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I think a lot of us can feel that we aren’t doing things “right” on our spiritual journeys. We listen to what some guru says and then apply it to our lives. But all too soon, our humanness makes itself obvious. We feel as though we’ve failed our pious instructions.

But there is no “right” way to go about your perfect journey. Your life is an original unfolding of magic that cannot be defined. For your life is revealing the infinite magic that is already in you.

Nothing can take this magic away, and nothing can make your finding it less special. You see, enlightenment is rediscovering who you have always been. And how you find yourself is completely up to you.

No one can tell you how to do it. Yes, a spiritual teacher can point out the ways that you are limiting yourself. They can help you to expand your awareness. But such expansion has nothing to do with judgment. It isn’t about analyzing what is “wrong” with you. It is only about increasing love.

You are here to open your heart to more love than you ever have before. And the way that you do so is unique. There is no other path like yours. There is only how much you want to grow.

Just by living during these accelerating times, you are being offered countless opportunities to grow with love. You are being given experiences that are both painful and glorious, and they will change your soul forever. And the only thing this growth requires is trust in your spectacular self.

You are already, naturally trusting. Just think about the trust it took for you to come here and live your human life. So allow yourself to trust, and watch it bless your life a thousand fold! Watch it give you perspective in your relationships and allow you to see the love in every human being. Let trust empower you and enable you to truly learn. Let it illuminate your experiences with gratitude because your heart is opening again.

Trust your spiritual curiosity, and you will see life for the sacred classroom it is. Find your growth reflected in the walls around you and the people you share this room with. Grow, sublime being, and let your unfolding unfold, however that happens to be. Unveil your own magic like clouds recede to blue, and then open that sky to the entire cosmos! There, you will find yourself and the answer to every question you have asked. Such is your perfect awakening and your sublime spiritual path.

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What do you believe? The answer shapes what you experience. When you shift your belief, you shift your experience. If you want to do this, here’s a little exercise to help.

Take a look at the thoughts that are creating barriers throughout your day – the excuses and limitations that are keeping you from your dreams. Write down these beliefs that are holding you back. For example, “I never have enough time” or “ I never seem to fit in.” Once you have your list, replace each negative belief with a positive one. “I don’t have time” becomes “I have all the time in the world.” “I don’t fit in” becomes “I am extraordinary and one-of-a-kind.” Or perhaps, “Life is full of suffering” becomes “Life is a sacred opportunity to experience love.” See how expansive your new beliefs make you feel. Realize you have the power to choose them.

When we choose more expansive beliefs, it becomes obvious that unlimited potential is at our fingertips. Each moment offers infinite possibility to create a higher dream. And then we realize that our old beliefs were steeped in a lot of fear, and we can have love instead. In fact, I believe this is what we’re here to do. Choosing love is the spiritual journey.

The problems that directly affect our lives are showing us our fearful beliefs. They are ours to take responsibility for and heal. And this starts on the inside. We must go within and find where we have created each discordance – each opportunity for growth – and then heal it with forgiveness and love. As spiritual healer Dr. Hew Len teaches, you can do this by saying the following words: “I am so sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.” When I say these words, I feel that I am curing the root of my problems – my belief in the absence of love. And, as Dr. Hew Len teaches, we can do this with any problem we see in our reality. That’s right, all the discord in the world. Whoa.

You see, the work that you do to heal yourself helps all of us to heal. This is what the Christian story of Jesus is all about. He showed humanity how to get back to love, starting with each person, from the inside out. When you love yourself as much as you can and forgive your human mistakes, you do this. When you believe in yourself with an open heart instead of fear, you help transform us all. This is one of the most important things you can do with your life.

When you leave this world, your loving beliefs are all that will remain of this temporal experience. You see, life is a precious opportunity to see how we’ve been denying ourselves love so that we can accept more of it. When we do, we remember that this is our natural state. Finally, with grateful hearts, we recognize ourselves again. And at last, with sublime awareness, we get back to God.

