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How do you heal what hurts you? With one simple word – acceptance.

When you accept yourself, what you’re going through, everything in your world, and those around you, you let go of the idea that there is anything ‘wrong’ with anything. You let everything be so that it can exist in its own way, unopposed.

And this letting go allows you to heal what you’ve been fighting. It delivers the sweet surrender of peace. For when we let things be instead of judging them, we stop the battle within. And this changes everything.

The truth is that when we fight something, we actually encourage it. Wouldn’t you fight back if someone attacked you? Acceptance calls off the destructive war. It ends the suffering inside.

We can think that we know what is best. We can try to control what we see around us, but this only creates struggle. For what we suppress rebels from lack of acceptance. It keeps getting our attention, however it can, until we finally accept it.

This struggle includes how you view yourself. But when you accept yourself exactly as you are, you end the war within. You no longer need to manage how you are, and so you don’t have to suppress a thing.

Finally, there is no need to hide what you feel. There is no need to hide what your being longs to do. And so, your expressions don’t have to be imbalanced, unhealthy, or destructive. Full, harmonious, and divine creation is allowed.

Acceptance brings you more than you could ever imagine! It opens your world in ways that you could never predict. And this is because you’re no longer limiting yourself with predictions. You are accepting the magic of creation without expecting anything at all.

This aligns you with infinite possibilities. It lets life surprise you with thrills your mind could never plan! And that is when love is allowed to flood through your being and pour into your life. Because acceptance is unconditional love incarnate.

This is the love that you are made of. And it comes naturally when you accept yourself.

This is how you heal, dear friend, and soar beyond the stars! You see that everything is perfect, and that you never needed to be healed at all.


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During these times of great transformation, we are being called to feel everything we haven’t allowed ourselves to feel before. We are being asked to feel the emotions that we have denied and shunned deep inside. And this is because feeling allows us to heal our emotional wounds.

You see, as we go through life, we tend to store painful emotions in the body. This pain remains lodged within, unable to be healed. In order to dislodge it, we must feel it in the healthiest way possible. When we do, pain moves through us and can be released. We become free of the wounds we have buried.

Empathy helps us with this. When we empathize with ourselves or another, we validate what is being felt. We accept emotions with love, and this enables us to feel them and then let them go. This is how we stop the madness of suffering.

And that is why the best way to support others is to allow them to learn the lessons they came here to experience. This means standing by someone as they endure their difficulties but not interfering, yet indeed holding their hand through life. We must give others the space and freedom to be human and to feel what they came here to feel. We must experience life deeply instead of avoiding, fixing, or judging all that we go through.

We are here to feel things that we can only experience while living a human life. We are meant to learn from our emotional adventures and assist one another in doing this. That is how we experience the growth that our souls’ earnestly desire.

Allow yourself to feel what life brings up in you so that you can fully experience it. You don’t have to react to these experiences or hold on to them – or let them rule you in any way. You simply have to feel them. And once you do, you can let them go because they’re no longer in the present moment. They don’t have to stick around and define beautiful you.

You are here to love, to cry, to laugh, and to feel moved with every fiber of your being, without having to judge any of it. You are here to feel all the nuances of experience, utterly and completely, and take this wisdom with you forever. This is what allows you to gain precious experience. This is how you allow your gorgeous soul to grow.

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