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I had a revelation the other night, and it changed the way that I live.

My evening began simply enough: I was cooking dinner for my family when, all of a sudden, I felt my awareness expand. At that instant, I realized that I was creating everything at that moment, and way more than just dinner. I knew with certainty that I have always been creating every experience I have ever been through.

Now this was something I’d thought was true, but had never felt with my whole being. There, at the kitchen stove, it was obvious. And it was life-changing.

That night, I knew that we make choices at every moment. I saw that all along I’d been creating exactly the situations and boundaries that served my underlying wants. But oh, what limits I had put in place to protect my thin skin from this rough world! So much of what I had done in the past was to shelter, defend or justify myself. Now, I could do so much more.

Specifically, I saw that I had created a rift in a particular family relationship, because I wanted distance. Even though I had been in pain for years about the state of things, it turns out that I’d created exactly what I wanted, because the old relationship was not serving me in basic ways. The rift, however, was serving me, but now I could ask myself, “What do I want to create moving forward?” I was not stuck with the current dynamic. It was in my hands to change it.

We decide everything, whether we’re aware of it or not. We can make conscious choices that allow our souls to bloom. You are creating at every moment anyway, so make it what you truly want.

Every time you choose to maintain a negative thought, you invite strife when you could have harmony.  You are closing yourself with lack instead of opening with the abundance of love. The truth is that it’s all completely up to you. You have made the experiences that you are now living, and they reflect your beliefs. They also include certain challenges that you put in place for growth before you ever got here.

During these times of great transition, your abilities to manifest are increasing exponentially. So ask yourself throughout your day, “What do I want to create?” Then, have awareness that you are manifesting at every moment with your thoughts, and choose what you truly desire for yourself.

Keep in mind that when you let fears, worries, and limits take over, that is what you are creating. It all starts on the inside, not the outside. Most of all, remember to create from your limitless heart instead of your rational mind.

My experience in the kitchen made me realize how often I create unconsciously, thus sabotaging myself in the process. If this is something that you do as well, know that you have the power to change it. Take a loving look at your life and ask yourself, “What am I creating, and why?” If you’re not happy with what you see, you can make choices that serve you in higher ways. I will be over here doing the same, and cheering us on towards a more harmonious dream. Let us build a beautiful future for humanity, with every loving creation we make.

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How quickly we try to name that which is unnamable. How swiftly we define deep beauty that was never meant to be contained. There is so much magic that we fail to notice because we have categorized it as commonplace. Even the human personality is confining to the soul.

Naming anything limits it. When we name something, we box it in and call it familiar. We don’t see all that is so spectacular and what is really there.

Humankind was given the ability to name everything, but so often we use this gift to own rather than to nurture. The reverence and responsibility that were supposed to go hand in hand with naming have been forgotten along the way. Even the naturalists who championed nature became a part of conquest. Their scientific names took over, forsaking the beauty and mystery of the natural world.

Our dear friend and author James Barrett recently gave me a copy of Adyashanti’s “Falling into Grace,” and I love what it says about naming the animals around us. Adyashanti writes, “as soon as we name {a bird}, we think we know what it is. We see “bird,” and we almost discount it.” He explains that we don’t see the magic of this magnificent being taking flight across the sky. In missing this magic, we cheat ourselves out of exquisite experiences all around. We think that we already know, but we haven’t even begun to look.

Naming anything creates separation. As Shakespeare’s Juliet declared: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Juliet was referring to the name of her family’s enemy, and so often in life, we give far too much credence to names of separation. Let us instead look at the bigger picture, and at each being who, whether they know it or not, already embodies spiritual love.

This is why it’s so incredibly difficult to name a baby. How can we define someone who has come directly from the heavens and become our very universe? You yourself are so spectacular, and so much more than how you’ve ever been defined.

Right now, think of yourself without a name. Close your eyes and sense how immense you really are, far beyond anything you’ve ever been taught. Feel how far you truly extend beyond your body. Indeed, you have no limits. You are not separate from anything or anyone, but are intrinsically connected to all. You are an essential part of us.

Open wide to the magic of you, and to the world all around us. Try to look at everyone and everything that you encounter during the day without names. Rediscover our world and ourselves, and see the divine mystery that lives in all things.

You see, humanity is moving away from the left brain that categorizes experience. We are growing towards simply being in the present moment where we remember that we are love. This love is so immense and integral to the soul, and just like you, it is far too infinite to have a name.

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All the world is indeed a stage, and we the brave players on it. We come here to perform dramatic roles in this temporal play – this story of love and love lost. We strut and fret our hours, trying and falling, only to get back up again. It is a rough play, but these scenes are only temporary. And we perform them so that we might grow.

We are Shakespeare’s shadows, here to act out all the radiant facets of love.

Ultimately, love is life, just as it was for Shakespeare. The Bard of Avon, whoever he really was, showed us the human condition. With genius and art, he played out all of its passion – from tragic lows to uplifting highs, from violence to humor and embarrassment. And best of all, life’s sublime exquisite blessings.

