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Bootcamp Earth

It’s often said that life is hard, and I believe it’s designed to be this way. I think life supposed to be difficult so that our souls can truly evolve. You see, we are forever striving for our divine potential, and this is best achieved through human lessons. That is why we come to this challenging place.

Recently, I have come to look at life as enlistment at Bootcamp Earth – where the most brutal training grounds exist with the toughest courses available. Here, we embody personal traits that are at odds with each other, and these push us from day to day. Our lessons are built in, and we can’t ignore them.

We constantly make mistakes here, which can bring an underlying belief that we’re not doing things right, but we are supposed to get life all wrong because this is how we grow. Our muddy challenges act as a constant teaching mechanism, frustrating us continually, until we see that the only solution is to grow rather than to struggle. Every difficult moment is here for us to learn.

Each one of us is incredibly brave for signing up for this bootcamp – for planning difficult lives. You see, the human experience is so different from the blissful place we come from. And we feel the loss of our true home, making life all the more tough. When we come here, we are accompanied by just a few people from our spiritual core group, so we often feel like we don’t belong or aren’t truly loved. But, we are able to really test ourselves in this land of negativity, and to gain experience of the full scope of creation.

The truth is that our souls yearn to grow, and to reach higher towards God. And so we find ourselves again at Bootcamp Earth.

If I’m to be completely honest, I will say that I’m upset about the endless suffering I see at this bootcamp. Of course, I can’t begin to fathom God’s all-encompassing love and scope, and I feel gratitude for my many blessings. But, I will share that I don’t understand the incessant violence of our rough world, especially considering pre-birth amnesia, the ignorance of youth, and dark systems of control. In my own limiting amnesia, I find myself asking: “Why are the atrocities here allowed to perpetuate?” Even the goals that we are each born with get obscured by extreme duality – by imbalance and heartbreaking circumstances, and in my own heart I see the possibility of learning through more positive means.

Doreen Virtue tells us that, “peace leads to even bigger growth spurts.” Orin and Sanaya Roman write, “You do not have to go through pain and struggle to grow.” I consider how children flourish when treated with love and a positive environment. Might this also apply to seasoned spirits? Can we make this training ground more like the loving place we come from, and start by granting awareness?

I have been told that in the future, safeguards will be put in place to prevent the kind suffering that has unfolded here. I think this might be what earth ascension is all about, and I believe that we are getting unprecedented help from above to make it happen.

For now, I will champion positivity, while also embracing duality. I will reach spiritually higher and end the violence in myself. I will cease my reactive anger and judgment.

For now, I will find the greater purpose behind my challenges and look at everyone as fellow students on the path. If life is supposed to be hard for good reason, then everything makes more sense, and I am learning to appreciate this giant opportunity rather than fight against it. Considering all that we go through, I think it’s vital to be very kind to each other and to enjoy what’s possible in this temporal play. Amidst our eternal progress, life can be a gift of human connection, moving beauty and spiritual growth. And so, I remain inspired to stop and smell the precious roses of this our Bootcamp Earth.

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Thank you dear friends for listening and sharing here. This post is devoted to you – for you to express your spiritual truth and say what you think about existence. Please share your thoughts by adding comments, and check back to see what transpires. I can’t wait to listen and learn from you.

Here’s to freely sharing how we see life.



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Power II

Many of us ask, “If God is the most powerful, then why do bad things happen?” I believe that we are deeply and intrinsically connected to God while on earth, and are sacred expressions of God, but we are the ones directly living the details of life. I think it’s in our power to make this a great experience or a miserable one.

Of course, bad things do happen – awful and painful things, such as life-altering illnesses. But I feel that, with awareness and love, we have the power to grow through these experiences.

I have often blamed God for the hardship I see in the world, and for how tremendously challenging it is to be a human being. But looking at the big picture helps me to recognize my spiritual part in the play of life. I now realize I have a far greater role than I thought, and an inherent connection to God’s love. I remember that we are here to evolve and to bloom into our power that lets us thrive instead of suffer.

