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I heal my fears by facing them. I experience something negative that triggers my fear, or, I willingly think of something that makes me scared or anxious, and I feel that fear fully. I express whatever emotions the fear brings up for me to experience. I acknowledge everything that I am feeling and face it head on, instead of ignoring it. I do this with gratitude for the opportunity or situation I am experiencing that is allowing me to heal my fear. 

It’s important to note here that gratitude for negative feelings is key as it dissolves negativity and loosens its control. When I am grateful for something negative, I take away its power to hurt me. I am able to accept this negative experience and then look for the lesson that this experience is teaching me. This is what I become truly grateful for. This process allows me to integrate everything that I go through into a unified experience, as opposed to a selective one that hides certain experiences in the shadows. Hiding things in the shadows allows them to continue to sabotage me at any given moment.  

I also understand that, behind my fears, I have negative beliefs about the world. These beliefs can be held in my subconscious, and I may not even be aware of them—that is, until something bad happens. The lessons behind my fears help me to shift those negative beliefs and replace them with positive and loving beliefs about the world. It’s important to understand here that we each create our own world. We often do this unconsciously—through fearful beliefs that we hold in our subconscious. So, the goal is to create my world consciously with positive beliefs, and to eliminate the negative beliefs that are sabotaging me. But, I don’t just eliminate those beliefs—I heal them which allows me to integrate them. I join all of my experiences in unity instead of shunning any of them, which, again, only pushes them back into the shadows to come out and sabotage me all over again.  

I have found that a lot of my fears stem from childhood wounds, as they do for all of us, and I have been actively clearing those. I have also been called to clear my fears from many of my past lives, and this has truly taken my healing to a new level. For example, I faced a deep fear of the injustice of being innocent, yet nevertheless, being interrogated like a criminal by authority. This fear stems from many past lives where I was persecuted. This fear has come to the surface this week for me to heal, and by tackling it with the above method, I have been able to unearth so many revelations around this issue. I have plunged into the darkest depths of being persecuted and punished to death, and by finally feeling the emotions around these experiences—so deep and terrifying but effective—I have gone into the fire and come out the other side with so much awareness and wisdom that it is stupefying! I have faced my fears and cleared them from my being, and this will improve the way I live forever. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.

I now no longer believe that authority can have power over me and persecute me, and punish me to death. I am free, safe, and protected, and justice prevails in my world (while understanding that justice may not prevail for those who believe otherwise—for now.) I am eternal and immortal, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are all shifting this human experience to one of bliss as originally intended. I have now cleared fearful beliefs that were controlling me and holding me back in life, and I have done so through healing and integration, rather than through denial by hiding the old belief from myself.    

I am so grateful to be healing with you. We are here to heal the experience of duality and integrate all of our many hard earned lessons into powerful new beliefs that catapult us into a whole new realm of heaven-on-earth. Stay tuned for more on that!


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