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For some time now, I have been pining for a particular dream world of harmony, creativity and natural beauty unparalleled—a world that sings with gorgeousness and is my heaven-on-earth. I have been designing this world in my heart, drawing pictures of it day after day, and writing down its perfect details. My dream world is the paradise that I long for, and it positively sings with bliss! It has four perfect seasons on four perfect lands. These lands encompass autumnal splendor, mountainous winter woods, spring gardens and turquoise beaches. Most of all, my dream world is shared with precious, kindred souls. We spend our days creating beauty with so much love, and we have so much FUN together! We simply enjoy ourselves until we feel inspired to create and to celebrate the ecstasy of GodSource. And all the while that I have been dreaming of this world, I thought that I was creating something brand new for the New Earth. But now, all of a sudden, I realize that I am remembering a place that already exists in my soul—a heavenly paradigm from my past that I know better than myself. I am remembering Lemuria.

Lemuria is the ancient paradise of my dreams. Lemuria is where I thrived in total joy with my soul tribe and lived in utter harmony. Lemuria is the place that I have missed forever with sorrowful longing. It is my dearest home that I am trying to get back to, and it has been leaving clues for me all my life. 

I am named after my gorgeous grandmother, Muriel, a name that means “Sea Bright” in Irish. My grandmother and I have always been drawn to the sea and share the same eye color of the ocean. We have always loved expressions of beauty. Today, I realize that our name “Muriel” comes from one of the lost lands of Lemuria in ancient Ireland. This discovery was always waiting for me. 

All my life, I have travelled to places that turn out to be ancient Lemurian lands. All my life, I have been obsessed with the sea. I dream of splashing in turquoise waves that shine with crystalline light. Indeed, I am happiest when swimming in the ocean or walking upon beaches. I often think about dolphins and mermaids, and I talk to trees like they are family (they are.).  I am obsessed with flowers, most especially pink roses, and I love cats and dream of playing with snow leopards. I love singing, dancing, and endless playful and creative pursuits. I dream of rainbow iridescent colors that ignite my soul! I believe in the ultimate romance of the Divine Feminine/Masculine without question. I know that we are all sacred children of GodSource who were born to play, not slave away, and I know with unshakable faith that, despite outward appearances, our time to thrive is here. Our New Lemuria is closer than we think.  

For fourteen years, I have been writing about bringing the Garden of Eden to earth but I did not realize that I already knew that place here from long ago. I did not realize as a lightworker that I, in fact, belong here on earth in this way, and this belonging is everything. And though my beloved grandmother has passed over now, I know that she too dreamed of Lemuria for all those many years and that I will see her in our new paradise so very soon.

I am dreaming of Lemuria—do you remember it too? Will you dream with me and make our paradise return once more? Let us dream together on Friday, March 3rd, and every day thereafter, in our own perfect way. Please join us with brilliant author Ismael Perez (whom I am so honored to have met) as he leads us through a powerful meditation. Join us as we meditate and make our dreams become reality at  ourcosmicorigin.com   Special shout out to Huna Flash and Catherine Edwards who inspired me to remember where I come from. All my Lemurian LOVE ~Suzanne Muriel Baker  ShareTheSpiritual.com  SuzanneMBaker.com TwinFlameHelp.com

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