own process, but each person discovers their own divinity within themselves and gets to experience their sacred epiphanies that their soul has strived for, as well as their precious free will. Each person gets to remember for themselves that they are a sacred aspect of holy GodSource, looking out through their unique and essential perspective, and that they are here to discover themselves all over again. Each person gets to become awestruck and shake with glee at the immaculate wonder of life—as life, recognizing itself in the grand mirror of the eternal Divine.

As each One of us does this, we get to see the divine in everyone and everything, and we laugh out loud at how obviously perfect, unified and harmonious life really is. We see that by experiencing the full density of this realm, and being able to merge that density with our higher aspects, we have truly alchemized ourselves into gold, and that everything is gold anyway, and always has been.   

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Do you feel that you deserve to completely thrive? Do you feel worthy of experiencing Heaven-on-Earth as a divine being of total love? For you are a beloved child of our Sacred GodSource, and you are here to thrive on the New Earth that is rightfully yours. Indeed, you are here to positively flourish and to Ascend! But, if you do not feel worthy of the bliss that is your birthright, then you are being asked to heal whatever is keeping you from it. And that request for healing will project itself out into the world, through others, until you see how you are denying yourself love. 

In short, your external reality shows you your internal healing process. Your painful relationships reveal your own feelings of unworthiness—your separation from heavenly love. And during these Ascension times, you have the opportunity to heal rapidly, and so you are being challenged relentlessly to resolve all the ways that you feel betrayed and abandoned. You are being pushed to resolve how you feel dishonored, shamed, and incompetent, until you see how you deny yourself unconditional love. 

As you heal, you learn to embody unconditional love as a human being—the ultimate challenge for your ancient soul! In fact, you took on your human experience in order to help heal the entire human paradigm from the inside out. That is your courageous Ascension process.

It starts and ends with you, beautiful soul—exquisite, sacred YOU. By owning your own painful reflections, you address all the ways that you feel emotionally wounded so that you fill in the gaps of love within yourself. You face what the world is telling you and take responsibility for your reality. Anyone and anything that is not honoring you in your life is showing you how you are not honoring yourself inside. Any rift, divide, or negative fixation, including negative focus on the world stage, is imploring you to heal your own separation from GodSource. 

Each bully is painfully reflecting how you are not honoring yourself. Each victim is showing you your own victim consciousness—how you blame the external for what you aren’t giving yourself. You are shown these things so that you heal and fully love yourself, and then fully love everyone. Thus, LOVE OVERCOMES ALL. 

The process is brutal but effective. You look into the mirror of life and see your own wounded reflection staring back at you. You turn inward and see all the ways that you have denied yourself love. You humbly admit that you haven’t honored your beautiful self. And then, with tears, you love your wounded self with all of your soul! And you realize that this love has always been up to you.

And then you feel the full completion of forgiveness as you forgive yourself and all others for showing you what you are learning. In fact, you actually thank everyone for your lessons! You honor yourself, and the world falls at your feet, and you fall at the world’s feet in turn.

You feel ALL-HEALING UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for everyone, and this all-encompassing LOVE melts away your emotional pain. This love reconnects you to the eternal YOU that is whole and invincible, and brings you directly back to GodSource. And then you see that when you honor yourself, you know exactly how to honor others and to honor God, and this completely changes your human experience.

Indeed, when you love yourself unconditionally with total, irrevocable respect, you then LOVE ALL, and you help to transform our entire world into a higher paradigm. You also become SUPERHUMANLY POWERFUL, and your power comes with the humbling, responsible awareness that you have gained from all your brutal suffering on earth. 

Our human suffering ends now and brings ultimate transformation. This earth school has shown us in sharp relief what dishonoring each other looks like. We have been painfully reminded that ALL LIFE IS SACRED and that this truth starts within each one of us. As our conditional love becomes unconditional, we flourish and feel wholly worthy of this.

