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I live for romantic beauty. I am most myself when sensing the exquisite gorgeousness of romantic beauty on this earth. And while earth Ascension is my primary purpose, bringing more romantic beauty into this world takes a close second, something I am being reminded of daily. On November 18th, a simple but powerful exercise that combines both missions came to me from my soul. I share it with you now as a gift:

Romantic Foundation~Union Within Yourself  

In order to unite with others, first, you unite with yourself. In order to heal the separation, pain, and longing that you feel with others, first, you heal these fractures within your own human being. This is where romantic beauty enters the scene, through the following visualization:   

Imagine that all the romance you have ever craved lives within you. Understand that you are your own Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine who have been separated for eons. You can now bring these aspects of yourself together in permanent union.

Take a moment to imagine what your ultimate Divine Feminine looks like. She is gorgeous beyond words! Picture her beauty, her grace and her creative talents. Understand that she is not limited by human parameters and has many powerful, otherworldly and nurturing qualities. Visualize her perfection and the delicate specifics of her living form. Now, understand that this gorgeous Divine Feminine is you. From this awareness, feel her presence within you. Take some time to connect with this ultimate aspect of you and dream upon your beautiful details. 

Now, take a moment to imagine your ultimate Divine Masculine. He is gorgeous beyond words! Picture his handsome beauty, his strength and his talents. Understand that he is not limited by human parameters and has many powerful and otherworldly protection qualities. Visualize his perfection and the specifics of his living form. Now, understand that this gorgeous Divine Masculine is you, and feel his presence within you. Take some time to connect with this ultimate aspect of you and dream upon your handsome details.      

Next, picture your Divine Feminine aspect and Divine Masculine aspect falling in love with each other. Feel the longing that they hold for one another to live out their aching love story, and allow them to meet in ultimate romance. Let them recognize each other at last and embrace with such tenderness and care. Let them kiss each other in rapture and weep with recognition of this Divine Union that was predestined and is now secure. Let them make a sacred vow to take care of each other always—to nurture and protect one another, and to never be apart again. Then keep this internal vow with all your heart and soul. 

Now, allow this unconditional and infinite love of your unified aspects to create a child. This child is your “inner child” of Divine beauty and innocence. This child is the daughter and the son that you have dreamed of in your heart. This child is yours to parent and protect, and lives as innocence upon this earth. And this child is actually you—your human self incarnate in this life, who is now Ascending. You complete your own Holy Trinity come to life, and you now treat yourself as your own precious child from this day forward.

Envision your personal trinity with such devotion. Imagine the three of you sitting with your Beloved GodSource, being honored as so very sacred. You are together at last, never to be separated or neglected again. Go forth to treat yourself as sacred from now on. Go forth knowing that everything that you seek has always been within you, not outside of you, and is now fulfilled in holy union. You are reborn, rock solid with the LOVE that you have always dreamed of and can now interact with others in a “whole” new way in our Divine Human paradigm. Romantic partnerships now become blissfully harmonious and heavenly. And by uniting within, you are able to unite with everyone in our most profound Ascension.  

With so much LOVE ~ Suzanne 

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