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I heal my fears by facing them. I experience something negative that triggers my fear, or, I willingly think of something that makes me scared or anxious, and I feel that fear fully. I express whatever emotions the fear brings up for me to experience. I acknowledge everything that I am feeling and face it head on, instead of ignoring it. I do this with gratitude for the opportunity or situation I am experiencing that is allowing me to heal my fear. 

It’s important to note here that gratitude for negative feelings is key as it dissolves negativity and loosens its control. When I am grateful for something negative, I take away its power to hurt me. I am able to accept this negative experience and then look for the lesson that this experience is teaching me. This is what I become truly grateful for. This process allows me to integrate everything that I go through into a unified experience, as opposed to a selective one that hides certain experiences in the shadows. Hiding things in the shadows allows them to continue to sabotage me at any given moment.  

I also understand that, behind my fears, I have negative beliefs about the world. These beliefs can be held in my subconscious, and I may not even be aware of them—that is, until something bad happens. The lessons behind my fears help me to shift those negative beliefs and replace them with positive and loving beliefs about the world. It’s important to understand here that we each create our own world. We often do this unconsciously—through fearful beliefs that we hold in our subconscious. So, the goal is to create my world consciously with positive beliefs, and to eliminate the negative beliefs that are sabotaging me. But, I don’t just eliminate those beliefs—I heal them which allows me to integrate them. I join all of my experiences in unity instead of shunning any of them, which, again, only pushes them back into the shadows to come out and sabotage me all over again.  

I have found that a lot of my fears stem from childhood wounds, as they do for all of us, and I have been actively clearing those. I have also been called to clear my fears from many of my past lives, and this has truly taken my healing to a new level. For example, I faced a deep fear of the injustice of being innocent, yet nevertheless, being interrogated like a criminal by authority. This fear stems from many past lives where I was persecuted. This fear has come to the surface this week for me to heal, and by tackling it with the above method, I have been able to unearth so many revelations around this issue. I have plunged into the darkest depths of being persecuted and punished to death, and by finally feeling the emotions around these experiences—so deep and terrifying but effective—I have gone into the fire and come out the other side with so much awareness and wisdom that it is stupefying! I have faced my fears and cleared them from my being, and this will improve the way I live forever. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.

I now no longer believe that authority can have power over me and persecute me, and punish me to death. I am free, safe, and protected, and justice prevails in my world (while understanding that justice may not prevail for those who believe otherwise—for now.) I am eternal and immortal, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are all shifting this human experience to one of bliss as originally intended. I have now cleared fearful beliefs that were controlling me and holding me back in life, and I have done so through healing and integration, rather than through denial by hiding the old belief from myself.    

I am so grateful to be healing with you. We are here to heal the experience of duality and integrate all of our many hard earned lessons into powerful new beliefs that catapult us into a whole new realm of heaven-on-earth. Stay tuned for more on that!


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Precious Beings of Light, it can be helpful to understand that, many ages ago, a control system was put in place to keep humanity limited. Why? Because we wanted to evolve successfully.  Our previous evolution attempts had failed—disastrously so. We were having difficulty evolving at such a dense level of creation, and we wanted to achieve our goal this time. So, a plan was enacted to guide us slowly and strategically through our evolution until completion. The plan was to let us grow at our own pace and to discover our own divinity within, something that we had to do ourselves. We had to heal our lower, darker and more dense aspects in order to remember our higher, lighter and benevolent nature, and eventually unite the two—fully and completely, without compromise. We had to remember holy GodSource, and we had to be humbled in order to regain our creative powers and use those powers wisely for the benefit of all.

The control system that was put into place to aid our evolution was our human conditioning. We were conditioned to forget GodSource and our all-loving, creative power, and to give that power away to authority outside of ourselves. We experienced amnesia, separation, fragility, and a manipulated environment. This went on longer and more harshly than intended. We were conditioned to fear everyone and everything, including GodSource, via false gods, and to live in survival mode. We were mistreated, atrociously so. We also felt betrayed and abandoned from our prior evolution attempts, and these core wounds ruled our days. But, this diminished state was not meant to last forever. In time, we would naturally evolve out of the quagmire, instead of self-destructing, and rightfully thrive in a whole new way that would surpass our wildest dreams! We would take with us what we had learned the hard way and create a new reality that was beyond magical.