So, ask yourself if you feel that you deserve to thrive in all your splendor because you cannot do so until you honor yourself with all your heart—utterly and completely, with zero doubt. And oh, beloved soul, you deserve to flourish beyond your wildest dreams! You deserve to know only exquisite peace and to experience total harmony, for you are so incredibly sacred. You are the light of GodSource shining out through your own gorgeous eyes. You are God’s LOVE that has come to save the world! Indeed, you are the unconditional acceptance that you long for and the miracle solution that you seek.

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Heaven has reached these realms, at last! Can you feel it, beloved soul? The light of higher consciousness has arrived, awakening us and bathing us in bliss. Feel this higher light with all your soul. See it, be it and live it out loud! LOVE with all your heart. Laugh with the light and relinquish the past. Forgiving is easy now, and unity is a no-brainer.

The ultimate love story is the reunification of humanity, and we are living out this eternal romance. We really do love each other, for how could we not when we are each other? We are here to unite in undying LOVE and change the human experience forever. We are doing so with your help. Godspeed, beloved soul!

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You and I are uniting together now with total unconditional love. You and I are falling back in love with each other because we are each other, and we have always been spiritually united. There are no conditions to our love for each other, and indeed, why would we want to impose any? Why would we want to limit the gorgeous, glorious love that unites us so perfectly in bliss?

You and I are uniting together with total love, and we are falling back in love with all life! We are uniting with love for every living thing because we are everything that exists already. And again, there are no requirements for our love. We don’t have to prove ourselves to earn the love that is already ours. Do you realize what this means for us now as human beings? We are finally ready to accept ourselves without conditions. We are finally ready to accept all humans and unite because we already are each other.

We can now love each other unconditionally. This is what we have all been waiting for. We have been waiting to open our hearts to include every human being, no conditions. We have been waiting to love ALL of us—not just a select few or those we think deserve it but everyone on this earth, no matter what. We are all invited to our evolution party. Unconditional love makes it happen.

It took us forever to figure this out. We humans have been blinded by so many conditions. We have felt the brutality of these conditions acutely, repeatedly so. We have seen and released the pain and trauma that we experienced from all of the conditions that we placed upon love.

We have released so much human conditioning. We have gone through a gut-wrenching healing process where we have learned to stop feeling like helpless victims and to help each other instead. We have bravely faced our wounding so that we can clear this wounding for everyone. We have done this even for those who don’t know what the hell we’re talking about or don’t understand the spiritual work we have been doing for decades. It turns out that my healing is your healing, and vice versa, and we are all brave to be here in our own way. We are one Divine People now finally able to embody unconditional love.

Of course, understanding unconditional love is one thing, but acting with it when challenged is entirely another. I learned this recently by practicing loving acceptance in a moment when I was feeling wronged repeatedly as a mother. The situation was getting intolerable, but I overcame my desire to react negatively and instead felt all-accepting love for the one who would overpower me. I acted with complete unconditional love and acceptance—and wow, the peace that I experienced was powerful! It changed me forever, just as my soul planned, and in that moment I felt the world shift along with me. I experienced an exciting spiritual truth firsthand: when we feel wronged, we can choose to feel total love instead and act with complete, peaceful acceptance. We then harness unconditional love, and this love shifts our entire world.

We can love everyone and everything that we encounter with all of our hearts instead of looking for validation for our wounds. That validation will never satisfy us but love for all most certainly will. Fighting, suffering, and controlling will never make us feel better, but acting with unconditional LOVE for ALL will—every single time. It turns out that love is our most natural reaction anyway. Our love was simply conditioned.

Unconditional love is our greatest power to shift into a higher paradigm. Our challenges have been teaching us what that unconditional love really is, and we have been suffering severely until we get it. But when we overcome our challenges with unconditional love, we help all of us to evolve. We release ourselves from our painful stories with compassion, creating yet more love for each other. Those who are hardest to love open our hearts the most, and we actually thank them. By being all-supporting, we become fearless and free of our human conditioning. We become Walking Divinity.

