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Beauty is a divine guide to steer by. It shows us how to create a harmonious world. When we create with beauty and insist upon it in our lives, we see that beauty has always been integral to us.

I think that we are each here at this time to bring beauty back to humanity in our uniquely special ways. I know for certain that my personal mission is to show people the emotional beauty that is already in them, that always goes back to the spiritual. Of course, beauty can seem silly because we have been taught that it’s not important. We have been trained to resist beauty, to avoid looking it in the face, and to even to suspect it of deception. We have been told to be clever instead and to mask how we really feel. But when we resist beauty’s call, we lose our very selves.

Humanity has forgotten so much beauty, and so we have forgotten ourselves. We have created ugliness instead, and so we have greatly suffered. So often, too, we have let others tell us what is beautiful, even when it is not. We haven’t listened to what moves us to the core, and so we’ve confused beauty with artifice that has no lasting value.

If you look closely, you will notice just how well we have all been trained to uphold what is trendy and fashionable – to fixate on celebrity, royalty, and society, and to admire exclusivity. The very hierarchy that harms us has been made to seem desirable. It goes without saying that this is not beauty. 

I have always felt that our modern world is lacking beauty, and this feels incredibly jarring. Since I was a child, I’ve noticed that so much of what humanity creates is ugly, wasteful, and depleted. It feels painful to see the endless waste, to see the ground robbed of trees and ripped open, the sky filled with toxic smoke, and the land covered in barren asphalt and concrete. It is bewildering to me that humankind can render places completely devoid of life – places that once sang with the beauty of nature.

We have destroyed our very home by letting our egos take over with short-term greed. We have devalued beauty and sold it quickly at perilous cost. 

Beauty is calling out to humanity, if only we will listen. We must realize that we are responsible for what we create, and that creating with beauty resonates with the soul.

Beauty sparks our greatest passions and reminds us of the exquisite creativity that we are capable of – the one-of-a-kind talents we have each brought to this earth. And when we give in to the creative flow of beauty, we find our beautiful selves again. We get back to the innocence inside – that pure, unaffected, uncalculating, and unpretentious source within all life; our spiritual beauty beyond compare.

Right now, we are being given giant opportunities to open ourselves up to spiritual beauty so we can emerge as upgraded human beings. If you haven’t already done so, open yourself up to the energies of transformation that are flooding our planet and allow them to bring out the exquisite beauty in you. Allow yourself to fully feel the emotions that beauty stirs up, whether from a haunting piece of music, a romantic poem, or the kindness of a human being. Let yourself be moved by the sublime, the poetic and the profound, and love this feeling with all of your heart!

And let yourself be moved by nature most of all because it holds the most healing beauty. Have you ever noticed the tremendous peace that being in nature can bring? This is because nature doesn’t judge. It encompasses all-accepting unconditional love. This is your essence too. So let the beauty of nature show you your authentic self that is forever loving and uniquely gorgeous with light. Let it whisper the sublime truth that opens your heart to how divinely beautiful you are.


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