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To fail in this human life is something that we fear, yet it can be a trademark of astounding growth. That which the ego considers “failure” is often triumph to the eternal soul. And this is because failure offers unprecedented healing and transformation.

Personal crisis leads us to revelation and rapid purification. We let go of all that we cling to so tightly and embrace how our soul longs to grow. Best of all, the growth that we undergo as humans accelerates the spiritual path exponentially, and benefits us forever

Failure may seem forced upon you, but your soul might choose it for profound reasons. When you are faced with failure, everything gets shaken up, and you awaken to the truth. You free yourself from major fears and challenge yourself to accept, to expand your awareness, and to grow as you reach higher than before. This begins with the realization that you are living through what you never thought you could, and nothing can touch you now.

Finally, you don’t give a damn what your ego thinks, and you decide to live deeper from your being. You let go of human constraints so that you rediscover what has real meaning for you. And then you tap into a power you long forgot you had when you were amidst the familiar and confining. At last, you seize your higher purpose and welcome the blossoming of yourself.

Recently, I heard about a group of people who quit their safe jobs to pursue their greatest dreams. And guess what this group calls themselves? The “Failure Club.” They are freeing themselves from fears of money, expectations, and safety so that they can live in higher purpose. They are saying goodbye to what doesn’t serve and welcoming bigger ideas.

You see, failure is purifying, and this process is happening collectively right now. Old systems are collapsing and shifting, making way for the innovative, the sustaining, and the harmonious. What is happening is not failure. It is growth and long awaited rebirth.

My friend and spiritual author Conrad Cain reminds me that we are living here in order to simply experience. We are here to fully feel our experiences rather than masking them with denial. We are spirit walking around in human form so that we can know this tactile level of creation. This includes the full scope of existence, from what we might call wondrous experiences to things like humility, rejection, and failure. Conrad shares that if we can stay centered and feel these experiences fully, rather than feeling sorry for ourselves, we can receive profound spiritual gifts. But when we try to avoid and protect ourselves from our deepest feelings, we miss out on what our soul wants to know. Personally, I have found that the situations I deny keep repeating themselves in my life, and they create my own suffering. They frustrate me continually until I decide to let go and finally know them in myself.

It takes courage to be open to failure, but you are already so brave to be a human being. Are you willing to stop avoiding all that life has to offer during the temporal time you are here? We are each being given precious gifts in this land of duality, but they can only be opened if we make ourselves open to them. If you haven’t already done so, dear soul, allow yourself to be free enough to fail, and then you will know what true freedom is. You will detach from all that’s kept you from growing your gorgeous wings, and you will remember how to fly!

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Bootcamp Earth

It’s often said that life is hard, and I believe it’s designed to be this way. I think life supposed to be difficult so that our souls can truly evolve. You see, we are forever striving for our divine potential, and this is best achieved through human lessons. That is why we come to this challenging place.

Recently, I have come to look at life as enlistment at Bootcamp Earth – where the most brutal training grounds exist with the toughest courses available. Here, we embody personal traits that are at odds with each other, and these push us from day to day. Our lessons are built in, and we can’t ignore them.

We constantly make mistakes here, which can bring an underlying belief that we’re not doing things right, but we are supposed to get life all wrong because this is how we grow. Our muddy challenges act as a constant teaching mechanism, frustrating us continually, until we see that the only solution is to grow rather than to struggle. Every difficult moment is here for us to learn.

Each one of us is incredibly brave for signing up for this bootcamp – for planning difficult lives. You see, the human experience is so different from the blissful place we come from. And we feel the loss of our true home, making life all the more tough. When we come here, we are accompanied by just a few people from our spiritual core group, so we often feel like we don’t belong or aren’t truly loved. But, we are able to really test ourselves in this land of negativity, and to gain experience of the full scope of creation.

The truth is that our souls yearn to grow, and to reach higher towards God. And so we find ourselves again at Bootcamp Earth.

If I’m to be completely honest, I will say that I’m upset about the endless suffering I see at this bootcamp. Of course, I can’t begin to fathom God’s all-encompassing love and scope, and I feel gratitude for my many blessings. But, I will share that I don’t understand the incessant violence of our rough world, especially considering pre-birth amnesia, the ignorance of youth, and dark systems of control. In my own limiting amnesia, I find myself asking: “Why are the atrocities here allowed to perpetuate?” Even the goals that we are each born with get obscured by extreme duality – by imbalance and heartbreaking circumstances, and in my own heart I see the possibility of learning through more positive means.