Oh beautiful soul, when you create unconditional peace instead of strife, it touches everyone involved and radiates out exponentially! Your heart expands and blesses all of humanity. Personal challenges become opportunities for more love that shifts our very world. No one can hurt you any more, including yourself, because you include everyone now. You live and let live, and everyone can do what they want, whatever that is. You finally unconditionally love ALL of us, beautiful US, and you go with the flow of love.

When you love and let love, you no longer fight against the current of life. You ride the waves of love into perfect turquoise water in cool ripples of shimmering bliss. You surf in service instead of drowning in ancient sorrow, and you glide gracefully—with actual Grace—onto the pristine beach of your dreams.

Surf’s up now, beautiful ONE. See you on the pristine shore : )

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Ascension Is Here

Beautiful humans, you’re probably aware that the energies on planet earth are intensifying rapidly at this moment. Right now, I can feel my body buzzing, and everything feels amplified. At times, I’ve been experiencing volatile swings between polar opposite feelings. For days, I’ve been lurching from one intense energy to another, and I can feel and see reality shifting beneath all of our feet. FINALLY! I am extremely excited about this Ascension process and have anticipated it for so long, but it has also felt surprisingly challenging.

If you are feeling any of this too, please know that these intense experiences are normal. What helps most, I’ve found, is to center yourself in the stillness that you can find and stay in touch with your energy at all times. Alone time is crucial. Meditation is a Godsend as you light up your connection to divine LOVE. I’ve listed some additional tips below to help us through this.

We are evolving so fast. We are shifting between dimensions and levels of consciousness. We are being asked to stop engaging in our old, conditioned ways, including the war between the sexes in our most intimate relationships. The old is gone. Thank Goodness. Just say goodbye. Hallelujah. Now onwards to a whole new way of living that is so much higher than we’ve known here—a way that is so natural to us at heart. That is why spiritual awakening is often called remembering. You are simply putting down old toys that have lost their purpose and exploring a whole reality you had forgotten. This is thrilling! And a little nuts, yes indeed. I’m not even sure exactly what it takes to get our sea legs, but we will figure it out, of that I am certain. And there is so much higher energy available to us now that wasn’t before. Exciting!

Most importantly, what I want to tell you is that there is no need to fight anything that you are feeling. There is no need to fight anyone around you either. In fact, fighting is dangerous right now. Fighting is resistance, and this keeps you locked in a lower harsh reality. What you want to do is center yourself and lift yourself up. Be powerful in your own higher energy, in the present moment, and live from here. You are far more powerful when you live and let live than when you fight and resist. This does not mean passivity or becoming a doormat because now you are in charge of you!

What else can you do right now?

Now is the moment to put everything into practice that you’ve learned from all your spiritual exploration in life. There are also so many inspirational, generous and devoted spiritual teachers on earth right now who can truly help you. Be discerning, and listen to the highest guidance available with gratitude. Then integrate within as you become increasingly powerful (your true self.)

As I mentioned, alone time is paramount. Get by yourself as much as possible, outside if you have a quiet option. Simply sit in a quiet space whenever you can and meditate or listen to uplifting music. Get in bed if you can and read or write uplifting information. Call love to you and hold it, from the inside out.

Doodle, draw, or write poetry about the Divine LOVE that you feel.

Play by yourself like you did as a child, doing whatever you feel like. Silly is good!

Follow your highest intuition always, which is becoming increasingly obvious. You have all the answers.

Be in nature as much as possible.

Sleep more than usual, as you feel called.

Surround yourself with tranquility and beauty as much as possible. Take time off as needed.

Play with pets and children : )

Take long baths with salts.

Absorb sunlight.

Exercise, and focus on health. Eat less and focus on water, fruits and vegetables. Remove toxins that you are conditioned to ingest such as alcohol. These toxins are going to become increasingly detrimental.

Have self-compassion.

In moments of challenge, put your hand on your heart and breathe. Recenter to the LOVE inside you and grow this love until you feel unstoppable with it.

