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Higher Purpose

Each of us has a grand purpose for our lives. This purpose harnesses our unique talents while also serving humanity. You have such a calling. You see, there is a primary reason why you are here that heightens all of our experience, and it is called your Higher Purpose.

Your Higher Purpose feels joyful and free of struggle. It is in tune with your beautiful soul. Your Higher Purpose is naturally fulfilling and what you wish to spend most of your time working on. It is your passion and what you were born to do.

When you find your Higher Purpose, you thrive in your talents that help others. You lose yourself in total creativity, and your purpose appears obvious to everyone.

But what if you’re still searching to find your Higher Purpose? How do you identify it?

Look within yourself instead of the outside world. Stop and listen to what your heart tells you, and spend some time studying who you really are. Recognize what is meaningful to you alone – what makes you feel fully alive and fulfilled. Follow your spiritual path, and even ask for it to safely accelerate.

Your Higher Purpose is often something you are naturally gifted at, that you loved to do in some form as a child. You can pinpoint it by asking, “What can I create with my favorite talents? How can I enrich both myself and those around me? How do I really want to help our world?” As many have asked, what would you work at purely for the joy of it, if making a living were not an issue?

Once you fully own your purpose, the universe makes it possible on all levels. But it’s easy to block yourself from Higher Purpose by worrying over practical details. Practicality has its place, but it can squash creativity. Be bolder and braver than that. Be the courageous leader you really are at heart.

If you simply have the desire to recognize your purpose and you pay attention, it will make itself known. In fact, at some level you already know what your Higher Purpose is. Sometimes, it is so simple and obvious that you might over-think it. You might assume that it has to be overly grand.

Most likely, your Higher Purpose is already in your life in some way. You have probably done more with it than you realize and over many lifetimes. Your purpose might also have more than one expression.

It’s important to look at what might be keeping you from living your Higher Purpose. What if you were to let those things go – the things that are preventing you from living in true fulfillment? Is anything more important than this?

Sometimes, we need to become rebels in order to live out Higher Purpose. We need to rebel against society and what’s expected of us in order to embrace our passion. Ultimately, this elevates many lives around us in meaningful ways.

So try to drop what feels unimportant to you. Drop any obligations or distractions, because we need you in bigger ways. And remember that it is never too late. Even if we only spend the very last bit of our lives in Higher Purpose, that time illuminates all that came before.

My favorite example of fulfilling Higher Purpose is the life of the naturalist John Muir. He was born with an incredible passion for nature and began expressing this love to others through his writing. His journals made people notice the beauty that they often overlooked, and this brought these people fulfillment in return. Muir went on to protect the very nature he loved, founding the Sierra Club and helping to create America’s National Parks. To this day, America’s unspoiled natural beauty reconnects us with the grandeur of nature, and Muir’s writing continues to inspire this curious soul herself, over a century later. That is Higher Purpose, but again, it doesn’t have to be so grand.

To paraphrase Orin and Sanaya Roman, our Higher Purpose is our spiritual evolution. It is our creative process that we grow through. And it has nothing to do with fame or ego pursuits. In fact, our purpose comes naturally when we put these things aside and decide to help others.

As I was working on this post, I heard Oprah sum it up perfectly in her final show: “Everybody has a calling, and your real job in life is to figure out what that is and to get about the business of doing it.” She goes on to say, “Know what sparks the light in you so that you, in your own way, can illuminate the world.” I am envisioning an earth where we encourage and support each other to do this.

I passionately believe that you can change our world, and you are meant to do so joyfully, through your own incredibly special Higher Purpose.

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