But eventually, as Shakespeare wrote in The Tempest, all of this drama does end in dusty death:

“Our revels now are ended. These our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits, and
Are melted into air, into thin air:
And like the baseless fabric of this vision,
The cloud-capp’d tow’rs, the gorgeous palaces,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve,
And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff
As dreams are made on; and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.”

This life will all be over before we know it, but it has a purpose of grand proportions. The dramatic scripts that we carry out have been written by our own hand. And this is because we want to grow stronger with love and take charge of our soul’s education.

And so, we plan the roles that we will play with each other so that we will push ourselves the most. We want to shift stubborn beliefs so that we believe in more love. Because love seems so absent here, we are forced to assert love in ourselves. And we become forever stronger for it. And when these brief and violent lives are over, all that will remain is love.

When the curtain falls on your life, you will rediscover that it’s been nothing but a dream. You will take your tired costume off and remember your real life off stage. There, you will find yourself surrounded by your dearest loved ones again. And you will enjoy one spectacular cast party for the ages!

And there, in that incredibly blissful place where you have always belonged, you will remember the immensity of love. Even now, as you read these words, you are surrounded by this love that never ends.

So go on fellow actor, and speak your lines with love! Don’t take this play too seriously nor the actors’ lines too personally. They are simply delivered to help you grow just how you hoped they might.

This production is here to teach, so take its lessons to heart. Enjoy the performance! And play your role with as much grace as you can. And always, whenever possible, re-write your script with yet more and more love than you’ve ever known before.

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Breath is life, but so often we restrict it. We block the flow of energy that is essential to our being. Your breath is trying to remind you just how spiritual you are. Because your breath shows you your God force.

For myself, when I fully breathe, the energy of life flows through me. And I feel electric to the core. Every cell of my being is charged and lit up! And then I remember that this electricity is love.

My attachments dissolve and are replaced by complete acceptance. The entire world wraps its arms around me, and I see that I am this world. I no longer feel separation or need. The unconditional love that I feel is overwhelming, and I realize that no one ever needs to be fixed, but rather celebrated. I LOVE everyone, including myself, exactly as we are.

Each one of us is this love that is so deep and all-encompassing. We have simply been blocked from the truth because we’ve been controlled for a very long time. We have been taught to restrict ourselves with shallow breaths that stunt the inhale and manage the exhale. But we are intended to breathe openly and fully.

When we breathe in an open and continual manner, air or prana life-force is allowed to flow into the body, and this also releases stored emotions. Considering all that humanity is going through in our evolution, it is vital more than ever to breathe freely and naturally again.

Once upon a time, humans subsisted entirely on prana air. We had an open channel to the universe. If you haven’t already done so, dear friend, you can reawaken this channel through breathing exercises. The following is my favorite method, but experiment and find what feels best for you.

When you breathe, open your mouth wide and inhale air deeply through your mouth and into your stomach. Your stomach should actually inflates and expands. Then, with an open mouth, exhale freely, completely and all at once with a natural rush, without any control whatsoever. Do not restrict the exhalation by slowing it down, but make a loud and full breath out. Your shoulders will probably shift and release some weight. Then inhale again almost immediately, without a pause. Allow your breathing to form continual waves that crest and fall, crashing to the shore, receding and building back up again. This kind of free breathing is incredibly detoxifying and healing. It connects us to the greater spiritual reality and to our authentic selves.

Breathing is so much about receiving. It is allowing ourselves to partake in more than we ever thought possible. It is owning what is already ours in each present moment. In fact, to not take what the universe naturally gives us is selfish. Let us instead accept all that is being offered and be a moving part of divine exchange. Let us enable ourselves to give in return, in our own uniquely gorgeous ways. Then, we are truly participating in the celebration of life.

Spring is calling us to partake in all that we naturally know, but have somehow lost along the way. When we fully breathe, we resonate with the authenticity of being. We resound with the electricity of all-encompassing love.

* Robert Winn teaches breathwork with tremendous wisdom, openness and humor. His Soul Breathing site has some fantastic exercises on it. Pheonyx Roldan Smith also teaches breathwork, and exudes love and acceptance. I also recommend the following books containing breathwork exercises: The Hathor Material by Tom Kenyan and Virginia Essene which includes prana breathing techniques, and Pleiadian Initiations of Light by Christine Day which teaches about heart breathing. These books are “out there,” and they are amazing. Breathe on beautiful friends!

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What if there were no map lines drawn? What if the world was wide open (it is) and we were one (we are!). While human, we tend to focus only on immediate radar and only the storms that are affecting our own backyard. Planet earth is trying to show us that we must expand our thinking. We are being challenged to become increasingly aware. Awareness is everything, and when we open ourselves to it, we remember that the greatest awareness is love.

So many of us are opening to love. We are looking beyond what’s right in front of our noses and asking how we can serve in bigger ways.

I have felt our one-ness with all of my being, and it happened when I put my dream to help others ahead of separate desires. I stepped outside of my personality and finally saw reality as it really is. I remembered that we are simply moving parts of one all-encompassing whole, and it felt blissful beyond!

