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Our car was stolen Saturday night. An angel in disguise took our prized possession away, unseen, and slipped stealthfully into the darkness. As we processed our situation, my husband and I practiced neutrality first, followed by gratitude. We remained detached observers, and we welcomed the healing life lessons being offered to us on a silver platter. 

First and foremost, we observed the obvious fact that no one had been hurt or even frightened. A material object had simply disappeared. We were acutely aware that so many brave people go through unimaginable things that we cannot even fathom, and we felt grateful for our situation. After that, lessons immediately appeared, and by embracing them, we grew from the experience. 

The next lesson we received involved the vanity of materialism and the inauthenticity of status. The fact is, we’d worked hard to acquire our very nice car but had also been fortunate to buy it at a bargain price, and even the bargain payments were becoming stressful. The car reflected the fact that we were living beyond our means, and in truth, I think we always felt like posers in it. We are so passionately spiritual, and a new luxury car seemed at odds with our souls. We love classical beauty but never wanted to feed into exclusivity and smugness, and we’d always felt conflicted about this object. What we want is comfort and joy for all—we want beauty and abundance for each and every soul on earth, but not a symbol of snobbery.

Lo and behold, our conflict was resolved for us overnight, and instead of feeling like victims who had suffered an injustice, we welcomed this blessing with open arms and saw its perfection. Yes, the ordeal would cost us some more money, but the spiritual growth we received was invaluable. And although we did feel some palpable sadness, we saw that objects can bring us joy, like toys, but attachment to them is ultimately distraction. We learned that we cannot look to external objects to give us validation for what we can only give to ourselves, and when we let those objects go, we become free to love ourselves properly. And, when we welcome the blessings of losing material objects, those objects can actually aid in human transformation. That is why, ever since our car was stolen, we have been sending love and gratitude to our angel who drove away undercover.  

They say that your car represents your life. Well, our life changed for the better in the blink of an eye, all because of gratitude. We see now that being grateful for negative experiences transforms them. Instead of resisting a challenge and spiraling into more negativity, we can become observers who approach that challenge with gratitude, welcoming its lessons that grace us. This allows us to fully accept the challenge, unconditionally, and to become open to instant spiritual growth. What follows is unconditional love for all, an otherworldly and powerful feeling. 

If complaining brings us more of what we don’t want, then gratitude seems to make us invincible. And although the experience of getting a car stolen could have made us less trusting of the universe, we actually feel more trusting of everything. By being grateful for our negative experiences, past and present, we get to take full responsibility for our lives, knowing that we attract challenges in order to gain revelations of love. We finally get to LOVE ALL—the “good” and the “bad,” without exception. We see that everything has the potential to be beautiful in this world, if only we let it. This creates heaven-on-earth and a fast-track to spiritual evolution.  

Earlier today, the full force of these recent lessons hit me, and I laughed uncontrollably like a happy Buddha. I knew the secret to life: being grateful for the bad things is what alchemizes those bad things into gold. And then I realized that everything is actually gold anyway, and always has been. 

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Precious Beings of Light, it can be helpful to understand that, many ages ago, a control system was put in place to keep humanity limited. Why? Because we wanted to evolve successfully.  Our previous evolution attempts had failed—disastrously so. We were having difficulty evolving at such a dense level of creation, and we wanted to achieve our goal this time. So, a plan was enacted to guide us slowly and strategically through our evolution. The plan was to let us grow at our own pace and to discover our own divinity within, something that we had to do ourselves. We had to heal our lower, darker and more dense aspects in order to remember our higher, lighter and benevolent nature, and eventually unite the two. We had to be humbled in order to regain our creative powers and use them wisely for the benefit of all.

The control system that was put in place to aid our evolution was our human conditioning. We were conditioned to forget our all-loving, creative power and to give that power away to authority outside of ourselves. We were conditioned to fear everyone and everything, including God, via false gods, and to live in survival mode. We experienced amnesia, separation, fragility, and a manipulated environment. We were mistreated, atrociously so, and this went on longer and more harshly than intended. We also felt betrayed and abandoned from our prior evolution attempts, and these core wounds ruled our days. But, this diminished state was not meant to last forever. In time, we would naturally evolve out of the quagmire and rightfully thrive in a whole new way that would surpass our wildest dreams! We would take with us what we had learned the hard way and create a new reality that was beyond magical.

That time is now. We are ripe to finally evolve to a state of heaven-on-earth. The only thing that is really holding us back at this point is ourselves.   

We hold ourselves back when we feed into divisiveness. We resist our own evolution when we fear and judge. Duality sabotages our evolution process. Picking sides thwarts our goal. We also sabotage ourselves when we let our wounds run our lives. This is how we betray and abandon ourselves. 

The solution to our conundrum is unity. We must unite together in unconditional love—our natural state. We must expand our awareness with love that frees us from the confines we have known and completely opens our very world.   

Loving awareness is everything, and it means going beyond conspiracy. Yes, we can see the toxic control systems that we no longer need in order to shed them, but we cannot stop there. We have to step out of the cage and fly. Because whatever we put our attention on, that is what we receive. So, when we judge anything, we create yet more of what we don’t want and are trapped. So, if we feed into conspiracy, we create yet more discord, but if we lovingly, unconditionally accept all, we experience yet more harmonious LOVE in return. When we unite with all, we are invincible and powerfully create our new paradise.   

I say it all the time, all judgment comes from inside of ourselves and is something that is asking us to heal within. We are being called to forgive, and thus, clear our own fear-based conditioning that causes harm to life. That is how we heal reality from the inside out.  

Your personal, evolutionary goal is to heal your own conditioned limitations, take back your power and uplift this world as only you can. That is why you have always been an optimist, because you know that everything is going to turn out miraculously well and that earth Ascension is assured. And while, yes, you have survived the unthinkable and been through one hell of an initiation, literally, you have emerged unscathed, and you are ready to love yet more! That is how incredible you are. For, you are holy GodSource looking out through your unique and precious eyes, and you are here to help all of us to evolve. For, your life is an exquisite artwork—a sacred puzzle being put back together by sacred you, one magical piece of synchronicity at a time.

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Shout out to Dr. Michael Sharp for helping me to begin solving my own spiritual puzzle many years ago. Please find his invaluable work here. 

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