That time is now. We are ripe to finally evolve to a state of heaven-on-earth. The only thing that is really holding us back at this point is ourselves. I say this with complete awe for all that you have personally done to help us get here. Your contribution to the long-awaited evolution of humanity has been essential, and you are the bravest aspect of your gorgeous soul. It is now time to let go of anything holding you back from flourishing in human form as you so deeply deserve.   

We humans hold ourselves back when we feed into divisiveness. We resist our own evolution when we fear and judge. Duality sabotages our evolution process—picking sides thwarts our goal. We also sabotage ourselves when we let our wounds and fears run our lives. This is how we betray and abandon ourselves. We sabotage ourselves further when we feed into vanity which separates us from our holy and all-loving GodSource. 

The solution to our conundrum is unity. We must unite together in unconditional love—our natural state. We must expand our awareness with LOVE that frees us from the confines we have known—LOVE that completely opens our very world and returns us back to the bliss of GodSource.    

Loving awareness is everything, and it means going beyond conspiracy. Yes, we can see the toxic control systems that we no longer need in order to shed them, but we cannot stop there. We have to step out of the cage and fly. Because whatever we put our attention on, that is what we receive. So, when we judge anything, we create yet more of what we don’t want and are trapped. So, if we feed into conspiracy, we create yet more discord, but if we lovingly, unconditionally accept all, we experience yet more harmonious LOVE in return. When we unite with all, we are invincible and powerful, and we create our new paradise.   

I say it all the time, all judgment comes from inside of ourselves and is something that is asking us to heal within. We are being called to forgive, and thus, clear our own fear-based conditioning that causes harm to life. That is how we heal reality from the inside out, and that is your courageous mission. 

Your personal, evolutionary goal is to heal your own conditioned limitations, remember GodSource, take back your spiritual power and uplift this world as only you can. That is why you have always been an optimist, because you know that everything is going to turn out miraculously well and that earth Ascension is assured. And while, yes, you have survived the unthinkable and been through one hell of an initiation—literally, you have emerged unscathed, and you are ready to love yet more! That is how incredible you are. For, you are holy GodSource looking out through your unique and precious eyes, and you are here to help all of us to evolve. Your life is an exquisite artwork—a sacred puzzle being put back together by sacred you, one magical piece of synchronicity at a time. And your Ascension is your ultimate masterpiece—your shining destiny, finally actualized.

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Shout out to Dr. Michael Sharp for helping me to begin solving my own spiritual puzzle many years ago. Please find his invaluable work here. 

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For some time now, I have been pining for a particular dream world of harmony, creativity and natural beauty unparalleled—a world that sings with gorgeousness and is my heaven-on-earth. I have been designing this world in my heart, drawing pictures of it day after day, and writing down its perfect details. My dream world is the paradise that I long for, and it positively sings with bliss! It has four perfect seasons on four perfect lands. These lands encompass autumnal splendor, mountainous winter woods, spring gardens and turquoise beaches. My world is shared with precious, kindred souls, and we spend our days creating beauty with so much LOVE. And, we have so much FUN together! We simply enjoy ourselves until we feel inspired to create. And then we celebrate the ecstasy of holy GodSource.

And all the while that I have been dreaming of this world, I thought that I was creating something brand new for the New Earth. But now, all of a sudden, I realize that I am remembering a place that already exists in my soul—a heavenly paradigm from my past that I know better than myself. I am remembering Lemuria.

Lemuria is the ancient paradise of my dreams. Lemuria is where I thrived in total joy with my soul tribe and lived in utter harmony. Lemuria is the place that I have missed forever with sorrowful longing. It is my dearest home that I am trying to get back to, and it has been leaving clues for me all my life. 