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Last week, I was helping at the front desk of our children’s school, when my past came back to haunt me. A former friend came walking into the lobby, when I least expected to see her. Now this was someone I had once befriended with open arms, only to feel subsequently wounded by. And, interestingly enough, my intuition had warned me that she was going to teach me a very important lesson.

But until now, I hadn’t been able to pinpoint what that was. That day at school, with nowhere to hide, I put my finger on it. The lesson was acceptance.

Although I’d had such high hopes for this friendship, it turned out to be a brief one. When things ended with more drama than I’m used to, I found myself feeling mistreated and publicly misjudged, all by someone I was still getting to know. But one year later, I see that from the beginning, I’d harbored expectations that could never be fulfilled. As a pleaser, I’d given way too much of myself and expected similar giving in return. My disappointment led to feeling hurt, when I could have been discerning instead. Most of all, from the start I had assumed this person was who she is not.

In order to see this, I have had to put my judgment aside. I have had to say to this friend in my heart, “I expected things from you that just don’t resonate with who you are. You tried to show me yourself all along, but I didn’t see you. Now I am willing to see you, and I can accept your unique gifts. Most of all, I thank you for the growth you have given me.” Doing this has enabled me to let go of being right, and finally I no longer feel wronged.

Taking this lesson to heart, I see that every one of us does things a certain way, but it’s not the “right” way. It’s just ours. So often in life, we want specific actions from others, and we get disappointed when they behave differently than we hoped. But what we have overlooked are the things that they do provide, generously and willingly. We have forgotten to appreciate them and their special talents that are so different from our own. When we remove judgment, we can accept how amazing everyone is.

Of course, it’s important to be discerning about the energy that we allow around us, but we never have to judge it. When we refrain from judgment, we see that everyone can be a spiritual teacher on our path.

And by this I mean that we are all serving each other life lessons on silver platters. We are handing out engraved invitations to change our limiting beliefs. If we can make ourselves open to receive these lessons, we realize just how life-changing they are. We appreciate the bearers of this growth.

One of the most healing things that we can do while here is to accept each other exactly as we are. The beauty of life is to let life live and allow it to surprise with magic we never imagined. And ultimately, as with everything, acceptance is about unconditional love. We must stop expecting love from others and then judge them when they don’t deliver it. Expect love from yourself instead, because you are the love you seek. And this is who you have always been on your profound journey home.

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We are each here in this human life to glow with more light than we ever have before. This light is spiritual love, and every time that we choose it, our internal flame grows more luminous.

Notice, as you go about your day, that sometimes your firelight might seem to dim. You might suddenly feel discord while interacting with someone or feel inharmonious as the hours slip away. There is a basic yet invaluable practice that can help you when you feel this way, and it is to simply check in with yourself.

Stop and ask yourself, “Does what I’m doing right now value myself and others? Does it and the situation I’m in respect and honor me, as well as those around me, in elevated ways?” Checking in like this allows us to pause from judging, reacting, or letting our egos take over the ship. It puts you in the present moment and re-prioritizes what really matters – honoring the sanctity of all life.

Checking in helps you to have awareness about the things that trigger your pain instead of blaming them with a blind eye. It enables you to hear yourself.

Everyone wishes to be heard, respected, and valued, and we each deserve this without asking for it. You deserve this at every moment of your life, and when you check in with yourself, you remember this, and you build the fire within.

You are never going to find this light outside of yourself, but rather you must fan the flames inside. You must give yourself love when you are in pain instead of reacting outwardly at others.

You can also strengthen your inner flame through meditation. Simply visualize your inner light building until it extends far beyond your body. When you fully feel this light, you feel the immensity of love. And when you radiate this light into the world, you inspire all of us to do the same.

The harmonious truth is that we are all one. There is no need to harbor the discord of separation. By tapping into your inner light, you access this intrinsic one-ness. And you remember your unique contribution to us.

