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I believe that love is the answer to all of our problems. Love opens us up to our full potential and aligns us with our spiritual nature. It moves us forward and allows us to grow, enabling us to truly live. Love conquers our fears and empowers us to forgive, to heal, and to transform. It brings connection, purpose and beauty to our world. As spiritual teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek writes, “Love is the answer to every question.”

The opposite of love is fear, and it’s been said that negativity is simply a lack of love. Because we are living in a world of duality, often when we love, personal fears surface such as, “When I loved last time, I got hurt,” or “Why don’t I have more love now?” But if we recognize this dialogue, we can bravely embrace our fears with love.

We have the ability to dissolve our fears and to even forgive the past. This means looking at a person who has wronged us and seeing their negative traits with compassion, while choosing to also focus on their positive traits with love. This can be extremely difficult to do, but is possible through the generosity of love. What we’ve then accomplished is astounding and leads to tremendous growth.

Just feeling the immense love in your own heart at this moment demonstrates your capacity to transcend duality and conflict. When you love your enemies, you let them go and heal. And ultimately, there are no enemies, because in a very profound way, we all come from the same place.

We are each born with a brave and powerful heart that knows no limits. Beneath the layers we’ve built to protect our hearts, there is a sacred space where creation originates and where anything is possible. I am learning that our hearts will help us to usher in a new era for humanity, where nurturing love will lead instead of rigid logic. In the next age, we will follow the female experience of unity and heart connection, rather than the male understanding of separation (we each contain both the feminine and the essential masculine, which, when balanced, show God’s perfection.) I can say that when love started leading logic on my own journey, I finally found my truth.

Love is our limitless, universal source that we need only tap into to bring spiritual abundance to our lives. I have been told we don’t ask for enough love, and settle for much less than we deserve. Far more love is waiting, and it starts by giving more to those around us, and to ourselves.

At any moment in your life that you feel despair, give love generously to yourself. In fact, try giving love to any negativity that you feel at any time. By doing so, your heart becomes opened and your true nature is allowed to flow. Indeed, love is quite simply who you are and where you come from.

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