I am named after my gorgeous grandmother, Muriel, a name that means “Sea Bright” in Irish. My grandmother and I have always been drawn to the sea and share the same eye color of the ocean. We have always loved expressions of beauty. Today, I realize that our name “Muriel” comes from the lost lands of Lemuria from ancient Ireland. This discovery was always waiting for me. 

All my life, I have travelled to places that turn out to be ancient Lemurian lands. All my life, I have been obsessed with the sea. I dream of splashing in turquoise water that shines with crystalline light. Indeed, I am happiest when swimming in the ocean or walking upon beaches. Ever since I was a teenager, I have loved doing somersaults in the water, most especially into oncoming, gentle ocean waves—something I’ve never seen anyone else do, and something that makes me absolutely giddy with delight! I often think about dolphins and mermaids, and I talk to trees like they are family (they are.).  I am obsessed with flowers, most especially pink roses, and I love cats and dream of playing with snow leopards. I love singing, dancing, painting and endless playful, creative pursuits. I dream of pastel rainbows and iridescent colors that ignite my soul! I feel these colors in my being, and they charge me up with spiritual joy.

All my life, I have believed in the ultimate romance of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, without question. I know that we are all sacred children of GodSource who were born to play, not slave away. And, I know with unshakable faith that, despite outward appearances, our time to thrive is here. Our New Lemuria is closer than we think, and it will be even more spectacular than any Eden we have ever known because we have evolved so dramatically.  

For fourteen years, I have been writing about bringing the Garden of Eden to earth but I did not realize that I already knew that place on earth from long ago. I did not realize that, as a lightworker, I do, in fact, belong here on earth in this way, and this belonging is everything. And though my beloved grandmother has passed over now, I know that she too dreamed of Lemuria all those many years and that I will see her in our new paradise so very soon.

I am dreaming of Lemuria—do you remember it too? Will you dream with me and make our paradise return once more? Let us dream together and enter a new reality that we already know so well. It is right here at this moment, simply waiting for us to remember it. For, our New Lemuria is real and pre-destined, and it is ready to welcome us HOME.

All my Lemurian LOVE ~Suzanne Muriel Baker  ShareTheSpiritual.com  SuzanneMBaker.com TwinFlameHelp.com

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I live for romantic beauty. I am most myself when sensing the exquisite gorgeousness of romantic beauty on this earth. And while earth Ascension is my primary purpose, bringing more romantic beauty into this world takes a close second, something I am being reminded of daily. On November 18th, a simple but powerful exercise that combines both missions came to me from my soul. I share it with you now as a gift:

Romantic Foundation~Union Within Yourself  

In order to unite with others, first, you unite with yourself. In order to heal the separation, pain, and longing that you feel with others, first, you heal these fractures within your own human being. This is where romantic beauty enters the scene, through the following visualization:   

Imagine that all the romance you have ever craved lives within you. Understand that you are your own Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine who have been separated for eons. You can now bring these aspects of yourself together in permanent union.

Take a moment to imagine what your ultimate Divine Feminine looks like. She is gorgeous beyond words! Picture her beauty, her grace and her creative talents. Understand that she is not limited by human parameters and has many powerful, otherworldly and nurturing qualities. Visualize her perfection and the delicate specifics of her living form. Now, understand that this gorgeous Divine Feminine is you. From this awareness, feel her presence within you. Take some time to connect with this ultimate aspect of you and dream upon your beautiful details. 

Now, take a moment to imagine your ultimate Divine Masculine. He is gorgeous beyond words! Picture his handsome beauty, his strength and his talents. Understand that he is not limited by human parameters and has many powerful and otherworldly protection qualities. Visualize his perfection and the specifics of his living form. Now, understand that this gorgeous Divine Masculine is you, and feel his presence within you. Take some time to connect with this ultimate aspect of you and dream upon your handsome details.      

Next, picture your Divine Feminine aspect and Divine Masculine aspect falling in love with each other. Feel the longing that they hold for one another to live out their aching love story, and allow them to meet in ultimate romance. Let them recognize each other at last and embrace with such tenderness and care. Let them kiss each other in rapture and weep with recognition of this Divine Union that was predestined and is now secure. Let them make a sacred vow to take care of each other always—to nurture and protect one another, and to never be apart again. Then keep this internal vow with all your heart and soul. 