Doreen Virtue tells us that, “peace leads to even bigger growth spurts.” Orin and Sanaya Roman write, “You do not have to go through pain and struggle to grow.” I consider how children flourish when treated with love and a positive environment. Might this also apply to seasoned spirits? Can we make this training ground more like the loving place we come from, and start by granting awareness?

I have been told that in the future, safeguards will be put in place to prevent the kind suffering that has unfolded here. I think this might be what earth ascension is all about, and I believe that we are getting unprecedented help from above to make it happen.

For now, I will champion positivity, while also embracing duality. I will reach spiritually higher and end the violence in myself. I will cease my reactive anger and judgment.

For now, I will find the greater purpose behind my challenges and look at everyone as fellow students on the path. If life is supposed to be hard for good reason, then everything makes more sense, and I am learning to appreciate this giant opportunity rather than fight against it. Considering all that we go through, I think it’s vital to be very kind to each other and to enjoy what’s possible in this temporal play. Amidst our eternal progress, life can be a gift of human connection, moving beauty and spiritual growth. And so, I remain inspired to stop and smell the precious roses of this our Bootcamp Earth.

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Power. I used to wince at this word when I came across it in spiritual books. It felt like the opposite of what I was seeking, conjuring up images of domination and greed. But the empowerment of the spiritual world is a gentle, benevolent mastery we have always had. It is our eternal, creative power that is an essential part of the universe.

So many of us have never been told that we are powerful. We have been taught the opposite instead. We have been told that we are limited and in need of being controlled by a higher authority – even by God. But, we are each a very special and direct aspect of God. And I feel that we’re all going to be rediscovering our spiritual power.

We have a gentle and omniscient power from within that is compassionate, wise, and free. It is loving beyond the imagination, and has a strong desire to help others. This is who we really are at the spiritual core. Enlightenment is rediscovering this natural power, and when we remember it (for that is what it is, a remembering) we can take responsibility and transform the human experience.

These changing times that we are living in are all about becoming self sustaining. They are about becoming stronger instead of relying on others for what they will never be able to provide – such as inner happiness. This is why the spiritual journey is, in essence, a discovery of the self. That is why it is about finding your own power that has always been within you.

Right now, we humans are slowly waking up from a deep sleep of conditioned beliefs. We are realizing that we’re not unworthy and hopelessly flawed, but just the opposite. We are realizing that we’ve been purposefully dumbed down. It begins early in life, when people tell us – “You don’t know anything, you have to prove yourself (with your ego) in this world, and look at all that you’ve done wrong.” We carry this background noise of judgment into adulthood. The old systems around us reinforce this, as does our modern disconnect from nature.

The unhealthy power that our egos strive for was born out of survival and spiritual forgetfulness, and this has harmed our world, but it has never been our true identity. Now, we can begin to reclaim our spiritual power by no longer defining ourselves with limitation. If you don’t already know it, dear friend, you are limitless. You are an incredible, direct spark of God, and you have immense power to lovingly co-create life.

Recently, I felt my power, and here’s what I experienced. I felt a pure feeling rather than a vision – a deep and natural all-knowing within my whole self, not my left brain. The familiar confining layers of life opened up, and suddenly I knew the wide expanse of existence. And all that I knew was incredible joy.

This feeling was so benevolent, easy, and euphoric. It filled me with the belief that anything is possible. I realized that I’m not separate from anything, and at the same time, I laughed at how overwhelmingly free I really am. I knew with certainty that I am a compassionate co-creator at heart, just as you are too. This feeling lingers with me, and I will never be the same.

I believe that this feeling is who we really are. We don’t have to live under the control of others and be at their mercy, or go along with agendas that harm our world. We can powerfully lead the creation of a loving environment, and it starts with accepting that we are each worthy of fulfilling our dreams – the earnest yearnings within our hearts. We are spiritually powerful, but have simply forgotten amidst the amnesia of life. For what you seek has always been within you on this long journey home.

I think power is such a vital topic that I’ll be writing more about it next time. And, if you’re searching for your power, I’ll be offering some ideas on how to find it. Please share your wise voice with me, and stay tuned.

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