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I believe that we have tremendous power to help others with our thoughts, words, and deeds. We can put our incredible energy towards someone instead of being neutral or even against them. We can encourage their highest personal goals and help bring them to life, while respecting their free will.

I think sometimes we hinder each other without even realizing it. Perhaps we are unaware of the power we have, or maybe we’re just preoccupied with our own endeavors. We have certainly been trained to compete so that we will be accepted. But when we support another, this feeds us as much as them. It reminds us of the one of we and ignites our own dreams.

If we can join together instead of feeling separate, we can harness the magic of endless possibilities within the human experience.

I am so inspired by the loving support people give, but I see the potential for more. We can actually envision the success of what our family and friends are trying to create, and imagine them flourishing. We can help them to manifest their dreams by listening and visualizing along with them. This means wanting the highest experiences for others with our whole being, and living from this place of supportive love.

Far too often, we focus on practical obstacles that say, “oh, that will never work.” But imagine if we were to fully, deeply support others – if we were to make our words and thoughts positive, especially in the stories we tell ourselves. Let these stories be purely supportive. Let us reach higher for another in the mind, especially if they can’t see it for themselves. And, we can give others the freedom to create in their own way, without thinking about how it affects us or fits with the image we have of them. We need to let others be free so that they can thrive.

There is great beauty in building positive experiences together, instead of feeling alone with lack. Giving begets giving that is reflected back to us, as is pure love offered purposefully. And it’s easy to do once we try – in fact, it is contagious! We can set the example by projecting a beautiful mirror from within. We can show others the possibilities from our souls, where it all begins.

Project positive and loving images for yourself, because you create what you experience. And project with others in group settings. When we combine our focused energy, we can move mountains.

Today, think of the dreams your loved ones have and visualize them coming true. Take a moment to picture everyone you know living their Higher Purpose. Feel this in your heart and put your belief behind it.

We can co-create a beautiful reality that supports what we each came here to do, instead of naming the practical details that bog us down. One of the best gifts that you can give another is your positive energy, and when you operate from this level of support, miraculous things can occur. Anything is possible; anything can be created, and there are no limits. We can make a fulfilling world of dreams intertwining with each other by joining forces.

While writing this post, I see a bride walking towards the beach. She is surrounded by people supporting her, and they are reminding me how important it is to celebrate everyone in life – how vital it is to show each other how special we are. This wedding is just one symbol of the many ways we can honor the sacred within each other and support our flourishing.

So let life be a party instead of a competition. Let it be a bright ceremony that demonstrates the love that surrounds us. I believe that it is everywhere, waiting to be enjoyed, and wanting to manifest from all the earnest dreaming of our hearts.

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Lately, I am trying to make more eye contact. I am trying to look into the eyes of everyone I encounter instead of shying away from them. And I am noticing that I sometimes hide from fully engaging with people. I resist looking into people’s eyes because the intensity can feel too personal and bare. And sometimes, I’m simply taking people for granted.

When I look into another’s eyes, I think our “oneness” becomes obvious. But it can feel awkward because we are living these separate lives. We are all hurrying to get our human tasks accomplished. We are making money in semi-survival mode. And this makes it difficult to live in the moment, mindful of each other.

But, we all want to slow down and be more present. We want to feel more connected to each other. Eye contact helps us do this.

There is a biblical passage from Matthew that says: “Your eyes are windows into your body. If you open your eyes wide in wonder and belief, your body fills up with light.” I want to feel this every day and fully connect with others on the soul level. I want to get out of my head and enjoy more of the magic exchanges of living. I want to flow with the river of life instead of struggling on the banks of separation.

I am trying to show reverence for each human being I meet throughout the day by looking into their eyes with gratitude for our meeting. When I do, I notice the undeniable power shining through their eyes. If we all made meaningful, loving eye contact, I think this would be a very different world.