Now, allow this unconditional and infinite love of your unified aspects to create a child. This child is your “inner child” of Divine beauty and innocence. This child is the daughter and the son that you have dreamed of in your heart. This child is yours to parent and protect, and lives as innocence upon this earth. And this child is actually you—your human self incarnate in this life, who is now Ascending. You complete your own Holy Trinity come to life, and you now treat yourself as your own precious child from this day forward.

Envision your personal trinity with such devotion. Imagine the three of you sitting with your Beloved GodSource, being honored as so very sacred. You are together at last, never to be separated or neglected again. Go forth to treat yourself as sacred from now on. Go forth knowing that everything that you seek has always been within you, not outside of you, and is now fulfilled in holy union. You are reborn, rock solid with the LOVE that you have always dreamed of and can now interact with others in a “whole” new way in our Divine Human paradigm. Romantic partnerships now become blissfully harmonious and heavenly. And by uniting within, you are able to unite with everyone in our most profound Ascension.  

With so much LOVE ~ Suzanne 

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Respect yourself at all times. When you respect yourself, you know how to respect others and you help all of us to Ascend to a higher human paradigm. Right now, humanity is outgrowing the profane disrespect that created such a painful way of life. We are instead remembering sacred respect for all, which is your natural state.

Respect includes being highly valued, honored, supported, celebrated, cherished, appreciated, trusted, included, free and healthy. Treat yourself with respect always and interact with those who also live with respect. Disrespect includes being devalued, betrayed, abandoned, shamed, insulted, controlled, distrusted, excluded and unhealthy. Disrespect is disempowerment whereas respect is loving empowerment. It can be helpful to ask yourself regularly, “Is what I’m doing respectful to myself and to everyone else too? Am I coming from a place of being wounded or honored?” 

Here are my personal, hard-earned tips on how to embody respect and how to handle disrespect. You may want to post these in your room at the holidays. Remember to treat yourself and others as holy, especially during the “holy days”:

  • Feel the highest respect and loving bliss for all life, and with this feeling, create your own Heaven-on-Earth from the inside out. This is how you/we Ascend. 
  • Go direct to GodSource always. Feel sacred God within sacred you. 
  • Feel genuine, detached compassion for all people, and especially for those who are emotionally wounded/disrespected, just as you were too. Actively heal your wounding and leave others to heal theirs.
  • Engage with people at a very high level. It’s best not to get deeply involved with those who aren’t spiritually awake, nor with those who do not own their healing. Think of them as “Sleeping Beauties” for now.   
  • Never compromise yourself for anyone or anything. No excuses. Respect your body and yourself with the utmost honor at all times. 
  • Understand that you don’t have to look good to others in any way—just be your uniquely beautiful self. There is no need to defend or explain yourself to anyone, and no need to try to prove that you are right. Just be. 
  • If you truly feel wrong then take your lessons with humility and give respect to those who helped you learn them.   
  • Own your thoughts and your energy. Don’t give your attention, time or resources to anything that disrespects you or anyone else. Think about what you want to experience, not what you don’t. 
  • If you find yourself replaying painful past experiences in your head, focus on the lessons you learned, take these lessons to heart and discard the experiences that have taught you. Replace each painful memory with its invaluable lesson. And please know that your depths of despair are leading to heights of greatest joy!
  • Your words are powerful. Speak with harmonious and loving words. Refrain from talking about anyone or anything in a non-compassionate or disrespectful way. Avoid acting with passive aggression—communicating how you really feel in cryptic, powerless ways. 
  • Avoid those who are living with victim-consciousness, who blame the external for their problems and then disrespect others. They may use you to feel better about themselves and then turn around and blame you for their pain. This only perpetuates injustice, so get out of the way.  
  • If anyone tries to disrespect you, stay away from them and leave them be. Do not fight with them. Engaging in negativity distracts you from your essential spiritual work on earth. If you feel emotionally upset, go immediately to a place where you can be alone to face your own healing. Love yourself in your most difficult moments—this is spiritual gold! And your healing helps all humans.
  • Concerning those you find yourself around who have disrespected you in the past, who are not healing:  don’t allow them to transfer their wounding onto you by making you feel bad. In short, don’t let them make you feel bad! Feel SO GOOD about yourself instead, and lead with self-love. Remember to be honored, not wounded, which is what these people are teaching you. Interact with them only in public or group settings where you have allies with you, and act with formal politeness, without drama. Act from a new and higher place instead of rehashing things in an old, lower way. If politeness becomes impossible, then wish them well and excuse yourself. You deserve to feel safe and to be honored at all times.  
  • If it bothers you that people who try to disrespect you don’t like you, please understand two things: 1. These people do not like themselves. 2. You are already infinitely, spiritually loved.  
  • Never try to please others, which comes from insecurity, and certainly don’t try to please and appease those who disrespect you.

