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When our first baby was just a few hours old, my husband and I looked across the room at him sleeping, and simultaneously realized that we had fallen in love with him. Completely. This tiny being had illuminated our world with a love so deep that it changed our lives in an instant. The love we felt was unconditional and transformative in its power. And it was forever.

While watching our children grow up, we have experienced a deepening of this love. We have seen our sons emerge as whole little people, complete with the brightest light as well as hidden shadow. In fact, we love our children all the more for their human-ness, because in their eyes we see ourselves. Even negative behavior can be endearing, because it reflects the human journey of finding one’s way.

Most of all, we recognize our sons beyond shallow definitions. We are aware of their souls that transcend their human beings.

In reflecting upon this love, can we try harder to emulate it in other relationships? Can we strive to love the fullness of each person, with all of their light and shadow? I see that I often expect too much from people who are navigating their way, just like me, through this difficult human experience. And to love only the surface “good” in another is limited, incomplete, and unreal. But if I love deeper, I receive deeper love. When I am grateful for the wholeness of another, I am more accepting of myself.

You probably have someone close to you in your life whom you feel pure, unconditional love for. Be it a child, a partner, a parent, or friend. You love their whole human self, with all of their greatness and faults, including vulnerabilities and strengths. In fact, their vulnerabilities make them all the more lovable; the love that you feel is deeper because it is so real.

Think of this person now, and try to look at everyone in a similar way. Each of us is so much more than we might notice, if only we look deeper beneath the surface.

You have probably received unconditional love from someone in your life as well. With this person, you feel trusted, fully loved and always supported, regardless of your human difficulties. Reflect upon this feeling now, and turn to it with the other relationships in your life. I know how hard it can be, but imagine if we could give unconditional love to all of the people we know. What magic this would bring! To give this love reminds us of the place we come from – the place that reflects who we truly are.

Love is unconditional. We don’t have to need, want or ask for it. It is already ours. You are embodying it right now in your spectacular self.

The greatest gift that we can give to others is the greatest gift that we can give ourselves, and it is remembering unconditional love. The most important thing that we can do while human is to put this love into action, especially now as we create our new world.

When your life is over, what will matter most will be the times when you gave unconditional love – the times when you chose this all-encompassing grace over getting swept up in negativity and judgment. Remember, life on earth is so full of judgment because it is an excellent place to learn more about unconditional love. We are learning through contrast here, and although our lessons might be beyond comprehension to the human mind, they will always make sense to our hearts. They are lessons of love, and love needs no explanation.

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