I believe that my obstacles are here to teach me. I have found that when I fully love others and myself, I create a joyful reality. I grow from the lessons I wanted to come here to learn.

Powerlessness is thinking that we don’t affect the world – that what we do doesn’t matter, but it turns out that it does. I think we have a lot of control, but we’ve simply been asleep at the wheel. Waking up to this realization can be dramatic. We might feel unprepared, much like a child instantly becoming an adult, but accepting the truth brings miraculous transformation.

Instead of taking control through the ego, or giving our power away to other people’s egos (often unknowingly) we can reclaim our magnificent spiritual power. We do create our lives at a deeper level, with our choices and beliefs, and we can do so consciously. We can grow rapidly and beautifully by flourishing rather than struggling, something so important in these changing times. It is our responsibility to work on our issues by adding more love, no matter how hard that might seem from our old perspective. We get to replace the survival mode of the mind with the endless dreams of our soul.

If you are searching for your power, how can you find it? All you have to do is ask. Power begins with the desire to own it. You are naturally powerful and already intuitive – you need only believe in yourself and trust your inner guidance.

Power reveals itself when we make our spiritual growth a priority – a joyous one that we feel drawn to as it magically unfolds. And, by removing the limiting illusions we have relied upon, such as authoritative rules, we can free the fears that take our power away. As James Barrett says, your energy is your power. So don’t give it to those who make you feel small. Live with compassion, but focus on what really matters to you that lifts everyone up. Know that just by being in your power, you illuminate all of us. Together in our power, we can transform humanity. We can live with love, which is the greatest power of all. I think striving to look upon the world with love every day, and being present, are the secrets to creating a beautiful life.

What else can you do? Love your human-ness as well as your spirit; love every part of yourself, and believe that you are worthy of every great dream you have, because you emphatically are! As an exercise, you can passionately state, “I accept and embrace my power. I am a co-creator of life. I am powerful.”

Be commanding of the positive things you want, instead of misguided ventures like trying to change people or proving yourself. You don’t have to prove a thing.

Power is your birthright. Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey writes, “Accept your power. You are great and mighty. True power comes not from the ego, but from the collective One of your spirit, your very being. True power is gentle power… Embrace the power of your spirit, of living intentionally as the co-creator of everything that you seek.” I am reminded of the biblical idea that the meek shall inherit the earth. I think this refers to our gentle power. And I believe it can change our world into a paradise.

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Power. I used to wince at this word when I came across it in spiritual books. It felt like the opposite of what I was seeking, conjuring up images of domination and greed. But the empowerment of the spiritual world is a gentle, benevolent mastery we have always had. It is our eternal, creative power that is an essential part of the universe.

So many of us have never been told that we are powerful. We have been taught the opposite instead. We have been told that we are limited and in need of being controlled by a higher authority – even by God. But, we are each a very special and direct aspect of God. And I feel that we’re all going to be rediscovering our spiritual power.

We have a gentle and omniscient power from within that is compassionate, wise, and free. It is loving beyond the imagination, and has a strong desire to help others. This is who we really are at the spiritual core. Enlightenment is rediscovering this natural power, and when we remember it (for that is what it is, a remembering) we can take responsibility and transform the human experience.

These changing times that we are living in are all about becoming self sustaining. They are about becoming stronger instead of relying on others for what they will never be able to provide – such as inner happiness. This is why the spiritual journey is, in essence, a discovery of the self. That is why it is about finding your own power that has always been within you.

Right now, we humans are slowly waking up from a deep sleep of conditioned beliefs. We are realizing that we’re not unworthy and hopelessly flawed, but just the opposite. We are realizing that we’ve been purposefully dumbed down. It begins early in life, when people tell us – “You don’t know anything, you have to prove yourself (with your ego) in this world, and look at all that you’ve done wrong.” We carry this background noise of judgment into adulthood. The old systems around us reinforce this, as does our modern disconnect from nature.

