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To fail in this human life is something that we fear, yet it can be a trademark of astounding growth. That which the ego considers “failure” is often triumph to the eternal soul. And this is because failure offers unprecedented healing and transformation.

Personal crisis leads us to revelation and rapid purification. We let go of all that we cling to so tightly and embrace how our soul longs to grow. Best of all, the growth that we undergo as humans accelerates the spiritual path exponentially, and benefits us forever

Failure may seem forced upon you, but your soul might choose it for profound reasons. When you are faced with failure, everything gets shaken up, and you awaken to the truth. You free yourself from major fears and challenge yourself to accept, to expand your awareness, and to grow as you reach higher than before. This begins with the realization that you are living through what you never thought you could, and nothing can touch you now.

Finally, you don’t give a damn what your ego thinks, and you decide to live deeper from your being. You let go of human constraints so that you rediscover what has real meaning for you. And then you tap into a power you long forgot you had when you were amidst the familiar and confining. At last, you seize your higher purpose and welcome the blossoming of yourself.

Recently, I heard about a group of people who quit their safe jobs to pursue their greatest dreams. And guess what this group calls themselves? The “Failure Club.” They are freeing themselves from fears of money, expectations, and safety so that they can live in higher purpose. They are saying goodbye to what doesn’t serve and welcoming bigger ideas.

You see, failure is purifying, and this process is happening collectively right now. Old systems are collapsing and shifting, making way for the innovative, the sustaining, and the harmonious. What is happening is not failure. It is growth and long awaited rebirth.

My friend and spiritual author Conrad Cain reminds me that we are living here in order to simply experience. We are here to fully feel our experiences rather than masking them with denial. We are spirit walking around in human form so that we can know this tactile level of creation. This includes the full scope of existence, from what we might call wondrous experiences to things like humility, rejection, and failure. Conrad shares that if we can stay centered and feel these experiences fully, rather than feeling sorry for ourselves, we can receive profound spiritual gifts. But when we try to avoid and protect ourselves from our deepest feelings, we miss out on what our soul wants to know. Personally, I have found that the situations I deny keep repeating themselves in my life, and they create my own suffering. They frustrate me continually until I decide to let go and finally know them in myself.

It takes courage to be open to failure, but you are already so brave to be a human being. Are you willing to stop avoiding all that life has to offer during the temporal time you are here? We are each being given precious gifts in this land of duality, but they can only be opened if we make ourselves open to them. If you haven’t already done so, dear soul, allow yourself to be free enough to fail, and then you will know what true freedom is. You will detach from all that’s kept you from growing your gorgeous wings, and you will remember how to fly!

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