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 It is time to address that monster under the bed called fear. Fear can so easily scare us in the dark, but its bark is worse than its bite. Just as we learned from childhood, it turns out that fear is primarily illusion. It is a paper tiger in disguise. 

We have the power to see our fears for what they really are – warnings that bring informative. But these warnings get out of control. They take on a life of their own. 

Of course, it’s quite understandable that we feel fear because the human experience is tremendously scary. We are going through a process of feeling separate from everyone and everything, and our fears feel very real indeed. We have also been trained to fear beyond survival instincts. Society uses fear to control us, and perhaps the most obvious way is through TV.

The media broadcasts fear to keep us watching in a stupor. It urges us to give our power away. Media keeps us distracted into buying things that will never make us feel good enough, let alone fulfill our beautiful souls. Because we are taught to use fear to keep each other safe and manageable. We then internalize these methods, using them against our very selves.

And the nature of fear is to hide. And so, we bury it in denial. Thus, fear controls us behind the scenes.

You see, when you hide from something, it gains power over you that worsens with every silent step you take.

The truth is that fears are buried beliefs – beliefs that have refused love. But what you are afraid of is what you are learning on your path, and your fears can show you the growth that you desire.

When you face your fears, they dissolve right before your eyes. And this is truly a liberating process, because you are actually shifting your limiting beliefs.

For example, if I face my fear of being rejected by others, I realize that I believe in being rejected. I see that deep down I have been rejecting myself. By investigating my fears, I recognize my own lack of self-love. I pinpoint one of my essential lessons for this life.

Recognizing fear and letting it go is crucial to spiritual growth. If we avoid fear, it only grows in shadow. But when we acknowledge fear, we live with awareness of it, and this lessens its control. This frees us like nothing else.

But in order to free yourself, you must face fear head on. You must allow yourself to fully experience your fear so that you can finally let it go. When you do, you gain the experience of shifting your beliefs. You grow exponentially.

When you see just how you have been limiting yourself – just how much you have denied yourself love, the world opens wide, as does your life! What you accomplish is phenomenal, and to walk stronger forward feels like a dream come true. And then you remember that there is nothing to fear on this earth because you are immortal, and nothing can ever really harm you.

You are invincible, and fear is only superficial. It might keep you stuck in third dimensional limitations, but love lifts you out of the mire. When you choose love over fear – when you trust the wider spiritual world, you find your freedom again. You remember who you really are.

Fear has been an ever-present part of our evolution, but now we are outgrowing its control. Fear has helped our survival, but we are moving beyond survival mode now, and it is time to let it go. We are remembering our infinite power to create a loving world that reflects who are at heart. This is the blissful, new earth that humanity is beginning to build. This is the new dream of life that leaves fear far behind.


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