The unhealthy power that our egos strive for was born out of survival and spiritual forgetfulness, and this has harmed our world, but it has never been our true identity. Now, we can begin to reclaim our spiritual power by no longer defining ourselves with limitation. If you don’t already know it, dear friend, you are limitless. You are an incredible, direct spark of God, and you have immense power to lovingly co-create life.

Recently, I felt my power, and here’s what I experienced. I felt a pure feeling rather than a vision – a deep and natural all-knowing within my whole self, not my left brain. The familiar confining layers of life opened up, and suddenly I knew the wide expanse of existence. And all that I knew was incredible joy.

This feeling was so benevolent, easy, and euphoric. It filled me with the belief that anything is possible. I realized that I’m not separate from anything, and at the same time, I laughed at how overwhelmingly free I really am. I knew with certainty that I am a compassionate co-creator at heart, just as you are too. This feeling lingers with me, and I will never be the same.

I believe that this feeling is who we really are. We don’t have to live under the control of others and be at their mercy, or go along with agendas that harm our world. We can powerfully lead the creation of a loving environment, and it starts with accepting that we are each worthy of fulfilling our dreams – the earnest yearnings within our hearts. We are spiritually powerful, but have simply forgotten amidst the amnesia of life. For what you seek has always been within you on this long journey home.

I think power is such a vital topic that I’ll be writing more about it next time. And, if you’re searching for your power, I’ll be offering some ideas on how to find it. Please share your wise voice with me, and stay tuned.

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Breathe Boldly

Existence spells its spell

on this mild, wild April night;

I see Spring’s thrilling skill

and her breath upon all life.

She readies for the dance

in her new-found gown of green;

she conducts this pulsing Eden

and the insect band begins.

Each voice chirps its sage song,

each dancing thing alights,

and haunting stars form chandeliers

that paint the dream of light.

The warm wind rushes, and stays,

embracing us with a sigh,

holding the pale bell notes

of this primal lullaby.

What elaborate expression of consciousness!

What romantic, bare melody enraptures us.

Who you are and all that is are one and the same –

and “separate” is but a ghost of the mind.

I breathe,

and the stars flicker back in time,

echoed by the brash cricket’s chime.

We are breathing


We are flickering,




and building

in rhythm,

and then I know God’s wish

for all within the dark,

“Breathe boldly, bright soul.

Share your precious music with the stars.”

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“Beauty is the language of the divine,” writes Cheryl Richardson. It is a glorious expression of God. Beauty resides in a high, enlightened frequency that our soul knows so well. Because we come from a place of immense beauty.

Throughout my day, I try to focus on beauty whenever possible. I try to surround myself with it all the time. I go to Nature and smell the cool spring rain. I feel the warmth of golden sunlight on my skin. I share a beautiful conversation with someone.

Beauty resonates in my heart as truth. To me, it feels like home. I find beauty in the wide eyes of children, in the soft blush of pale roses, and in the ever-changing clouds of March. I live to be moved by beauty. I feel it when I see the moon and stars shining through the trees, when I listen to music that brings tears to my eyes, and when I hear the primal sound of the ocean. I marvel at the beauty humanity has created. And beauty is most poetic and profound in the earnest people around me.

Beauty is everywhere. To me, it is the harmonious embodiment of our light. Everything has this potential, and recognizing beauty helps us to recognize ourselves. It illuminates us and elevates our being. Noticing beauty is something that may not be valued in our modern world, but it is a divine and important practice. For when we notice beauty, we begin to live joyfully in the present moment. And when we appreciate beauty, we bring more into our lives.

Today, and every day, let us simply be in the company of beauty, and let it feed our souls.

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On last week’s post, we delved into our collective and individual shadows. I talked about how I believe we’ve been taught to control each other in little and big ways. Shadow is an integral part of the human experience. The level of creation that we live in requires shadow or dark as well as light, in order to manifest. But now, we are moving towards needing only a small amount of dark to balance the light.

