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Life is meant to be fun! We are here to enjoy the sensual world where we can see, touch, taste, hear, and smell all that is around us. We are here to experience this temporal level of creation with all of our senses and revel in them fully.

There is so much magic to partake of here, but so often, we keep ourselves from it. We worry and stress, and miss the beauty of being a human being. with fear. We avoid the joy that is waiting for us to hold, because we have forgotten how to have fun.

We might see a couple deeply in love and turn away, feeling separate from them and so serious, but this couple is showing us that bliss is possible for us too. This is a sign from the universe, calling you to have this possibility in your life. You see, life sends us signs like this all the time, and all we have to do is follow them.

So follow all the joyous opportunities that are waiting for you, and surround yourself with people who have meaningful fun. These people are showing you how to create heaven here on earth.

Real fun is in the present moment. It is waiting for you to just let go of the past and future. So enjoy this moment right now, because it is the only one that’s real. Embrace true unbridled fun that comes from being spontaneous. We are meant to know the pleasure of peace instead of the rat race of the ego. We are meant to enjoy life without ever wondering if we deserve it.

You deserve every rich experience that your heart desires. You deserve to create the life of your dreams! Joy creates this kind of life, but it must start from within. You must feel the bliss inside you before you can manifest it outside. So feel the deep joy that is already in you, and watch it ignite the world!

Joy is contagious. I recently went to a group meditation that I thought would be very serious and quiet. But slowly, everyone began to pick up on the joy of our meditation guide. Soon, waves of laughter inundated the room and became a chorus so beautiful – so pure and all-releasing, that it created the most profound reverie. Oh what a lightness we felt! We were like children again, and for the rest of the day I walked around elevated with joy.

That laughter was one of the most beautiful sounds that I have ever heard, and every time that I laugh freely now, I remember it. Now, it is obvious to me that laughter will change our world because it is the energy of love. It will help us to build our New Golden Age.

You are meant to fully enjoy your life and to savor the beautiful parts of your unique experience. You will not walk this way again, so enjoy the journey that you are on. Yet, don’t take it all too seriously. This is something that the spiritual path often reminds us of. We can be treading along so seriously in all of our seeking, and the wisdom that comes back might be something like, “Go to that party!” And that is the point. The magical celebrations of life are part of why we are here. We are meant to flourish in fun, together. We deserve all of the joy that is waiting for us to claim and revel in beneath the stars.


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