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How does one describe that ethereal quality called grace? We know what it is so well, but it can be difficult to define.

I think grace is reverence and thankfulness, and elegance of the soul. It is living poetry that calmly smiles and inspires with beauty beyond compare. Grace is that high divine quality that overcomes the human condition, granting respite amidst our endless difficulties. Grace elevates this rough and tough experience by waving the magic wand of love – the love that we share at the core.

To me, grace is not mercy, because we don’t need to be pardoned. We are already divinely perfect, and grace knows this with pure acceptance. It forgives the mistakes we have come here to make because it understands that we are learning on purpose. Life is hard for good reason, but it’s how we handle it that matters. Often, the best that we can do is to move forward with grace. I feel this is a momentous accomplishment. Indeed, it is why we are here.

I am so incredibly moved by how humanity perseveres with grace every day. You, yourself, inspire me to no end with your strength as you shine your light amidst the dark, illuminating the way for us all.

Grace is the ultimate forgiveness. It frees us with unconditional love and lets everything problematic melt away. Oh I know all too well how hard it is to forgive! But what a holy experience this affords. Eventually, we realize that the people in our lives have been reflecting our own issues, just as we asked them to.

I pray that I may walk forward with the greater awareness of grace and receive this shining gift from above. And when I lose my way, and feel very separate and alone, may grace guide me back to our one reality of love.

Grace is who we really are and where we truly come from. The other day, I had a sudden vision of grace and I immediately knew it was a memory from heaven. There we all were, going about our real lives and feeling so fulfilled with love. There was a clear sense of compassionate purpose, and we felt such immense joy. We were embodying the most beautiful kind of grace and carrying ourselves from one high, creative task to the next. We were continuing to work on our growth and living harmoniously with each other in deep support.

I will carry this reminder with me as we embrace the next age. It is time to bring heaven to our human experience and build our new golden world with grace.

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