I am learning that awareness of our dark side is vital for spiritual growth. It allows us to see the whole truth that we have to heal. By experiencing forgiveness and unconditional love, we are set free.

It is reassuring to know that the positive and light side of our world is far more powerful than the negative (phew!). Indeed, shadow has no source, and negativity can only be attached and generated within positive souls. Our shadows are secret this way, whereas our light side is open and free.

As we know, light is the expansive, limitless and blissful fabric of our universe. It originates from God – our universal source of all consciousness, and manifests out of source energy. This light is what we ourselves are made of. It is gloriously loving beyond imagination and description, with a love more powerful, immense and overwhelming than possible to convey! Indeed, just as with God, it is brighter and more benevolent than conceivable.

Light, Love, and Sound are manifestations of God. Light is awareness energy, love is creative energy, and sound is the vibration of life. This is what our very souls are.

On earth, Light is said to be the masculine reflection of God-force, and Love, the feminine. I like this explanation because it demonstrates omniscient balance.

Light manifests on earth in many different forms with various qualities, including our sun and sunlight. Everything that we experience is essentially vibrating light, and in some ways, life is simply learning how to master the denser manifestations of this refracted light or “matter.”

Light and Love are of a very high vibration, and if we raise our own vibrations, we become powerful co-creators again. We experience the joy of living.

As we’re all learning, one of the most vital things we can do is to focus our energy on the light side of our world, and the light within ourselves. By doing so, we strengthen it for all of us down here, and it builds. I personally feel we have a responsibility to do this.

Our understanding of light is intuitive and natural, just as love is. Light can be envisioned as a brilliant, white and golden light, and it can be used to heal. Light is powerfully restorative. Medium Sanaya Roman writes “Light is a living consciousness that responds instantly to your call. You can send light to your ideas, the future, your higher purpose, your body, thoughts and feelings.”

You can envision standing under a waterfall of sparkling light, and this will “transform everything around you into a higher vibration.” You can send light from your heart to the hearts of those you love, to help create harmonious relationships. These are all forms of meditation that begin by asking or calling Light. Having a white candle in front of you can be a meaningful and poetic way to begin these exercises. I’ve also learned a specific meditation that gathers a cocoon of light all around you, thereby raising your vibration. I like to think of the butterfly analogy again, where we are set free from our human cocoons. Best of all, I’ve found that light meditation is very easy to do (and as you know, easy and meditation are rarely used in the same sentence!).

If you meditate on Light and envision powerful Love in your heart at the same time, then you will unite these two incredible forces! Send this light to your fears, and let it help you to let go of judgments, and to forgive those who have harmed you (including forgiving yourself.). In doing so, you may experience unconditional love that opens your heart. To me, this is one of the goals of life.

The light side of our world is strengthening every day now, and more and more light is being sent to us. There is actually an energy field above our earth that is separating us into two realities. Dr. Doreen Virtue writes: “we have the choice of living below this energy field or above it. You live below it by becoming fearful about the news stories of the earth changes. You live above the energy field by taking healthy action and staying centered in love.”

Spiritual Teacher Maureen St. Germain tells us that this energy field is a 5th dimensional grid of light. It came from our Ascended Masters who “built” it into our future, so that it would be secure. This is how we will succeed in transforming our earth and ourselves.

You can look for this grid in the night sky, while away from artificial light. It is endowed with Christ Consciousness, the tremendously compassionate love that, I believe, Jesus was able to embody even while human.

Every action that we make in unconditional love is of the 5th dimension and resonates with this grid, helping to anchor the light. When you act with unconditional love, you also help raise yourself into a higher, safe existence, something that I feel we should all be working on. Imagine how, with the benevolent help of this grid, we will create a glorious and positive reality! I think it is slowly, but assuredly working.


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