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It’s been one year since Share the Spiritual began, and I want to thank each of you for reading and sharing here. I’m grateful for your inspiring voices that bring such joy to this endeavor. I’m excited to be working on a book about embracing the sublime nature of ourselves and our true reality.

This week, I’d like to talk about living in complete truthfulness, something counter to how we’ve been raised in a competitive society. I’d like to share a challenge that I am also personally taking on. The challenge is this – try to be completely honest with yourself about everything, at every moment that you’re presented with.

If you don’t already do so, pay attention to situations and yourself, and recognize how you have been trained to operate. Notice the stories and excuses that might surface and begin to control you. Choose instead to observe the truth from a place of neutrality, without judgment. Then embrace that truth with love.

Keep in mind that the purest truth is not any kind of failure. It is completely free of limiting definitions. We are often conditioned to make ourselves look different than we are at heart, but this is just learned behavior for the ego. It is never who we are. You are in truth a magnificent soul who is growing yet brighter through your human experience.

The goal of the honesty challenge is to get to a more harmonious existence without being ruled by expectations and excuses. We humans tend to take on attachments that bring us much suffering, and beneath these are basic needs that haven’t been met. Find out what needs you have that are going unfulfilled.

It’s so easy in life to feel powerless and unheard, but the number one person who is not hearing you is you. Hear yourself, and assert your ability to fulfill your own needs.

The second part of this challenge is to be completely honest with others. Start by being honest with yourself about how you feel, and then operate from this truth with those around you. Practice transparency in your relationships with thoughtfulness and love. Get to a place where appearances melt away and your relationships become authentic with rich exchanges. They reflect the truth of what it means to be a whole and beautiful human being.

Those who don’t understand your truth have their own needs that aren’t being met. No hurt feelings are necessary. And remember, relationships evolve along with us, becoming deeper or sometimes ending. Then life greets us with entirely new friendships.

Being honest is about making choices with the kindness of your soul rather than the greed of your ego. It means living in a world that is open and light, that champions love.

Being honest can be quite a challenge for the human experience, but just by trying, we are given tremendous growth. I am grateful to each of you who are living in authenticity and are showing me that I too can remove my clouded conditioning. I can allow my true self to shine.

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