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Last week, I explored how shifting beliefs can help to actualize what we wish for. More and more, I am remembering that having this opportunity to change from within is exactly why we’re here on earth.

You see, human drama creates a choice environment to shift at the soul level. The challenges that we experience push us to tap into our unfathomable reservoirs of love and put them into action. We grow ever stronger in this way. And we choose our lives with heartfelt desire for this growth.

In his groundbreaking book Your Soul’s Plan, Robert Schwartz illustrates the soul’s desire so beautifully. He points out something that is revolutionary – as humans we learn through opposition.

We come here hoping to strengthen certain qualities of love from within, and so we are purposefully treated in a manner that is the opposite of these qualities. By being challenged externally and denied love on the outside, we experience breakthroughs that assert love on the inside.

For example, when someone is surrounded by compassion, they know it in an external way, but not necessarily in themselves (even though it is there waiting). If they experience circumstances that challenge them to feel compassion for another person, then they truly know what it is in action, and they can carry this knowledge with them always. Thus, opposition is a tool used to experience love in all of its forms.

This is how we design our lives. We help each other by playing out roles that teach love. And often, these come in the form of negative relationships.

We agree to do this for one another with tremendous compassion and bravery because we want to help champion the love within ourselves. Again and again, we are learning to believe in ourselves by embracing the divine love within.

It took me a long time to see this in my own life, but in overcoming my challenges of self worth and belonging, I am experiencing a shift in belief about myself. I am building inner strength and I am remembering why I chose to live this life – so that I might grow in ways I could not in heaven. I wanted to go through specific experiences firsthand so that I could live through the varied aspects of love, including what love is not. I wanted to have a clean slate of amnesia so that my consciousness would not interfere with my lessons, until I was ready to remember.

Now, I am waking up to what I came here to learn and to the truth of our divinity, and it feels blissful beyond measure. You see, the spiritual journey unfolds with a knowing smile shared with every human who walks the earth, every being in the universe, and with God. Each awakening builds awareness of our undeniable unity as one, and the immeasurable, unshakable love that we are. This is who we have always been, and we are simply waiting to remember ourselves.

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