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The human experience teaches far more rapidly than any other method, and you are incredibly brave to have chosen it. Regardless of anything you may think you haven’t done “right” in your life, the truth is that you are here to learn. You see, the universe never judges you, for you are accepted and loved just the way you are. You must never beat yourself up or put yourself down. Putting yourself down is not humility – it is a lack of reverence for the sacred in life. You are so incredibly sacred. You are an expression of divine love who is so incredibly special, and you are here to teach us all.

Everyone is a teacher. Many people take on roles that are designed to teach, but attract tremendous criticism. Perhaps you’ve experienced embarrassing situations that leave you feeling vulnerable, but these are meant to teach everyone involved about love.

As humans, it is so easy to judge what others endure as failure, but this is just our own fear in disguise. We are all teaching each other through our difficulties. We are pointing out the ways that we suppress love and asking that we give more of it.

The great news is that this earth school is evolving, and someday soon we will be learning through more positive means. We will enjoy the bliss of creation and continue to grow, instead of suffering as we have been taught. For now, do not allow your sacred self to suffer. Do not let the difficult things that happen to you transpire in vain. Oh my God, I know just how hard they are! But use them. Let them be wake up calls that show you what you want to learn.

The justice in life is learning the lessons, and thereby expanding your love within. Injustice is suffering and repeating that suffering over again. Every bump in the road is here to get your attention and teach you something invaluable to your soul – something that you came here to study. You might not know what it is for a little while, but some day soon you will. And you may find yourself saying, “Thank you!”

And when you overcome your relentless human challenges, you become an expert on the issues you have battled. You have learned through sweat and tears, and now you can teach others what you know. Your greatest problems become your greatest gifts.

This is one of the most beautiful exchanges that life offers. You see, we are all mirrors, showing each other what we need to see. Participating in this human experience is like saying, “I will be who you need for me to be, because I want to help you.” We are so compassionate at heart.

Thank you for teaching me every day, beautiful souls! It is an honor to share the mirror of life with you.

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