We need your light and your love, in the uniquely beautiful ways that only you can give them. Remember to check in so that you become increasingly responsible with your energy and can contribute the immense talents you have to offer. Ask yourself, “What will matter one, five, ten years from now?” Only that you gave more love.

I know how hard it can be to do this, and I am challenging myself to love deeper in my life. Let us build this fire together and remember that it is the firelight of God incarnate. It is the blissful, contagious and all-embracing love of us, and to bask in its glow feels sublime.

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Life is a blind remembering. It is rediscovering how to see in a way that is more natural than human sight. Life is coming back to the sublime reality of who you are with senses long unused, and finally recognizing God within yourself.

For eons, we forgot this amidst the human experience. We made ourselves separate from everything and denied our own divinity. In many ways, this is a natural cycle – of slumber and wakefulness, but it has been atrociously distorted by egoic power. By forsaking God, we forgot our very selves, and the dream of life became a nightmare.

But now, it is time to wake up. And this is happening naturally. One by one, we are wiping the sleep from our tired human eyes and remembering the truth of existence. Despite those who wish for us to remain asleep and perpetuate greed, we are at last awakening to love. This love is overwhelming and astounding, and last night, it came through loud and clear.

I was on the beach at dusk, standing between two rainstorms. A surreal scene unfolded before my eyes. The ocean shone vivid turquoise beneath a bold periwinkle sky. Receding gray clouds gave way to white, with a soft suggestion of pink. The setting sun emerged, and it was enormous! – a giant golden ball surrounded by fog, pierced by Venus in transit.

I felt like I was on a movie set – surely this could not be real, but it was! The immensity of those spellbinding colors appearing from the darkness startled me with their magic, and brought waves of unfathomable love. I was being shown a vivid glimpse of the higher dimensions that humanity is ready for, and I realized that in order to do this, I must embrace my own divinity. I must create a higher dream myself.

We are finally waking from the human nightmare to claim the dream of the soul, and like Venus, the feminine is leading the way. She is reminding us of our inherent love that nurtures and takes care of each other with compassion, instead of competing towards disastrous ends.

If you don’t already know it, beautiful soul, everything that you have sought your entire life is already within you. It is here waiting for you to find again, and it will blow you away with immeasurable joy. You are never, ever separate from God, and when you recognize your own divinity, you honor all life. You heal and you shine, and bring your unique joy to all of us. You add to the bliss of creation.

So surrender to yourself, sacred soul. Embrace the divinity you have always been. It is here already, simply waiting for you to own.

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Life is meant to be fun! We are here to enjoy the sensual world where we can see, touch, taste, hear, and smell all that is around us. We are here to experience this temporal level of creation with all of our senses and revel in them fully.

There is so much magic to partake of here, but so often, we keep ourselves from it. We worry and stress, and miss the beauty of being a human being. with fear. We avoid the joy that is waiting for us to hold, because we have forgotten how to have fun.

We might see a couple deeply in love and turn away, feeling separate from them and so serious, but this couple is showing us that bliss is possible for us too. This is a sign from the universe, calling you to have this possibility in your life. You see, life sends us signs like this all the time, and all we have to do is follow them.

So follow all the joyous opportunities that are waiting for you, and surround yourself with people who have meaningful fun. These people are showing you how to create heaven here on earth.

Real fun is in the present moment. It is waiting for you to just let go of the past and future. So enjoy this moment right now, because it is the only one that’s real. Embrace true unbridled fun that comes from being spontaneous. We are meant to know the pleasure of peace instead of the rat race of the ego. We are meant to enjoy life without ever wondering if we deserve it.

You deserve every rich experience that your heart desires. You deserve to create the life of your dreams! Joy creates this kind of life, but it must start from within. You must feel the bliss inside you before you can manifest it outside. So feel the deep joy that is already in you, and watch it ignite the world!

