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Nature has been such an essential part of my spiritual journey. The more time that I spend outside, the more that my awakening opens wide. I feel an instant kind of healing and the deepest connection to all life.

Nature soothes so perfectly amidst our modern daze. Be in its tranquility often, and know that you are part of this supreme beauty. You are not separate from Nature. In fact, you wither without it. You need this vital energy of life and aren’t meant to be kept indoors with artificial light.

Nature is calling you to partake in all that you naturally know but have somehow lost along the way.

Right now, our Earth is ascending to a higher dimension, and so are we. Spiritual teacher Mary Lane writes that Mother Earth can be a personal guide through this process: “We are going through the same journey of transformation as the Earth. If we follow her lead, utilize her energy, and live in sync, our journey becomes much easier.”

Mother Earth shows us the way. She sustains us with systems of balance that create harmony. Nature reminds us of our own natural rhythms and cycles, and Ascension is the most dramatic of these.

If you pause to give Mother Earth your love, and then wait and listen, you will receive her love in return. This is one of the best things that you can do for both yourself and our Earth right now.

Of course, our Earth sustains the Animal Kingdom. How we treat the beautiful animals who have agreed to give us so much of themselves is crucial. We must thank them from our hearts and recognize the sacred exchanges that they give through love, beauty, loyalty, and of course (if you are not a vegetarian) food. This is one of the most heart-wrenching ways of giving that one can even imagine, and so often we don’t even pause to acknowledge it. We must thank the animals for this incredible gift of “service.” This is all that they ask in return.

Animals are connected to the divine in direct ways that mystify the left brain, and they have so much to teach us. Let us value them as highly as they deserve.

The number one absolute law of our blessed universe is to value the sanctity of all life, because we are all one at heart. This is where we have gone astray. Our break from the natural world has created disastrous problems, and this divorce has affected us at all levels. Humanity has been led by those in the dark who will do anything for egoic power. They have not valued life, and this has caused tremendous suffering.

It is time for us to remember our spiritual power and to uphold this most sacred law again. Mother Earth has put up with so much darkness from us, but in spite of man-made disasters and violations, she shelters us still. Let us feel tremendous gratitude for her in our hearts and wake up to do our part. Let us honor our Earth and raise ourselves up like golden light upon the dawn.

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