We’re often taught to look up or down at people, but we are equals, and the eyes reveal this. They dissolve any imagined hierarchy. For example, I find it interesting that we’re not allowed to look directly into the eyes of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, because it would reveal that our souls are equally powerful.

Our eyes are indeed powerful, revealing our unmistakable life-force within. If we use our eyes with love, our experience opens wide to the spiritual. For if you have ever had a “God moment,” you know that God is looking out through your unique perspective, experiencing creation.

As healer Maxine Taylor says, “If you want to see God, look in the mirror.” I think our eyes are more than windows to the soul – they are windows to God.

Looking into each other’s eyes is a mindful exercise that aligns spiritual connection, shows reverence for each other, and lets us experience presence and beauty. I feel it is a conscious way to raise consciousness. To me, it says, “I see you, and we are sacred.”

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Breathe Boldly

Existence spells its spell

on this mild, wild April night;

I see Spring’s thrilling skill

and her breath upon all life.

She readies for the dance

in her new-found gown of green;

she conducts this pulsing Eden

and the insect band begins.

Each voice chirps its sage song,

each dancing thing alights,

and haunting stars form chandeliers

that paint the dream of light.

The warm wind rushes, and stays,

embracing us with a sigh,

holding the pale bell notes

of this primal lullaby.

What elaborate expression of consciousness!

What romantic, bare melody enraptures us.

Who you are and all that is are one and the same –

and “separate” is but a ghost of the mind.

I breathe,

and the stars flicker back in time,

echoed by the brash cricket’s chime.

We are breathing


We are flickering,




and building

in rhythm,

and then I know God’s wish

for all within the dark,

“Breathe boldly, bright soul.

Share your precious music with the stars.”

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The theme of receiving has come up for me a lot lately. When I allow myself to fully receive from the loving people in my life, I feel whole, healthy and mature. But, what’s going wrong the rest of the time? I think the answer involves some self-imposed separation.

So often, I fear that I’m putting people through too much effort, and this makes me feel beholden. Sometimes, I feel embarrassed to be given to. I then accept a gift like flattery that never sinks in, and this devalues the giver too. And of course I immediately start thinking about how I can give something in return.

So what does healthy receiving look like? The key lies in healing that feeling of separation and unworthiness. This begins with healthy self esteem that is reflected back to us (something I’ll be delving into further next week.) The idea is to have a strong sense of self that is not selfish – that is aware of the needs of others as well as our own, and that feels worthy. This means valuing every person, showing respect for all, and honoring the freedom we each deserve.

Compassion is the key ingredient to this recipe. Compassion values the self and all people unconditionally. It shows us how to forgive. Compassion appreciates how unique and essential we each are, without the need to judge or compare. There is no need for ego-based hierarchy. But at the same time, compassion quietly champions something far greater than the self. It remembers our original unity.

This is a principle of the heart, and healthy receiving is a heart based exchange. We often stop the natural flow of giving and receiving by closing our hearts. Although we may feel vulnerable, opening ourselves to receive is one of the greatest gifts that we can give another person. And, as author Cheryl Richardson writes, “When we open ourselves up to others, we open ourselves up to the abundance of the universe.”

I’d like to accept more of the kind offers I’m given and engage in the beautiful exchanges of life, rather than shying away from them. I want to embrace the love behind each precious gift I get instead of deflecting it. I want to look into the eyes of each amazing person who is giving with love and thankfulness. Gratitude is such a powerful and beautiful frequency to reside in, I say enjoy all of the opportunities you can find to experience it. Being grateful also perpetuates abundance in our lives.

Of course, healthy receiving never judges a gift or feels entitled to take. These are behaviors of separation that stem from the ego. Just as with giving, receiving expects nothing in return. This means cherishing being given to, without condition.

I think another crucial element is being present. If we make ourselves available to the naturally unfolding gifts of life at any moment, then receiving and giving happen effortlessly, without any planning whatsoever. This is the continual and balanced exchange of energy that we are already an integral part of. I think this is why the best gifts are often spontaneous experiences that we share with each other.

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