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We Are Present Now

As the world breaks down and we acclimate to a higher way of living, it is most helpful to live in the present moment. This is what gets us through these times of clearing shadow so that we can increasingly embody unconditional love. And it turns out that being present is easy, something that I was reminded of recently. Here is how I experienced that precious reminder:


The Road Finally Taken

I am standing by the inviting woods, and I am stopping here for a moment of peace. I am stopping to feel the presence of this moment, and I am noticing the luminous beauty of the trees. Sunbeams are streaming through the forest. Rays of gold are rendering everything pristine. I am seeing things in breathtaking detail, and I am awed by this wooded scene. 

I am being shown the holy perfection of each trunk, each branch, and each golden-mean leaf. I am being shown the immaculate light that lives in all things—the light that dances through the woods and beckons me to join it. And I humbly accept—I am joining the dance of life! And I know that this invitation has always been here, waiting for me to open it. As I do, I feel soothed and understood. 

I am held. I am loved. I am known. All within this precious moment, and I keep diving in. I keep diving into the shimmering depths of this moment, and I find bliss waiting for me here—bliss that knows me like my own soul. Bliss that builds and radiates throughout my form. 

This is the tranquility that I have craved.

This is the innocence that I have missed.

I am full to the brim with blessed harmony, 

and I am reveling in it with all of my heart.

Bliss is pouring through my heart, reaching every edge of me. It is lingering here and touching my humanity with grace. I am feeling sublime. I am feeling serene. And yet, I am completely on fire with LOVE!

I am full of love—

love that changes our world as we have known it—

love that is right here in this moment.

I am surrendering to this love with everything that I have,

and I am feeling liberated with life-force. 

In this state, I am seeing the world clearly. I am seeing life entirely renewed. Crystalline beauty is shining before me, reaching out to wake me, calling to me in whispers I have known.

I am free. I am invincible. I am home. All within this precious moment, and I trust this moment with all of my soul. For here, there is no doubt and nothing to defend. Here, I don’t have to explain my intentions. I am trusted. I am safe. I belong.    

I am protected, yet need no protection, for I feel united with life once again. I am reunited with myself, with nature, and with the entire universe—I am flowing with all of us as one.

We are together at last,

and this moment is our sacred communion.

This moment is our glorious reunion

where life sings out loud with bright abandon,

and separation is a forgotten ghost.

This moment is our rescue. This is what we have pined for beneath the stars. We have suffered to remember this moment for eons, and now we are found. For now we know that bliss is right here and that it is EASY. Only suffering is hard.

Now, everything makes sense, and all is realized and reborn. Every effort fulfills its promise, and all past wounds are healed.

This moment, right now, is all that matters.

This is our reason for being,

our greatest purpose, and our only truth.

This present moment is who we really are

because we are LOVE once again.

We are LOVE in this moment wholly and completely, and this is all we need at this pivotal time on earth. This present moment is everything that humanity has ever wanted, for this is how we consciously Ascend.    

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Lately, I am trying to make more eye contact. I am trying to look into the eyes of everyone I encounter instead of shying away from them. And I am noticing that I sometimes hide from fully engaging with people. I resist looking into people’s eyes because the intensity can feel too personal and bare. And sometimes, I’m simply taking people for granted.

When I look into another’s eyes, I think our “oneness” becomes obvious. But it can feel awkward because we are living these separate lives. We are all hurrying to get our human tasks accomplished. We are making money in semi-survival mode. And this makes it difficult to live in the moment, mindful of each other.

But, we all want to slow down and be more present. We want to feel more connected to each other. Eye contact helps us do this.

There is a biblical passage from Matthew that says: “Your eyes are windows into your body. If you open your eyes wide in wonder and belief, your body fills up with light.” I want to feel this every day and fully connect with others on the soul level. I want to get out of my head and enjoy more of the magic exchanges of living. I want to flow with the river of life instead of struggling on the banks of separation.

I am trying to show reverence for each human being I meet throughout the day by looking into their eyes with gratitude for our meeting. When I do, I notice the undeniable power shining through their eyes. If we all made meaningful, loving eye contact, I think this would be a very different world.

We’re often taught to look up or down at people, but we are equals, and the eyes reveal this. They dissolve any imagined hierarchy. For example, I find it interesting that we’re not allowed to look directly into the eyes of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, because it would reveal that our souls are equally powerful.

Our eyes are indeed powerful, revealing our unmistakable life-force within. If we use our eyes with love, our experience opens wide to the spiritual. For if you have ever had a “God moment,” you know that God is looking out through your unique perspective, experiencing creation.

As healer Maxine Taylor says, “If you want to see God, look in the mirror.” I think our eyes are more than windows to the soul – they are windows to God.

Looking into each other’s eyes is a mindful exercise that aligns spiritual connection, shows reverence for each other, and lets us experience presence and beauty. I feel it is a conscious way to raise consciousness. To me, it says, “I see you, and we are sacred.”

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