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Respect yourself at all times. When you respect yourself, you know how to respect others and you help all of us to Ascend to a higher human paradigm. Right now, humanity is outgrowing the profane disrespect that created such a painful way of life. We are instead remembering sacred respect for all, which is your natural state.

Respect includes being highly valued, honored, supported, celebrated, cherished, appreciated, trusted, included, free and healthy. Treat yourself with respect always and interact with those who also live with respect. Disrespect includes being devalued, betrayed, abandoned, shamed, insulted, controlled, distrusted, excluded and unhealthy. Disrespect is disempowerment whereas respect is loving empowerment. It can be helpful to ask yourself regularly, “Is what I’m doing respectful to myself and to everyone else too? Am I coming from a place of being wounded or honored?” 

Here are my personal, hard-earned tips on how to embody respect and how to handle disrespect. You may want to post these in your room at the holidays. Remember to treat yourself and others as holy, especially during the “holy days”:

  • Feel the highest respect and loving bliss for all life, and with this feeling, create your own Heaven-on-Earth from the inside out. This is how you/we Ascend. 
  • Go direct to GodSource always. Feel sacred God within sacred you. 
  • Feel genuine, detached compassion for all people, and especially for those who are emotionally wounded/disrespected, just as you were too. Actively heal your wounding and leave others to heal theirs.
  • Engage with people at a very high level. It’s best not to get deeply involved with those who aren’t spiritually awake, nor with those who do not own their healing. Think of them as “Sleeping Beauties” for now.   
  • Never compromise yourself for anyone or anything. No excuses. Respect your body and yourself with the utmost honor at all times. 
  • Understand that you don’t have to look good to others in any way—just be your uniquely beautiful self. There is no need to defend or explain yourself to anyone, and no need to try to prove that you are right. Just be. 
  • If you truly feel wrong then take your lessons with humility and give respect to those who helped you learn them.   
  • Own your thoughts and your energy. Don’t give your attention, time or resources to anything that disrespects you or anyone else. Think about what you want to experience, not what you don’t. 
  • If you find yourself replaying painful past experiences in your head, focus on the lessons you learned, take these lessons to heart and discard the experiences that have taught you. Replace each painful memory with its invaluable lesson. And please know that your depths of despair are leading to heights of greatest joy!
  • Your words are powerful. Speak with harmonious and loving words. Refrain from talking about anyone or anything in a non-compassionate or disrespectful way. Avoid acting with passive aggression—communicating how you really feel in cryptic, powerless ways. 
  • Avoid those who are living with victim-consciousness, who blame the external for their problems and then disrespect others. They may use you to feel better about themselves and then turn around and blame you for their pain. This only perpetuates injustice, so get out of the way.  
  • If anyone tries to disrespect you, stay away from them and leave them be. Do not fight with them. Engaging in negativity distracts you from your essential spiritual work on earth. If you feel emotionally upset, go immediately to a place where you can be alone to face your own healing. Love yourself in your most difficult moments—this is spiritual gold! And your healing helps all humans.
  • Concerning those you find yourself around who have disrespected you in the past, who are not healing:  don’t allow them to transfer their wounding onto you by making you feel bad. In short, don’t let them make you feel bad! Feel SO GOOD about yourself instead, and lead with self-love. Remember to be honored, not wounded, which is what these people are teaching you. Interact with them only in public or group settings where you have allies with you, and act with formal politeness, without drama. Act from a new and higher place instead of rehashing things in an old, lower way. If politeness becomes impossible, then wish them well and excuse yourself. You deserve to feel safe and to be honored at all times.  
  • If it bothers you that people who try to disrespect you don’t like you, please understand two things: 1. These people do not like themselves. 2. You are already infinitely, spiritually loved.  
  • Never try to please others, which comes from insecurity, and certainly don’t try to please and appease those who disrespect you.

Lastly, don’t be a good little robot who follows others, but rather, be a beacon of love who champions respect. Refrain from feeding into division and taking sides. Love with all your heart instead and let the rest go. Let suffering, struggle and survival go. Let competition, insecurity, and infighting fall away. Stay far away from the corrupt old system that taught us to be wounded females and males who fight for resources, and most of all, to fight for love. You are already LOVED, cherished, respected and adored in our gorgeous universe, and all you have to do now is respect yourself. Lead on, shining friend. You’ve got this.  

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