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Affirmations are positive statements that bring conscious direction to our lives. They are heartfelt declarations that define where we want to be. They work when we believe that we are already there.

Affirmations are meant to be free of doubt because when we voice what we don’t fully believe, our fears get sent along with our wishes.

For example, deep down we might worry that we will never truly be successful in life. If we affirm, “I am successful,” we are also sending an underlying feeling of defeat, and this sabotages our efforts. Success can’t come into action until we shift from within – until we completely believe in ourselves and overcome the external challenges that are telling us otherwise.

Our challenges teach us in this way, and affirmations can solidify the process.

What we tell ourselves in our heads, take into our hearts as truth, and repeat in the background of our lives, all create what we experience. We see what we believe and don’t see what we don’t.

As many of us have found, this ability to manifest is increasing exponentially right now, and we can harness it in extremely positive ways. We can start with the positive things that we believe and let them build upon each other through affirmations. These can keep us on track amidst the challenges we came here to grow through.

Many advocate repeating new affirmations daily for a month or more as a way to replace negative thought patterns. But again, be aware of buried doubt that negates. Speak with conviction and take your affirmations to heart. I have found that the most effective affirmations are said only once and are completely original to the moment. For myself, I feel each statement with my whole being and consciously send it out to the universe with deep intention.

Affirmations often appear to me spontaneously, and these in particular are life changing. One day while walking, the following statement came to me, “I am so happy to be here!” I instantly realized the impact that this declaration had as it filled my heart and changed my perspective.

James Barrett teaches that affirmations are to be made with certainty in the present, without words like “I am trying, wanting or going to …” Instead, solidly declare “I am now doing …” in your affirmation. This way, there is no lack of direction. You are stating your affirmation with the result you want as though you already have it, without want or need.

I think one of the most important things that affirmations can accomplish is to help us talk more lovingly to ourselves. This creates positive experiences from the inside. Indeed, spiritual self-love is the key to life because everything starts from within, and when we fully love ourselves, we remember that love is what we all are.

So declare how life is, and believe that it is so! Take your affirmations to heart and live by them. Expand your affirmations to include a larger picture of the world that believes in the highest attainments for all of humanity.

Here are some of my personal favorite affirmations:


I love my life! I love living here. I love the people I get to share life with.

I am receiving beautiful, light-filled experiences of life.

I see the greatness in everyone. Everyone is amazing!

We are waking up and growing in illumination. Right now!

My heart is so full of love. I sense love everywhere I go.

I accept and love myself exactly as I am. My life is perfect just the way it is.

(And, in honor of Thanksgiving)

I am thankful for the gift of life and the people I get to share it with.

(to be followed by one of the most beautiful affirmations of all time)

Thank you.

Here’s to empowering affirmations! Please share your favorites with us here.

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