The truth is that each creation of the heart is linked to the next, and each is an essential part of our us. This is becoming increasingly evident. So many of us are experiencing tremendous synchronicity right now. It turns out that we have always been working together to create the dream of life. With this in mind, when you create something for yourself, open your view to include others and the world. You can help us in infinite ways with every dream from your heart.

Let life be an open question that welcomes greater possibilities. Free yourself from the restrictions that have been holding you down. Break out of closed conditioning. Open your arms in acceptance and let all judgment melt away.

Open as you breathe in the present moment of right now. Open yourself up to receive all that your heart desires and your soul deserves. Let more love into your life, for the heart is a flower, simply waiting to be opened by you.

You are ever increasing love. You are an integral aspect of the divine energy that flows throughout creation. You are an essential part of us.

You see, we have never been separate from each other. We have always been interconnected to all that is. The human experience has simply masked the euphoric truth. The illusion of being divided is nothing but a temporary exercise that enables dramatic growth.

Every day now, we are opening ourselves up wider to our true reality. We are ready to lift the veil of separation and to remember that we are one, for how could we be here without each other? Indeed, how could I be here without you.

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It’s so easy for human beings to feel inadequate. But it turns out that we’ve been taught to feel this way. We have been raised to emulate an artificial humility that separates each beautiful soul from God, and therefore, from ourselves.

This conditioning encourages us to feel guilty for simply being born. As humans, we have “sinned,” and so we must atone for our very existence. We have been taught to feel that we will never be enough – that we are flawed and that nothing can fix us. Therefore, we must follow those in control.

This limiting mindset allows authority to dominate. And it is something that many religions uphold. Because, as harsh as it may sound, we live on a planet of masters and servants.

What better way to manage the masses than to make them feel like failures? What better way to dominate than to make the problem eternal? We have been controlled for eons by systems of judgment and violence, and by our own egos. But it is time to reclaim the benevolent power of our true humility.

Authentic humility champions everyone. It wants to serve humanity. True humility is eager for each soul to be strong so that we can all help in illuminating ways. To be truly humble is to feel a profound reverence for all life and to care deeply for everyone with unconditional love. It is to be awestruck by the wonder of the sacred that is all around us and in our very selves, for indeed we are each incredibly special.

Such humility is our inherent spiritual grace. And it demonstrates our direct connection with God. It comes naturally when we have awareness of our conditioning. And it shines when we put the ego’s selfish concerns aside.

There are so many luminous teachers walking among us right now, and they embody humility in its most enlightened form. They do not try to push anyone to do anything, but are gentle in their power. They lead with peace, not force. The truly humble know that hierarchy does not exist in the divine universe, and so they bring heaven to the human experience, something possible for each one of us to do.

Authentic humility is in such sharp contrast to the definition that we’ve been taught – the image of a worthless human begging for salvation, that it boggles the awakening mind. And if we can’t recognize divinity in ourselves, how will we ever recognize it in each other? How will we see our interconnection to all life and take responsibility for being here?

We have been separated from God, and our egos have grown rampant. It is time to stop following that which doesn’t have our best interest at heart. It is time to stop allowing others to dominate and ruin our planet in the process. lead with steadfast, compassionate humility. Let us lead with steadfast, compassionate humility that reveres the sacred in all things. We are the meek who shall inherit the earth, and it is time for us to shine.

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Life is a mirror, and we learn from the reflections that catch our gaze. The trick is to distinguish between what is ours and what is not. Some of what I see in another is not them. It is my own reflection. Others may see their issues reflected in me, but it is their stuff, not mine. Knowing how to identify what’s what is life changing. Even the process of discernment teaches immensely. We learn not to take on what isn’t ours and to own what is, and we become stronger in asserting our truth.

This lesson was recently delivered to me by our five year old son, Alex. He came to me crying because another child had called him mean. Now Alex had been kind to the other child, but had not done what was asked of him – to give away a favorite toy. In being called mean for this, Alex felt hurt and misunderstood, and I saw much of myself in his eyes.

I told him something to this effect, “Don’t listen to what others tell you, if you know that it’s not true. You know who you are, so be strong in yourself. Don’t let another person get you upset or make you feel like you have to defend yourself, because you know that you were kind.”

My son took the lesson to heart and bounded away happily. And in presenting me with this situation, he taught me something I’ve been trying to learn all my life. I have often reacted to what others say as though it’s the absolute truth, when I know very well that it is not. It is their reflection, not mine.

The legend of the Oracle at Delphi advises us to “Know thyself,” and this is the key to each spiritual journey. To get to know our true selves in this human experience requires digging deep rather than listening to how others define us. It means coming to a place where we can say, “I know who I am without the need for approval or validation.” It is fully believing in your true self – your non ego self, so that you get to live your life with integrity and the high standards of your loving soul.

In the past, I have not been strong in myself. I have shown a slightly different face to different people in order to please them. I have hoped that they will like me better, but ultimately this serves no one.

We don’t have to please anyone, and when we live with authenticity and integrity, we honor everyone. We become strong in ourselves, regardless of external circumstances. We shine with all of our magnificent colors blazing strong, unafraid of being judged or misunderstood, because we know who we are.

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