Lastly, don’t be a good little robot who follows others, but rather, be a beacon of love who champions respect. Refrain from feeding into division and taking sides. Love with all your heart instead and let the rest go. Let suffering, struggle and survival go. Let competition, insecurity, and infighting fall away. Stay far away from the corrupt old system that taught us to be wounded females and males who fight for resources, and most of all, to fight for love. You are already LOVED, cherished, respected and adored in our gorgeous universe, and all you have to do now is respect yourself. Lead on, shining friend. You’ve got this.  

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Do you feel that you deserve to completely thrive? Do you feel worthy of experiencing Heaven-on-Earth as a divine being of total love? For you are a beloved child of our Sacred GodSource, and you are here to thrive on the New Earth that is rightfully yours. Indeed, you are here to positively flourish and to Ascend! But, if you do not feel worthy of the bliss that is your birthright, then you are being asked to heal whatever is keeping you from it. And that request for healing will project itself out into the world, through others, until you see how you are denying yourself love. 

In short, your external reality shows you your internal healing process. Your painful relationships reveal your own feelings of unworthiness—your separation from heavenly love. And during these Ascension times, you have the opportunity to heal rapidly, and so you are being challenged relentlessly to resolve all the ways that you feel betrayed and abandoned. You are being pushed to resolve how you feel dishonored, shamed, and incompetent, until you see how you deny yourself unconditional love. 

As you heal, you learn to embody unconditional love as a human being—the ultimate challenge for your ancient soul! In fact, you took on your human experience in order to help heal the entire human paradigm from the inside out. That is your courageous Ascension process.

It starts and ends with you, beautiful soul—exquisite, sacred YOU. By owning your own painful reflections, you address all the ways that you feel emotionally wounded so that you fill in the gaps of love within yourself. You face what the world is telling you and take responsibility for your reality. Anyone and anything that is not honoring you in your life is showing you how you are not honoring yourself inside. Any rift, divide, or negative fixation, including negative focus on the world stage, is imploring you to heal your own separation from GodSource. 

Each bully is painfully reflecting how you are not honoring yourself. Each victim is showing you your own victim consciousness—how you blame the external for what you aren’t giving yourself. You are shown these things so that you heal and fully love yourself, and then fully love everyone. Thus, LOVE OVERCOMES ALL. 

The process is brutal but effective. You look into the mirror of life and see your own wounded reflection staring back at you. You turn inward and see all the ways that you have denied yourself love. You humbly admit that you haven’t honored your beautiful self. And then, with tears, you love your wounded self with all of your soul! And you realize that this love has always been up to you.

And then you feel the full completion of forgiveness as you forgive yourself and all others for showing you what you are learning. In fact, you actually thank everyone for your lessons! You honor yourself, and the world falls at your feet, and you fall at the world’s feet in turn.

You feel ALL-HEALING UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for everyone, and this all-encompassing LOVE melts away your emotional pain. This love reconnects you to the eternal YOU that is whole and invincible, and brings you directly back to GodSource. And then you see that when you honor yourself, you know exactly how to honor others and to honor God, and this completely changes your human experience.