When interacting with others, be extremely careful and gentle. This is vital! If you feel triggered, walk away and feel what you feel in yourself. Let the other person go.

Take the higher perspective always.

Laugh! Laugh it all off. Shake away the ridiculous density.

Keep flowers by your side. Gaze at them in the present moment and see their bliss come to life, just like William Blake’s poem:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And Heaven in a Wild Flower

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour

Let’s do this! Ascension is here.

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Earth Ascension is finally becoming obvious. Earth Ascension is the evolutionary process that we are going through to become fully spiritual human beings. And this process requires liberation. That is why, at this very moment, we are experiencing the breakdown of a way of life that has always kept us down.

This old way of life was selfish, leaving people to either benefit or suffer, and ultimately to do both. The new way of life that we are evolving towards is harmonious unity, and as we embrace it we will experience an entirely elevated way of being a human being. We will fashion a New Earth.

This is happening right before our eyes. During this current pandemic, we are unplugging from selfish systems that we were raised to support—systems we thought were alright and even just. They never were. They limited us completely. And now overnight, we aren’t feeding these corrupt systems any longer. We aren’t putting our energy towards selfishness. We are putting our energy towards all.

More specifically, we are paying attention to one vitally important group of people—our elders and those who are compromised most. Finally, these beautiful people are front and center in our hearts. They aren’t being forgotten and ignored any longer. What a perfect exercise in unity.

There is so much beauty to be found in this profound experience—this temporary separation that actually makes us unified. For as we separate from each other to protect ourselves from illness, we are growing closer as One inside.

What’s more, what we experience always starts within and then reflects itself externally. We create reality from where we put our attention, our time, and our thoughts. So as we unplug from a corrupt program and use our hearts to think of others, we begin to create a better reality from this alone. We stop blindly following the selfish systems we’ve been taught to tolerate and start looking out for everyone.

This is The Shift we have long anticipated. This is Ascension, and it’s really happening now. Indeed, we are witnessing a mass spiritual awakening! All roads lead to liberation and a higher experience.

We can now create a world that mirrors our souls, for we humans are creators through and through. And even though in the past we used to help create things that weren’t so great for everyone, all that is changing now. We are ready to work with compassion, peace, and yes, unconditional love. We are ready to rapidly evolve.

As we look around, this is undeniable. Whatever dark design may have tried to keep us locked in fear during this pandemic, it’s simply not working. There is a higher, detailed design meant to prevail instead, and deep down we all know this. We can feel how surreal and spiritual this whole experience is. We are feeling calm, compassionate, and even hopeful amidst heartbreak. We are getting to pause and think for ourselves for once. We can see that humans are really thoughtful and quite amazing at heart and that we can be freed from the rat race. Most of all, we are exhibiting faith on a scale never seen before.

More specifically, our souls are taking over as you read this. Our bodies are switching from dense carbon to crystalline light. Our DNA is being restored to unprecedented capacity. Our beloved planet will be restored too, and our systems will give the highest outcome for everyone. Because a Divine Plan is already in place, and we know that we can completely trust it. Our evolution is already at hand, and we know that nothing can stop it. Just as nothing can stop your Ascension too.

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On this day and every single day, give yourself the gift you already have. Give yourself the love that is already waiting in you—love that is boundless and never ends. You don’t have to wait for this love. It is already here. It is within you, wrapped and ready to be opened. This love is what truly completes you, not another person.

The biggest misperception about romantic love is that someone else can complete you. They can’t. Only you can complete yourself. That is why romantic partnerships really thrive when both people love themselves. And that is why romantic love starts with you.

Romantic love asks you to understand just how incredibly loved you really are in our universe. It also asks you to understand just how much love you already embody. This love is infinite, and it is simply waiting to burst forth! Because love is who you actually are at the soul level. Love is your true identity.

I’m not talking about love as most humans know it. I’m talking about total jaw-dropping, ecstasy-inducing bliss! Romantic relationships give you a taste of this love—exquisitely so. But this love is actually a reflection of yourself. It is a reflection of the bliss that waits in all of us, wanting to pop open. Wanting to positively gush!

