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The other day, I drove a family friend to the doctor and waited in the building during their appointment. I found myself in the massive lobby of a medical complex and selected a lone bench to sit on in the back. The bench was far away from the busier areas, and I was grateful for the personal space. I was also thankful for the sunlight that poured through the glass ceiling, and as I sat quietly in this medical environment, I became highly aware of how fortunate I am to have my health. But, at the same time, I also became aware of how traditional and third dimensional the medical system is, something I try to avoid as an awakened empath. If you’re an empath too, you know how challenging it is to feel everything acutely, especially in our current, chaotic world where 3D systems are falling apart. I, personally, have suffered enough emotionally in this lifetime, so I tend to go into protection mode in such places. What’s more, in this bustling lobby, I was already feeling concerned for my friend, so I hunkered down on my bench and decided to read spiritual emails while I waited. 

As the hour went by, many people came in and out of the lobby, and I felt very separate from them. I sensed they weren’t aware of the higher reality that I live in, and as usual in my life, I felt like a fish out of water. People also passed through the lobby who were suffering from heart-wrenching physical ailments, and my soul ached for them. But, I also knew from experience that I shouldn’t carry another’s pain, so I envisioned an energetic bubble of protection around me. I counted the minutes ’til I could leave these institutional surroundings and get my friend safely home, and return to my own oasis.

In time, my friend texted me that their appointment was wrapping up. It had gone well, and they would be just a few minutes longer, and I felt relief! But then I had a realization. I realized that I had completely wasted my time in this lobby, and that I had precious little left to use. Here I was, physically strong and spiritually aware, and all I had done was protect myself. What I really wanted now was to connect with every soul in the building and send them all the healing love that I could muster. So that is what I did. But, I didn’t just send the people around me love—I actually LOVED them with all of my heart. I cared for them as deeply as I did my friend. And then I went further. I loved them like my own children, and I asked for miracles of healing for each and every one of them, patients and doctors alike. I felt united with these people like family—an entire building of humans I’d never met! And I knew that I could expand this building to include the entire world in a way more tangible and effective than all my prior efforts to help humanity. 

Sitting there, the busy building became a sacred site, and I realized that I really did love these people in my soul, and it was just programming that had taught me to see them as separate. I realized that I loved them even if they were spiritually asleep because that was just programming too, and if I denied them love then I was denying myself the same. So, I let love act through me because that is what I came to earth to do. I came here to LOVE everybody on behalf of GodSource, and as I did this, I remembered that embodying this kind of love is a crucial part of my life’s mission, as it is for so many of my fellow Lightworkers. We are here on the ground to feel all-accepting, empathetic love as only we can. All these years, we have been preparing ourselves to fully feel this love as human beings. When we act with this love, we create a new paradigm.   

It has taken so much out of us to get to this point. Feeling everything so sharply can make us want to contract, and it’s easy to let self-survival take over. It is one thing to send love in meditation, but entirely another to feel it in the trenches of life. Yet, our feelings are our greatest power, and, by feeling love, we expand instead of contract, and this is how we create a higher experience. When we feel immense love for humanity, this heals all of us, and this is far more powerful and effective than any protection.  

Since my recent experience, my spiritual awareness continues to open further, and I am embodying my true, expansive self. I am remembering my Divine, innocent identity, and I can’t believe how infinite LOVE really is. I know so many of us are feeling these exact same things, and as we open ourselves up and feel love like never before, we are harnessing the rocket fuel for our evolution. We are Ascending, for when we love people whom we feel separate from, we transform the lonely back into the ONE. We shift this profane paradigm back into the sacred. We cherish every human being as we ourselves want to be cherished, and we feel that affection returned exponentially.  

My advice after my experience is to just love every single person as though they are your dearest loved one, and to do this now—you’ve no time left to waste! You’ve nothing left to keep waiting for—it’s up to you, and when you find someone hard to love, just love them like you would an innocent child until you positively melt with adoration. Love them until you feel the unifying miracle that saves you from yourself—until you are one with all of us again. I promise you that the skies of heaven will open up for you and alchemize our very earth.    

We are family, 

Suzanne at Share The Spiritual 

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Questioning creates an opening. When we question, we open ourselves to greater possibilities. We allow for more than we ever have before.

The spiritual path is all about allowing instead of restricting. It is about dissolving the limits that are keeping us from love. This is what healing and growing are, and questioning opens the way. It expands awareness and removes the illusion of separation It allows love in to heal ancient wounds.

If you haven’t already done so, amazing soul reading these words, let love in and question everything that is keeping you from it. Of course, I know this can be challenging, because we have been so trained to settle. We have been taught to believe what other people tell us and to never ask why. But I want you to throw out everything that you have ever been told and take a look deep inside. Determine what you truly believe without concern for how others might evaluate you – not society, nor your teachers, and especially not your peers. I want you to ignore the talking heads that tell you what you “should” think about something you’ve just seen with your own eyes.

Ignore the media and its fearful, manufactured stories. How is it acceptable that they are repeated on every channel? Question what doesn’t feel real to you, and decide what is really real for yourself.

When we question, we peel back the layers and allow the truth to be revealed. This truth is not evaluation or justification. It is not thinking, but rather consciousness. And ultimately, all consciousness is love. In fact, every question we ask can be answered with one word – love.

As I’ve questioned on my own journey, I have come to remember this love. I have come to re-discover just how infinitely blissful reality really is, and just how spectacular, powerful, and wise we each are. I feel so compelled to tell you this about yourself. 

Right now, ask yourself the deepest questions. Empty your mind of thoughts and focus on your being instead. There is nothing that matters at this moment – no worries, no projects or judgments, just your beautiful soul experiencing this world. Release all doubts about the past and plans about the future, and just sense who you are within. Then, ask yourself the questions that come to you. Here are some personal favorites of mine:

  • Who am I? If I take away what the world has told me and let go of all my needs and wants, who do I really know myself to be? What will it take for me to bring this authentic self into my every day life?
  • What do I really, really want? What does my ego want? Which do I choose to fulfill?
  • What am I afraid of? How might this fear be limiting me from all that I long for in life?
  • Am I allowing myself to experience what I truly desire? Are any of my beliefs keeping me from what I really wish to experience?
  • How do I want the world to change, and what does this look like? What can I do to help make this happen in my own unique way? What are my talents and passions that can help to create more harmony for humanity? How can I help us to remember one consciousness?
  • What has my heart, my soul, and my inner compassionate voice been trying to tell me? If I pause amidst the insane pace of modern life, can I hear what I’ve been trying to tell myself? Can I remember to listen to my own voice every day? How can I honor my sacred self more?

Trust the loving answers that come to you. Allow them to show you what you truly wish to experience. Allow them to show you all of the courageous reasons you came here to grow and the unique ways you can help humanity at this momentous time. Anything is possible, and it begins when you question and allow.


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