Indeed, when you love yourself unconditionally with total, irrevocable respect, you then LOVE ALL, and you help to transform our entire world into a higher paradigm. You also become SUPERHUMANLY POWERFUL, and your power comes with the humbling, responsible awareness that you have gained from all your brutal suffering on earth. 

Our human suffering ends now and brings ultimate transformation. This earth school has shown us in sharp relief what dishonoring each other looks like. We have been painfully reminded that ALL LIFE IS SACRED and that this truth starts within each one of us. As our conditional love becomes unconditional, we flourish and feel wholly worthy of this.

So, ask yourself if you feel that you deserve to thrive in all your splendor because you cannot do so until you honor yourself with all your heart—utterly and completely, with zero doubt. And oh, beloved soul, you deserve to flourish beyond your wildest dreams! You deserve to know only exquisite peace and to experience total harmony, for you are so incredibly sacred. You are the light of GodSource shining out through your own gorgeous eyes. You are God’s LOVE that has come to save the world! Indeed, you are the unconditional acceptance that you long for and the miracle solution that you seek.

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The other day, I drove a family friend to the doctor and waited in the building during their appointment. I found myself in the massive lobby of a medical complex and selected a lone bench to sit on in the back. The bench was far away from the busier areas, and I was grateful for the personal space. I was also thankful for the sunlight that poured through the glass ceiling, and as I sat quietly in this medical environment, I became highly aware of how fortunate I am to have my health. But, at the same time, I also became aware of how traditional and third dimensional the medical system is, something I try to avoid as an awakened empath. If you’re an empath too, you know how challenging it is to feel everything acutely, especially in our current, chaotic world where 3D systems are falling apart. I, personally, have suffered enough emotionally in this lifetime, so I tend to go into protection mode in such places. What’s more, in this bustling lobby, I was already feeling concerned for my friend, so I hunkered down on my bench and decided to read spiritual emails while I waited. 

As the hour went by, many people came in and out of the lobby, and I felt very separate from them. I sensed they weren’t aware of the higher reality that I live in, and as usual in my life, I felt like a fish out of water. People also passed through the lobby who were suffering from heart-wrenching physical ailments, and my soul ached for them. But, I also knew from experience that I shouldn’t carry another’s pain, so I envisioned an energetic bubble of protection around me. I counted the minutes ’til I could leave these institutional surroundings and get my friend safely home, and return to my own oasis.

In time, my friend texted me that their appointment was wrapping up. It had gone well, and they would be just a few minutes longer, and I felt relief! But then I had a realization. I realized that I had completely wasted my time in this lobby, and that I had precious little left to use. Here I was, physically strong and spiritually aware, and all I had done was protect myself. What I really wanted now was to connect with every soul in the building and send them all the healing love that I could muster. So that is what I did. But, I didn’t just send the people around me love—I actually LOVED them with all of my heart. I cared for them as deeply as I did my friend. And then I went further. I loved them like my own children, and I asked for miracles of healing for each and every one of them, patients and doctors alike. I felt united with these people like family—an entire building of humans I’d never met! And I knew that I could expand this building to include the entire world in a way more tangible and effective than all my prior efforts to help humanity. 

Sitting there, the busy building became a sacred site, and I realized that I really did love these people in my soul, and it was just programming that had taught me to see them as separate. I realized that I loved them even if they were spiritually asleep because that was just programming too, and if I denied them love then I was denying myself the same. So, I let love act through me because that is what I came to earth to do. I came here to LOVE everybody on behalf of GodSource, and as I did this, I remembered that embodying this kind of love is a crucial part of my life’s mission, as it is for so many of my fellow Lightworkers. We are here on the ground to feel all-accepting, empathetic love as only we can. All these years, we have been preparing ourselves to fully feel this love as human beings. When we act with this love, we create a new paradigm.   

