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Human Ascension is not something that you wait for. Ascension, otherwise known as spiritual evolution, is not an external experience that happens to you by something outside of yourself. Rather, your evolution is an extremely personal and internal process that you initiate within your own human body. And, this personal process is something that you go through on your own terms in your own unique way. No one else can do this process for you because you are always in charge of your spiritual evolution.  

Your evolution is both spiritual and physical. It is the unification of your physical human self with your spiritual Self on earth. You become a unified human being of ultimate harmony. This process is built-in, but again, you are the One who initiates it. You harmonize all of your energy bodies into One unified Light of higher consciousness, and you fully embody your higher-dimensional Self while in physical form. 

Embracing your physical existence is key. You are not here to override, disavow or disempower your physical being, but rather, to unite the spiritual and physical within you. This is your personal Divine Plan, and this is the collective Divine Plan, and it all happens within each precious person. As you harmonize and unify your physical and spiritual energies, you come across remaining blockages that need to be healed (you have probably been healing many of these for years.). These blockages come from your human experiences of feeling separated from Beloved GodSource, and they encompass wounds, fears, limitations and misperceptions that have kept you fragmented. As you address these blockages, you integrate, harmonize, and unify your Beautiful Self. You remember that you are intrinsically connected to all life and that feeling separate was just a temporary illusion that afforded a different experience. You put yourself back together again, this time in this dense realm on earth, and you unite all of your discordant parts—with joyful elation! You unify your being in sublime harmony and jaw-dropping wonderment, and you come back to GodSource within. 

Your unification is a complete experience of self-realization. It is a process of compassionately owning all sides of your soul’s journeys and all of the duality, or both sides, of everything that you have ever experienced. You take full ownership and take full charge of your ability to either thrive or suffer in this realm, and you see that this is up to you—divine, perfect, and gorgeous you, at this time. And, as you heal and unify your fragmented parts, your perspective on life changes dramatically. You perceive and experience the higher dimensions of heaven-on-earth, and you join with others doing this too, in unison. You get to consciously co-create our harmonious reality.  

Again, this holy process is not something that you wait for, so do not let anything outside of yourself hold you back any longer. You can transform your body and your world from the inside out, right now, for you are a powerful, divine being of sacred perfection who can actualize a higher paradigm on earth.   

But what about your loved ones who may be asleep, who are deeply suffering? Everyone gets to live on their own terms and wake up spiritually in their own way, often through suffering, and you cannot take their process away from them. Yes, you can lovingly lead the way through your own process, but each person discovers their own divinity within themselves and gets to experience their sacred epiphanies that their soul has strived for, as well as their precious free will. Each person gets to remember for themselves that they are a sacred aspect of holy GodSource, looking out through their unique and essential perspective, and that they are here to discover themselves all over again. Each person gets to become awestruck and shake with glee at the immaculate wonder of life—as life, recognizing itself in the grand mirror of the eternal Divine.

As each One of us does this, we get to see the divine in everyone and everything, and we laugh out loud at how obviously perfect, unified and harmonious life really is. We see that by experiencing the full density of this realm, and being able to merge that density with our higher aspects, we have truly alchemized ourselves into gold, and that everything is gold anyway, and always has been.   

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