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Evolution doesn’t happen to you, it happens through you. You are evolving right now, and this is a full-body process. You are processing all the discord in your body and removing this discord. You are decreasing your density and increasing your light to become a divine human being. 

The process is epic, and it centers around your heart. As you remove the discord from your body, you also remove the pain that blocks your heart. This allows you to use your heart instead of your head. And this means that you no longer have to see life from your limited left-brain. Instead, your heart becomes the center that you steer by, and this changes how you experience everything

The simple truth is that the left-brain sees everything with duality, which means that it brings you conflicting experiences. It attracts opposing relationships and challenges that mirror back your unhealed discord. This is why popular manifestation techniques let you down. They tell you to say, “I want this or that for myself,” without acknowledging your discord, and without acknowledging your unity with all life. When you are stuck in the left-brain, you end up feeling isolated. You get an odd mix of ups and downs instead of harmony. The trick is to free yourself from duality altogether, and you can do so through your heart. 

Your heart can become your center, allowing you to live with unity and with light neutrality, which means inclusivity for all. You don’t have to categorize or judge anything again. You don’t have to feel separate from others – you are already unified with everyone! And every one of us can have harmony and abundance – there is no lack! We can be light instead of dense, feeling peace and sheer bliss. This is our natural soul-state. This is your natural state, and this becomes obvious when your heart is front and center. 

Visualization helps. You can visualize your heart expanding so that it feels massive and much larger than you are used to. Picture your heart and the space around it expanding so that it takes over your body. You can visualize your heart-space as a giant sphere of gold and opalescent light, radiating out, exuding peace and harmony, expanding over your entire physical body, including your head and all of its rampant thoughts. 

Create a protective mirror around yourself too. Protection is vital as you free yourself from the old, corrupt human experience, so protect yourself and then let your heart-sphere lead. Let your heart-sphere neutralize conflict. Let it soothe troublesome thoughts with tranquility. Let your heart-sphere radiate infinite love, for this is how you evolve – this is how we evolve, and we are doing so right now as you read this. We are waking up from the dark night to see everything bathed in light, and we are becoming divine human beings.


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On this day and every single day, give yourself the gift you already have. Give yourself the love that is already waiting in you—love that is boundless and never ends. You don’t have to wait for this love. It is already here. It is within you, wrapped and ready to be opened. This love is what truly completes you, not another person.

The biggest misperception about romantic love is that someone else can complete you. They can’t. Only you can complete yourself. That is why romantic partnerships really thrive when both people love themselves. And that is why romantic love starts with you.

Romantic love asks you to understand just how incredibly loved you really are in our universe. It also asks you to understand just how much love you already embody. This love is infinite, and it is simply waiting to burst forth! Because love is who you actually are at the soul level. Love is your true identity.

I’m not talking about love as most humans know it. I’m talking about total jaw-dropping, ecstasy-inducing bliss! Romantic relationships give you a taste of this love—exquisitely so. But this love is actually a reflection of yourself. It is a reflection of the bliss that waits in all of us, wanting to pop open. Wanting to positively gush!

Love cannot be found externally. It is always within each of us. Love is always within you. It is simply asking to be found.

But how do you find this love and never lose it again? My new guide shows you how. It gives you the gift of yourself. But why can it be so hard to love yourself? I explain the real reason in my guide. I give you the information and techniques to help you fully understand that you are infinitely loved by the universe, despite appearances! You are cherished and adored, and always will be. Because you are infinite love incarnate, and you are here to finally be your true self.

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