It has taken so much out of us to get to this point. Feeling everything so sharply can make us want to contract, and it’s easy to let self-survival take over. It is one thing to send love in meditation, but entirely another to feel it in the trenches of life. Yet, our feelings are our greatest power, and, by feeling love, we expand instead of contract, and this is how we create a higher experience. When we feel immense love for humanity, this heals all of us, and this is far more powerful and effective than any protection.  

Since my recent experience, my spiritual awareness continues to open further, and I am embodying my true, expansive self. I am remembering my Divine, innocent identity, and I can’t believe how infinite LOVE really is. I know so many of us are feeling these exact same things, and as we open ourselves up and feel love like never before, we are harnessing the rocket fuel for our evolution. We are Ascending, for when we love people whom we feel separate from, we transform the lonely back into the ONE. We shift this profane paradigm back into the sacred. We cherish every human being as we ourselves want to be cherished, and we feel that affection returned exponentially.  

My advice after my experience is to just love every single person as though they are your dearest loved one, and to do this now—you’ve no time left to waste! You’ve nothing left to keep waiting for—it’s up to you, and when you find someone hard to love, just love them like you would an innocent child until you positively melt with adoration. Love them until you feel the unifying miracle that saves you from yourself—until you are one with all of us again. I promise you that the skies of heaven will open up for you and alchemize our very earth.    

We are family, 

Suzanne at Share The Spiritual 

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Hello beautiful souls on earth! Here are some key practices that are helping with human Ascension right now:

Open Your Heart Each emotional heartbreak is a heart-opening for you to open yourself wide to the love that is already within you and then radiate that love out to humanity. You can feel deep emotions that come to you for the purpose of heart-opening, but you do not have to carry emotional pain. So while you may wish to cry, grieve, and celebrate as you feel called for the sake of expansion, do so without getting caught in suffering. Let your heart expand and then release the rest. 

Outgrow and Keep Growing Allow yourself to outgrow the old and grow with the new. You may notice how much you’ve outgrown old, painful experiences and that harmony and love feel most authentic to you. This requires feeling worthy, and Self-Love shows you how. Prioritize divine Self-Love that cares for all life from the inside out.

Feel Gratitude Instead of Victim Consciousness If you start to feel woe-is-me energy, choose instead to enjoy what you love in the present moment, with gratitude. Feel how expansive and solid gratitude is now, more than ever. You can uplift yourself and our entire world instead of getting stuck in victim consciousness. Make the best of things and then see how utterly precious this whole experience is!

Stop the Fight Within and Without Do not fight anything, just let it go. Most of all, do not fight emotional pain. Please understand that pain does not care about you, and this can feel unjust, but trying to get pain to care about you by fighting it is futile, so leave it be. You can outgrow being a venue for anything that sabotages you and stop participating in it. You can choose not to react and engage with others who carry pain, and instead, take the higher, beautiful path. Others will be inspired by you.

Unifying Soul Instead of Separate Personality Get out of personality and dive into your soul. Be who you really are—a being of unifying LOVE. Step into unity and stay there. All pain comes from forgetting unity. Joy returns when you remember.

Choose Not to Stay in Conspiracy Theory While it can be important to understand just how toxic your world has been so that you can heal, conspiracy theory can keep you stuck in a holding pattern of lower density. It is most important to hold the higher, Angelic light that you brought into this world. In short, stop complaining and start creating with unconditional love. 

Believe in Benevolence Believe in miracles and outcomes beyond your wildest dreams! Dream big and don’t ever stop. What you believe becomes your reality, so believe in your personal divine plan and your incredible ability to be a powerful creator of harmony. Embrace your job to be an oasis of joy. Hold higher light and blissful love on earth.   

Breathe Bliss Breathe in bliss, summoning bliss from within your being. Then breathe bliss out and offer this sacred gift of love to the world. Feel the harmonious flow of life that is available to you at every moment with every breath. The exquisite feelings available now are truly gorgeous.  

Physical Exercise Your physical body is your sacred Ascension vehicle. Exercise is so helpful. If you like to walk or hike and are approaching a big hill, picture yourself unpacking your burdens as you climb. Envision that you are taking off your worries and fears so that you are much lighter at the top. Let go of every single thing that weighs you down and be light. 

