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Precious Beings of Light, it can be helpful to understand that, many ages ago, a control system was put in place to keep humanity limited. Why? Because we wanted to evolve successfully.  Our previous evolution attempts had failed—disastrously so. We were having difficulty evolving at such a dense level of creation, and we wanted to achieve our goal this time. So, a plan was enacted to guide us slowly and strategically through our evolution until completion. The plan was to let us grow at our own pace and to discover our own divinity within, something that we had to do ourselves. We had to heal our lower, darker and more dense aspects in order to remember our higher, lighter and benevolent nature, and eventually unite the two—fully and completely, without compromise. We had to remember holy GodSource, and we had to be humbled in order to regain our creative powers and use those powers wisely for the benefit of all.

The control system that was put into place to aid our evolution was our human conditioning. We were conditioned to forget GodSource and our all-loving, creative power, and to give that power away to authority outside of ourselves. We experienced amnesia, separation, fragility, and a manipulated environment. This went on longer and more harshly than intended. We were conditioned to fear everyone and everything, including GodSource, via false gods, and to live in survival mode. We were mistreated, atrociously so. We also felt betrayed and abandoned from our prior evolution attempts, and these core wounds ruled our days. But, this diminished state was not meant to last forever. In time, we would naturally evolve out of the quagmire, instead of self-destructing, and rightfully thrive in a whole new way that would surpass our wildest dreams! We would take with us what we had learned the hard way and create a new reality that was beyond magical.

That time is now. We are ripe to finally evolve to a state of heaven-on-earth. The only thing that is really holding us back at this point is ourselves. I say this with complete awe for all that you have personally done to help us get here. Your contribution to the long-awaited evolution of humanity has been essential, and you are the bravest aspect of your gorgeous soul. It is now time to let go of anything holding you back from flourishing in human form as you so deeply deserve.   

We humans hold ourselves back when we feed into divisiveness. We resist our own evolution when we fear and judge. Duality sabotages our evolution process—picking sides thwarts our goal. We also sabotage ourselves when we let our wounds and fears run our lives. This is how we betray and abandon ourselves. We sabotage ourselves further when we feed into vanity which separates us from our holy and all-loving GodSource. 

The solution to our conundrum is unity. We must unite together in unconditional love—our natural state. We must expand our awareness with LOVE that frees us from the confines we have known—LOVE that completely opens our very world and returns us back to the bliss of GodSource.    

Loving awareness is everything, and it means going beyond conspiracy. Yes, we can see the toxic control systems that we no longer need in order to shed them, but we cannot stop there. We have to step out of the cage and fly. Because whatever we put our attention on, that is what we receive. So, when we judge anything, we create yet more of what we don’t want and are trapped. So, if we feed into conspiracy, we create yet more discord, but if we lovingly, unconditionally accept all, we experience yet more harmonious LOVE in return. When we unite with all, we are invincible and powerful, and we create our new paradise.   

I say it all the time, all judgment comes from inside of ourselves and is something that is asking us to heal within. We are being called to forgive, and thus, clear our own fear-based conditioning that causes harm to life. That is how we heal reality from the inside out, and that is your courageous mission. 

Your personal, evolutionary goal is to heal your own conditioned limitations, remember GodSource, take back your spiritual power and uplift this world as only you can. That is why you have always been an optimist, because you know that everything is going to turn out miraculously well and that earth Ascension is assured. And while, yes, you have survived the unthinkable and been through one hell of an initiation—literally, you have emerged unscathed, and you are ready to love yet more! That is how incredible you are. For, you are holy GodSource looking out through your unique and precious eyes, and you are here to help all of us to evolve. Your life is an exquisite artwork—a sacred puzzle being put back together by sacred you, one magical piece of synchronicity at a time. And your Ascension is your ultimate masterpiece—your shining destiny, finally actualized.

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Shout out to Dr. Michael Sharp for helping me to begin solving my own spiritual puzzle many years ago. Please find his invaluable work here. 

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As you read this, humanity is undergoing a seemingly hidden, yet blatantly obvious spiritual evolution. This evolution involves finalizing our core healing. We are finishing out processing old traumas and judgments so that we can become unlimited and unconditionally loving. This means that you are personally evolving by processing your own past experiences of pain. You are healing your deepest traumas and subsequent judgments—all the pain that has held you back, until nothing can hold you back any more.

The key to your healing process is to understand that you came to this life to overcome experiences that severely limited you exactly so that you could become completely unlimited. You were born to become responsibly powerful and fully loving—unconditionally so that you are infinitely free. That is the process you are currently going through.

You are freeing yourself from limitation so that you can know its opposite through and through, at the deepest soul-experience level. You are rescuing yourself from your human conditioning (something I explain in detail in my book, Love is Free) so that you will never be put down again. Human conditioning is the systematic way that we have all been trained to put ourselves and others down through unworthiness, and it lies at the bottom of our most painful ordeals.

For example, right now I am overcoming the traumatic experience of feeling ostracized and undervalued in my past—dramatically and repeatedly so (I’m sure you can relate!). By acknowledging the truth that I have experienced this deep pain, I fully see how it has pushed me to limit myself in life in so many ways. By facing my human pain, I am able to see its lesson—to stop limiting myself. I am able to overcome this pain and realize its opposite—that I unconditionally belong in an eternally loving universe as a sacred aspect of GodSource. I can never truly be ostracized or undervalued because I am always one with the holiness of everyone and everything. I always have been.

One crucial aid to overcoming trauma is acceptance. Acceptance means that we let go of trying to blame others for our pain and instead simply focus on our own. Of course, it’s understandably easy to get paralyzed by what others have done to you, especially when no purpose for such cruelty seems apparent. But feeling acceptance means that you recognize with full compassion that all of us came here to overcome for a great purpose—to fully embody unlimited, unconditional love from the inside out—and through our pain we have been helping each other to do this. We are all one in beneficent LOVE after all.

Recently, I experienced a very personal breakthrough involving acceptance, after which I was able to heal pain from two key relationships. I had outgrown these relationships several years ago when I grew spiritually in my life, yet I had always hoped we would meet in mutual understanding on the other side of change. In fact, I assumed these people wanted healing and progress forward in our relationship with the same zealous optimism that I did. They did not. And that’s what I was able to finally see and accept. They wanted to remain as things had been and keep the dynamic we had known—especially in its fractured state, and in realizing this I was able to let my rosy expectations go. I was able to let these beautiful people go from what I wanted from them and simply heal on my own. With this understanding, my healing was instantaneous. What’s more, I stopped interfering in their healing process, and I was able to love them as I hadn’t been before.

Healing pain means ending the fight over how you think people should be and letting the chips fall where they may. This is true surrender of control, and once you let go in this way—once you feel a full sense of loss, then FREEDOM, then PEACE, you open yourself up to receive. I speak from experience. Last month, I surrendered all control over one gigantic and painfully unattainable dream. I let it go completely and even threw out all papers related to it. A few days later, I received a call that made my dream come true.

I know your dreams will come true too—every last precious one of them. I know you will overcome your darkest trials and seize their opposite—your dearest wishes come to glorious fruition. I know you will realize your magnificent brilliance and your all-accepting LOVE—your undying desire for harmony for all. Just keep going through your courageous process. We will rejoice together at the after-party.

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Hello, beautiful soul. I have written a book to help you completely thrive in your life. I have pinpointed how you can personally do this.

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