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I believe that our most basic intuition is our gut, and I think it holds invaluable wisdom. I am trying to listen to my gut more often by being aware of how situations, people and places make me feel. When I start to feel uneasy, negative, or defensive, I know that something is unhealthy. This signals me to stop giving my energy here. I then refocus on the things that make me feel joyful, positive, and valued.

I love that we all have this built in barometer to navigate our way through life. And I also love that it’s based on feeling and being, rather than thinking in words. The gut warns us to avoid negative energy, or reminds us that we’re not on the right track and to change direction. We can listen to these warnings without judging the negativity that we sense, but instead simply identify it and become aware.

Feeling uneasy means that we don’t feel free, and that we need to detach from negativity, whether we’re holding on to it or whether it’s simply in the room. Ultimately, we are the ones who trap ourselves through attachment, and we have the power to set ourselves free.

For me, if uneasy feelings linger, I try to be completely honest with myself about why. If a person or situation is devaluing me, I need to walk away, but if I’m hooked into my own stubborn emotions, I look for my hidden shadow. I try to find what I’m attached to, whether it’s an outcome I’m expecting, or another’s opinion, or a goal for my ego. This attachment is not healthy, and it’s important that I not make excuses for it. Excuses trap us, whereas honesty frees us.

For example, I have found that when I share with a friend why I really, deep down don’t want to do something, instead of giving the answer that might make me look good, then we both experience an opening of the heart. Understanding blooms on both sides. And if I find myself focusing on negativity, I work on letting it go in myself, and this often involves forgiveness, compassion and love.

Severing negative attachment can be challenging and can take time, but ultimately it brings a feeling of liberation that is transformative. The most healing way that I’ve found to resolve my attachment is to share truthfully from the heart – to express fully what I am feeling and to see it from a new compassionate perspective.

Looking back on life, I see that the warnings are always there. If we heed them at the first sign, we can save ourselves and others a lot of suffering. You can check in with yourself regularly, and simply ask – how is this making me feel? Don’t give your beautiful energy to anyone or anything that makes you feel less than you are. Don’t harbor those who operate against you. Seek out healthy places, people and situations that support you in extremely positive ways. You deserve to feel harmonious and valued as you’re meant to. You deserve to be free, joyous and light, always.

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