Get Your Body in the Water Bathing helps to hydrate, cleanse and heal. Bathing in sunlight is a true gift. Swimming in Nature is a dream come true.

Thrive Instead of Survive Say goodbye to survival mode and welcome “thrival” mode instead—your natural state. Rise from the ashes of pain as the reincarnation of LOVE, and soar wildly with your heart wide open! Make your life a waking dream of bliss as you so deserve, and light the starry way for all of us.  

I LOVE YOU INFINITELY ~ Suzanne at ShareTheSpiritual.com

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The evidence is in: humans do not want war, and we are seeing how barbaric war really is. After going through a global pandemic together, the idea of attacking another country seems especially intolerable and backwards. The thought of terrorizing civilians, even if done for hidden reasons, is not ok. The corrupt and violent systems that we used to put up with are incredibly difficult to understand. We cannot stand to see anyone exert power over another or take something at another’s expense. We are feeling such immense compassion for everyone who is suffering. We are feeling our humanity with all our hearts because we are evolving rapidly as one people, and nothing can stop our momentum. 

We are becoming Divine Humans, for we are spiritual beings through and through, and we can no longer be tricked into thinking otherwise. The evidence is everywhere that we are made of LOVE and that LOVE is what we want, and we are banding together now, eager to help each other. This is all we have to do to change our world—we just have to HELP EACH OTHER. It is that simple. 

This is getting easier and easier to do. There is so much more light than darkness on our planet now, and light is infinitely more powerful. Light is everywhere and eternal, and we have an ever-lasting supply of it to choose from. Darkness only exists in piddly, gasping amounts. What’s more, as we LOVE all, including the darkness, that darkness is losing its ability to take advantage of us. There are so many more souls embodying increasing light—dramatically so, and we are getting exponentially powerful, most especially when we unite together with LOVE. When we unite with LOVE, we can easily create the world we really want to live in. 

We were taught to fight each other by the desperate dark but now we know the obvious solution—to unite with LOVE. We are getting stronger and stronger with LOVE at every moment—so quickly that you might feel like you’re having an identity crisis! But, your true identity is always LOVE, for LOVE is the eternal “I” that never dies. LOVE is the puzzle of your life being put back together, one little miracle of synchronicity at a time. 

You are a child of infinite LOVE, and you chose to be on planet earth at this time instead of watching humanity’s evolution from afar. You wanted to be an active part of uplifting creation and to directly help with Ascension as only you can. You chose to be fully awake in your human life and aware of our evolution instead of remaining asleep to this fact. You positioned yourself on the globe in your specific location to help on a very personal level and to uplift everyone around you, and you are doing so with immense courage. 

Lightleaders like you are placed in every family around the world to help each family member wake up when it is time. You set the alarm clock for your family members so the alarm would begin chiming softly, gently nudging them out of deep, forgetful sleep. Your alarm call has been whispering to your family members on the periphery of their lives, softly waking them, note by note. They may have ignored the call and pressed snooze until now—and cursed the alarm clock! But, the call is growing louder and louder—in fact, it is absolutely clanging. Our entire family of humanity cannot go back to sleep and put up with business as usual, and the same old shenanigans—why? Because we have evolved! Yes, beloved soul, we have evolved. We are never going back to how things were. We simply can’t. We have woken up from the material dream to walk as spiritual humans, and, altogether now, unite in transformational LOVE.  

SuzanneMBaker    TwinFlameHelp

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Heaven has reached these realms, at last! Can you feel it, beloved soul? The light of higher consciousness has arrived, awakening us and bathing us in bliss. Feel this higher light with all your soul. See it, be it and live it out loud! LOVE with all your heart. Laugh with the light and relinquish the past. Forgiving is easy now, and unity is a no-brainer.

The ultimate love story is the reunification of humanity, and we are living out this eternal romance. We really do love each other, for how could we not when we are each other? We are here to unite in undying LOVE and change the human experience forever. We are doing so with your help. Godspeed, beloved soul!

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