Love cannot be found externally. It is always within each of us. Love is always within you. It is simply asking to be found.

But how do you find this love and never lose it again? My new guide shows you how. It gives you the gift of yourself. But why can it be so hard to love yourself? I explain the real reason in my guide. I give you the information and techniques to help you fully understand that you are infinitely loved by the universe, despite appearances! You are cherished and adored, and always will be. Because you are infinite love incarnate, and you are here to finally be your true self.

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As a Lightworker, you have worked tirelessly to grow, to heal, and to transform. You have faced your fears and seen them through your darkest nights, again and again, and again. You have cleared the pain from your traumatic past and taken responsibility for your reality. Now, others are beginning this same Ascension process so they too can transform.

Things are escalating on planet earth. People are being faced with drama and crisis—indeed, their very worlds are falling apart. As people go through this Ascension process, they will look to you for guidance. In fact, everyone on earth knows a Lightworker here to personally help them. We are strategically placed across the globe exactly where we are needed, because Ascension is like one planet-wide surprise party.

Many people don’t even know Ascension is happening. They may even question what we’re up to—with suspicion. We have to keep the secret and make sure the party actually happens. We have to trust while others remain in the dark.

Trust is the magic word, something that comes easily to you, bright soul, for you have been so trusting on your spiritual journey. You have been so trusting amidst your deepest pain and through your relentless healing process. You have trusted even when those asleep called you a fool.

You kept the faith when all around you lost their heads and blamed it on you. You trusted the loving spiritual reality instead of the fearful 3D matrix. You unhooked from the fear that kept you controlled—the fear that has been your only obstacle. You walked away from limitation and suffering, choosing freedom and wisdom instead, believing in a benevolent outcome for all.

And now, you can see that you have been guided beautifully through your formidable and magnificent Ascension, and that it was well worth the arduous journey. You have risen above all your worries with full-on trust, and you know that everything is taken care of. Most of all, you know that humanity is being liberated!

You now trust yourself completely. You trust your own Divine power, and you are ready to fully embody LOVE. You know for certain that you can love again with an open heart and that you cannot be harmed any more. You are eternal and invincible, and it is safe to allow your transformation to blossom. Because you have uncontainable joy in your heart and rock-solid belief in your very soul, and you came here for this awe-inspiring Ascension.

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A massive spiritual evolution is taking place for humanity. We are remembering we aren’t separate from each other. We are remembering our inherent unity with all life, and we’re re-discovering that our universe is infinitely loving.

As our awareness expands to perceive these long-lost truths, we are grappling with old emotions of feeling lonely and lost. In fact, the irony for “lightworkers”—those like you who are here to take an active role in our evolution, is that we may feel more lonely and lost than ever. And this is because we are feeling all of humanity’s sense of separation from love so that we can heal it. We’ve had to feel forsaken in order to process and dissolve all of humanity’s discord.

The solution is mastery. You have to be powerful in the face of pain and even in the face of ridicule. You have to make your own evolution happen so that you help our collective evolution. How? Through all-encompassing, death-defying LOVE.

You simply get back to love at every moment with every breath. You simply stop and feel the present moment, and in that moment dive into your true nature of bliss. Then you hold that bliss, despite external circumstances, and you hold it some more and some more. You keep feeling the present moment of joy and peace and love, and thereby create a harmonious world.

So anchor the present moment of bliss and build it with every breath. Feel love until you flood your being with love and let it positively brim over! You came here to channel this love, so do it, and don’t ever stop! Remove all distractions that keep you from bliss. Nothing is more important.

It’s really quite simple. You are just getting back to love. You have been removing all the distractions and all the corruption that has kept you from love. And you are letting it flood your being permanently.

It starts with you, beautiful, exquisite YOU, and your job is easy as pie. Don’t make it more complicated, and don’t wait in the dark to be rescued! You are here to embody love at every moment that you possibly can, and in so doing, change our world.


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