Joy is contagious. I recently went to a group meditation that I thought would be very serious and quiet. But slowly, everyone began to pick up on the joy of our meditation guide. Soon, waves of laughter inundated the room and became a chorus so beautiful – so pure and all-releasing, that it created the most profound reverie. Oh what a lightness we felt! We were like children again, and for the rest of the day I walked around elevated with joy.

That laughter was one of the most beautiful sounds that I have ever heard, and every time that I laugh freely now, I remember it. Now, it is obvious to me that laughter will change our world because it is the energy of love. It will help us to build our New Golden Age.

You are meant to fully enjoy your life and to savor the beautiful parts of your unique experience. You will not walk this way again, so enjoy the journey that you are on. Yet, don’t take it all too seriously. This is something that the spiritual path often reminds us of. We can be treading along so seriously in all of our seeking, and the wisdom that comes back might be something like, “Go to that party!” And that is the point. The magical celebrations of life are part of why we are here. We are meant to flourish in fun, together. We deserve all of the joy that is waiting for us to claim and revel in beneath the stars.


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I believe that the most important thing we can each do right now is to reach higher at any given moment. We can choose to act in a positive way with love, and so create a more beautiful life for ourselves and a better reality for others. You see, our thoughts and behavior affect our world at every level. Reaching higher helps all of us.

Reaching higher is practicing unconditional love. And this comes naturally when we’re awake to our soul. Reaching higher is the opposite of hierarchy and pity. It means residing in a lighter spiritual place that embraces every fellow human. Reaching higher is acting from the heart instead of reacting from the ego with blame.

As we all know, our world has been experiencing unprecedented change, and our spiritual journeys have been calling us to take more responsibility. We are being asked to acknowledge the truth, to accept the negativity that’s part of human duality, and to illuminate the dark with love. By doing so, we embrace the whole of us, and we create harmony.

As such, old beliefs of negativity have been rising to the surface and can no longer be ignored. They have been pushing our buttons as a kind of accelerated learning process on this ascending earth plane – this hothouse for emotional growth. The conditions of life have been increasingly teaching us day to day, and by reaching higher with forgiveness, acceptance, and love, we get to grow instead of suffer. We become expansive and free.

Of course, I know all too well that reality can seem brutal. We can be flourishing spiritually with the best intentions and still find ourselves so hurt in our human-ness. We can become overwhelmed by the seeming injustice of our lessons coupled with these turbulent times. But every moment is a new opportunity to start over and try to reach higher. Every day, we can bring more love to our experience.

So often, we expect people, situations, and ourselves to be a certain way, but if we become more neutral and accepting, then criticism and judgment fall away. Self-generated negativity dissolves.

The next time that you think something negative, stop and try to appreciate instead. This is a positive choice that our world of duality always offers. When you are faced with a life challenge, look at it from a positive standpoint of growth, something that will make itself obvious years from now.

We are, each of us, amazing, and are simply teaching each other here. When we choose to see this and look for the best in everything, we build a light filled world that is contagious! Most of all, the positive work that you do to reach higher as a human benefits your soul forever.

Like most of us, I have been going through some purging this year, and I’m being reminded to reach as high as I can, for I’m miserable when I don’t. I have been feeling more and more chaotic energy and yet increasing magic available. My thoughts are manifesting in miraculous ways. The veil is easily lifting from the divine, and I’m seeing myself in everyone and everyone in myself. I am feeling love for all.

When I tap into my heart, I feel the undefinable love that we are, and I take it everywhere I go. When I breathe without restriction, and practice meditation, I connect to the inherent peace and knowing of my soul. I feel compelled to reach higher.

Let us all be the highest humans that we can be! And let love be our motivation. Let us give ourselves more joy instead of heartache, peace instead of war, and light instead of dark. By working on raising your own vibration, you help humanity raise its vibration, during this crucial time for us all. So reflect your eternal inner light upon the world and never stop reaching higher.

*Writer Sean Lathrop offers insightful clarity for our times. Please check out his inspiring articles here.

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