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It’s so easy for human beings to feel inadequate. But it turns out that we’ve been taught to feel this way. We have been raised to emulate an artificial humility that separates each beautiful soul from God, and therefore, from ourselves.

This conditioning encourages us to feel guilty for simply being born. As humans, we have “sinned,” and so we must atone for our very existence. We have been taught to feel that we will never be enough – that we are flawed and that nothing can fix us. Therefore, we must follow those in control.

This limiting mindset allows authority to dominate. And it is something that many religions uphold. Because, as harsh as it may sound, we live on a planet of masters and servants.

What better way to manage the masses than to make them feel like failures? What better way to dominate than to make the problem eternal? We have been controlled for eons by systems of judgment and violence, and by our own egos. But it is time to reclaim the benevolent power of our true humility.

Authentic humility champions everyone. It wants to serve humanity. True humility is eager for each soul to be strong so that we can all help in illuminating ways. To be truly humble is to feel a profound reverence for all life and to care deeply for everyone with unconditional love. It is to be awestruck by the wonder of the sacred that is all around us and in our very selves, for indeed we are each incredibly special.

Such humility is our inherent spiritual grace. And it demonstrates our direct connection with God. It comes naturally when we have awareness of our conditioning. And it shines when we put the ego’s selfish concerns aside.

There are so many luminous teachers walking among us right now, and they embody humility in its most enlightened form. They do not try to push anyone to do anything, but are gentle in their power. They lead with peace, not force. The truly humble know that hierarchy does not exist in the divine universe, and so they bring heaven to the human experience, something possible for each one of us to do.

Authentic humility is in such sharp contrast to the definition that we’ve been taught – the image of a worthless human begging for salvation, that it boggles the awakening mind. And if we can’t recognize divinity in ourselves, how will we ever recognize it in each other? How will we see our interconnection to all life and take responsibility for being here?

We have been separated from God, and our egos have grown rampant. It is time to stop following that which doesn’t have our best interest at heart. It is time to stop allowing others to dominate and ruin our planet in the process. lead with steadfast, compassionate humility. Let us lead with steadfast, compassionate humility that reveres the sacred in all things. We are the meek who shall inherit the earth, and it is time for us to shine.

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Power. I used to wince at this word when I came across it in spiritual books. It felt like the opposite of what I was seeking, conjuring up images of domination and greed. But the empowerment of the spiritual world is a gentle, benevolent mastery we have always had. It is our eternal, creative power that is an essential part of the universe.

So many of us have never been told that we are powerful. We have been taught the opposite instead. We have been told that we are limited and in need of being controlled by a higher authority – even by God. But, we are each a very special and direct aspect of God. And I feel that we’re all going to be rediscovering our spiritual power.

We have a gentle and omniscient power from within that is compassionate, wise, and free. It is loving beyond the imagination, and has a strong desire to help others. This is who we really are at the spiritual core. Enlightenment is rediscovering this natural power, and when we remember it (for that is what it is, a remembering) we can take responsibility and transform the human experience.

These changing times that we are living in are all about becoming self sustaining. They are about becoming stronger instead of relying on others for what they will never be able to provide – such as inner happiness. This is why the spiritual journey is, in essence, a discovery of the self. That is why it is about finding your own power that has always been within you.

Right now, we humans are slowly waking up from a deep sleep of conditioned beliefs. We are realizing that we’re not unworthy and hopelessly flawed, but just the opposite. We are realizing that we’ve been purposefully dumbed down. It begins early in life, when people tell us – “You don’t know anything, you have to prove yourself (with your ego) in this world, and look at all that you’ve done wrong.” We carry this background noise of judgment into adulthood. The old systems around us reinforce this, as does our modern disconnect from nature.

The unhealthy power that our egos strive for was born out of survival and spiritual forgetfulness, and this has harmed our world, but it has never been our true identity. Now, we can begin to reclaim our spiritual power by no longer defining ourselves with limitation. If you don’t already know it, dear friend, you are limitless. You are an incredible, direct spark of God, and you have immense power to lovingly co-create life.

Recently, I felt my power, and here’s what I experienced. I felt a pure feeling rather than a vision – a deep and natural all-knowing within my whole self, not my left brain. The familiar confining layers of life opened up, and suddenly I knew the wide expanse of existence. And all that I knew was incredible joy.

This feeling was so benevolent, easy, and euphoric. It filled me with the belief that anything is possible. I realized that I’m not separate from anything, and at the same time, I laughed at how overwhelmingly free I really am. I knew with certainty that I am a compassionate co-creator at heart, just as you are too. This feeling lingers with me, and I will never be the same.

I believe that this feeling is who we really are. We don’t have to live under the control of others and be at their mercy, or go along with agendas that harm our world. We can powerfully lead the creation of a loving environment, and it starts with accepting that we are each worthy of fulfilling our dreams – the earnest yearnings within our hearts. We are spiritually powerful, but have simply forgotten amidst the amnesia of life. For what you seek has always been within you on this long journey home.

I think power is such a vital topic that I’ll be writing more about it next time. And, if you’re searching for your power, I’ll be offering some ideas on how to find it. Please share your wise voice with me, and stay tuned.

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