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So many of us have been experiencing increasing synchronicity these past few years. Indeed, it seems absolutely everywhere. Sychronicity demonstrates the energy that connects us and that is us. Because we are each other, and we are infinitely expansive.

The beauty of synchronicity is that it speaks specifically to each person from the greater spiritual world. Concepts, images, words, and numbers appear as sign posts, and repeat themselves to get our attention. When we notice them and trust, it is as though the universe embraces us with a knowing wink. It says, “See, you are not alone on this earth.”

And so often, synchronicity is your support team from above communicating with you.

As time goes by, however, humans tend to rationalize away magical experiences. We try to explain what is unexplainable. You see, when we see the world from the left brain, we operate in survival mode, and it becomes challenging to remember who we really are. We forget that we are eternal, spiritual beings not doomed to live once and die.

Miracles happen all the time, but too often we erase them. We convince ourselves that they don’t exist. If you haven’t already, beautiful friend, make yourself open to miracles in your life. Because anything is possible, if only you trust. You are magic, beloved soul, and your spiritual connection is undeniable. Synchronicity is proving this to you all the time.

For myself, synchronicity has become so obvious, that it is almost laughable. From hour to hour, I see my thoughts and words reflected specifically in the environment around me. The exact idea in my head is spoken out loud in a conversation by two people passing by. Combinations of the same numbers appear on the clock every time that my attention is called to it. The identical meal I just made shows up on a tv cooking show. My questions are even answered specifically, such as when my child gives me the perfect answer with a statement out of the blue.

Synchronicity also occurs for me as a kind of spiritual classroom. I am led from one topic of growth to the next, and these topics are then reflected in my life and relationships.

Each day is filled with these signs, and they remind me that I’m on a limitless path. They reveal my inherent connection to the universe, and that I and it are so much bigger than human perception can explain. It makes me smile in amazement every time.

There are no coincidences and everything has meaning. Have you ever noticed that you have exactly what you need throughout your day, if only you don’t resist it? Life works out beautifully if we don’t work against it, and the right thing at the right time is always here. Have you noticed that you have the people you need throughout your day as well? Just the right friendly voice (one you never expected) appears in the nick of time to get through a trying moment. The universe is always trying to work with us if we just relax “control” and let it.

Synchronicity is God’s genius design revealing itself to you. The universe is singing a song just for you in your very own language. Allow yourself to hear its sweet music, and let it remind you how incredibly magical you are.

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